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  1. Kalista

    Armor bug is back?

    Game is RNG for bullets when it comes to armor. I can put down a Gen4 guy easily. But die to a guy in a PACA because he sponged all the bullets from an M1A.
  2. I've been playing almost daily since I bought EFT on black Friday and my group and I have only encountered two blatant cheaters. Not saying the game doesn't have them but I feel like "every raid" is a bit of an exaggeration. Especially with d sync and other issues going on in the game. Might want to wait until that part gets sorted out before you start throwing that kinda accusation around.. Just my 2 cents though.
  3. Kalista

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To EFTP_Zyonnn Dont know how you managed to kill my entire squad with some weird Dysnc silent DOT damage to all our limbs but cool. Enjoy the loot
  4. Kalista

    Please fix the spawn trapping!

    @SovietGrowlithe The game is very deathmatch-y and COD-y in the first little bit until you clear your side of the map out in woods and customs (4-5 other spawns next to you) once you've successfully killed the other spawns that are located an easy sprint distance away, then it's usually back to a fun tactical Escape from Tarkov feeling game. Just have to survive the initial hunger games-esk feeling start. least that is my opinion, some people don't see it that way.
  5. Kalista

    Please fix the spawn trapping!

    haha this Neur0tix guy is funny. There is most certainly spawn camping and trapping There is also plain old spawn knowledge abuse which is easily taken control of once youve put enough time in the game. As a member of a 4 man squad my team and I have consistently spawned in, each picked an area to focus (spawn location) and gunned down all the people that chose to spawn on our side of the map for some easy loot. Granted a lot of the time its hatchetlings which meh one less person to deal with. But when you spawn in, look left and zoom in on a fully geared player that spawns in slower than you, then proceed to head shot him before his feet touch the ground.. well thats a bit unfair. Unfortunately it's the current state of the game so you either get used to it or don't play i suppose. As for actual "spawn camping" I think "extract camping" would be more accurate, in which this is completely possible and quite successfully done. Pick an area you know people need to pass by, lay in wait. kill them as they try and make it off with their hard earned loot. You run the risk of not making it to your own extract in time if you wait to long but it is in all sense of the word. Possible.
  6. Kalista

    Opinion on the new spawn locations

    Sorry to say this but you can easily predict spawns still. It took all of 20 min for me to know where to aim upon spawning in to kill people who loaded in slower than me to get my buddy geared up. Just spawn woods house 1 and look left or right. Spawns are still super predictable. If you spawn bunker someone spawned house. pickup and shore static scav. rush one of those locations and gun the guy down. easy time. *Shrug*
  7. Kalista

    Opinion on the new spawn locations

    I love everything about the patch, except the closeness of the spawns which again is mainly A) everyone picking the same area for the quicker access to loot and B) amount of players relative to size of the map. I don't feel you should be able to literally watch other people spawn next to you. IE House 1 Cabin you can watch people spawn to the right (2 spawns) or look left and see someone running away from bunker. Again makes it feel very hunger games ish and less tactical survival. Which to each their own. Love the game will play the game just dislike that aspect.
  8. Kalista

    Opinion on the new spawn locations

    Im not opposed to how the dynamic idea is "supposed" to be played. Im opposed to the closeness of the spawns they should never have increased the number of players Ie woods is now 8-12. which makes spawning next to each other almost a guarantee. I spawned in cabins (house1) and literally turned right, aimed down sight and shot a guy that spawned in next to me by the old extract truck.(I had ssd he clearly did not) Its ridiculous. Id rather the old number of players and the new spawns so its not a shooting fest out the gate.
  9. Kalista

    Opinion on the new spawn locations

    Feels like a game of COD in Woods to me haha. I liked the idea of encounters being fewer and more intense. Now you look left, look right and theres guys running around like its the hunger games movie. I could understand in Factory but Woods was one of my favorite maps and now its just firefights from the 1st minute.
  10. Anyone else find its just a non stop instant firefight as soon as you spawn in wood especially at the house spawn. 4 Spawns right next to each other in the wide open. Almost pointless to take guns with you in those spawn locations