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  1. i am stuck on awaiting comfirmation and nothing is coming up

    my email is

    plz msg me back

  2. Shout out to these awesome people

    Even with all the issues they faced, to begin with, they have put in a lot of hard work and dedication into making a brilliant hardcore-realistic shooter.
  3. what do i do it says waiting for payment confirmation and i am getting no emails?

  4. Hey man, i upgraded from the standard edition to the Prepare for escape version, it tells me to its 

    Waiting for payment confirmation. I see nothing in my email and my spam folder, it's been a day

  5. Hello my friend, I have issue with game ID that I dont recieve within 5 or more minutes.. just nothing in my spam.. I already add email to except and still nothing..

    Can you help me with this ?

  6. Hey kwahamot, I read in the forms that you've helped people with gift preordering. I have encountered a problem with receiving an e-mail containing my code. Can you help me with this?

  7. Good afternoon !!!  Help me. I want to search  clan wheare people  speak English. I want to improve my English.

    1. Kwahamot


      Hello man, check this out:


    2. Legis
  8. How To Move To Another HD?

    You can uninstall the game using Revo uninstaller and ensure that you delete all registry and other related data. Then, when you choose your download path just choose a place located on the other HDD. Moving a game normally makes it break or just acts weird and slow.
  9. A larger place to stack up the mountain of dead bodies.
  10. can i get access to discord please my user name on discord is xxboundlessxx

  11. Sherpas Weapons

    This weapon shouldn't be any more special than the games that normal people have but maybe will look different. Maybe a skin that is only obtainable by a Sherpa possibly has the Sherpa's name engraved on the weapon itself. This gun shouldn't be lootable but should be only allowed to be used, for example, one raid every hour to prevent unfairness.
  12. Sherpas workflow arrangement

    It would be nice to have a special "Chatroom", which can be implemented with IPS. A dedicated topic for a certain Sherpa will be good. All their tips and tricks, since each person has a different opinion. People could give feedback, suggestions and others can look on there for guides, and help.
  13. Sherpas gear

    I would recommend a map, definitely. At least this can be used to identify places best for looting, as well as the callouts and more. Medical supplies, I wouldn't give a salwea, I think that's cheating! Maybe one of each medical supply to show what each one is used for. Splint -> Broken limbs. Bandage -> Bleeding, etc. Weapons? Possibly a standard pistol and a standard AK, don't want to give them much otherwise it could be considered unfair. Maybe a damaged version of full body armour and a helmet, this way they can show that just because you have armour, doesn't mean your invincible.
  14. The Escape From Tarkov Sherpa Program

    Mountain Lion.