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  1. Suggestions from a SWAT operator

    I disagree with the hipfire comment, you can hit somewhat reliably while not aiming down sight for even 20m if you'd want. aside from that, these are all good recommendations
  2. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    uWhale#4947 please verify
  3. change up armor/ different running speed

    And what about scavs, they don't have AP rounds, (mostly?) which leads to them being a nonexisting threat to fully decked up people.
  4. change up armor/ different running speed

    Which makes most rounds worthless.
  5. Getting Fort kiver setup pretty much makes you a god against scavs, or unarmoured players. It Completely changes how you play, because you can take a few extra rounds before dropping. I really think that armor needs to change to keep the game interesting. Fort should not be as common and should really slow you down, and there should be more options for armor which may be more common but will defend a smaller area of your body, (like plate carriers with different plates and plate sizes) As for running, I think there should be a speed modification option for sprinting, and according to that speed you could return to ADS/ hipfire mode more quickly, options varying from a light jog to sprinting. thanks for reading, would like to get your feedback
  6. Sherpas Weapons

    Don't think to give a strong player a high tier weapon is a smart idea, it will only disturb other players who fight against him. I think it should be an IG weapon, simply painted to look more tacticool (Desert tan M4, spray painted VAL etc...) These guns should be at a discount and the weapons only obtainable via bartering should be sold for a reasonable price via traders. This way no one is mad about X player getting free gear, or exclusive gear, and these weapons will be collectibles for the rest of the players As for gear, I think they should receive a modular vest, to which you can add pouches and rearrange them. Again, it should not be better than an AVS in term of storage space.
  7. KEEP looted gains in OFFLINE mode plz

    Once you get high-end gear you'll see it's easy to deal with scavs, and from that point it's so easy to get money in offline mode killing scavs getting their loot and bailing
  8. I've looked it up on google, and the only results are from pre beta where people mentioned that the beta patch should've added it in. Anyone knows anything about if this is IG, or when it will be IG? the stash size is to small to use, and all weapon crates are not accessible at my level