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  1. Insurance is completely absurd

    Ok, this is a fair point. Perhaps everyone's interests would be better served if there was not a real-time timer then, but an in-game timer instead, reduced down from 12 hours to something smaller, like 1 hour. This way people can go away for the weekend, work, do whatever else and not feel stabbed in the back when they get back to Tarkov. People would then complain that Prapor is forcing the issue if the above idea were implemented. But it's his right to. Perhaps you could even stall Prapor for an hour by paying him storage fees, on a claim by claim basis?
  2. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    Either it's been a while since you played DayZ or else you weren't spawn aware, because it takes not that long to find a gun. Often first five to ten minutes. Gun and correct ammo type, longer.
  3. Insurance is completely absurd

    I think the collection timer is a pointless mechanic too OP. If I do not anticipate easy collection of my insurance claims, I don't insure.
  4. Ammo, Armour and the long term

    Mostly I'm sad that SMGs might become too UP to even consider on a raid once the economy has taken off.
  5. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Helmets. Armour that goes on your head. There are two types of armour in this game, body armour, and helmets. Like I said, when the summary screen acknowledges the hits, the desync theory is done.
  6. Is there a risk that the ammo vs armour situation will ossify the game long term? Consider this hypothetical: the game has been released for some time; there are no more patch wipes. The player base has become wealthy, and everyone has levelled their traders to full. Everyone runs PACA and Kiver as a minimum. Except for genuinely new players - these poor bastards will certainly have some heavy dues to pay. So with everyone armoured and everyone wealthy, players with not use shotguns, SMGs or pistols. These will just become loot items. All that people will use are the AKM, M4, VSS and 74N using a hand full of the ammo types. So a game that is rich with nice models and animations and lots of weapon choice, artificially constricts itself because of the armour mechanic. Is it too early to tell? It seems to be going this road. It would be a real shame. Or are wipes always going to be a part of the picture? Seasonally for example?
  7. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    I don't believe this desync explanation for a second. I've been in this situation before. I've seen 16 hits for 16 damage, shotgun vs armour. This is the way it currently is, by design. Fact is, for the moment, if you have a shotgun in your hands, and you encounter a geared PMC, you'd better play the legs, because if you don't, you will be killed. Right. I had a whinge about 9mm a while back, the stuff that is supposed to punch through 4mm steel plate Pst Gzh or whatever it is. Shot a stationary guy in the head with it three times and then in the back another four because he reacted, he got up and ran away. Maybe the third shot wasn't clean on the head, the first two were. Close range. He stitched me with something big. Afterwards I saw my hits there, seven hits in the gameplay summary. Acknowledged by the game. Tallied up hits. And still people wheeled out the old desync call. It's not, it is that armour is very effective in this game against certain rounds.
  8. Main differences between akN and akM?

    With modding, the recoil can be brought way down on the AKM. In this respect the AKM is great, the recoil responds well to modding. With mods available from lvl3 Peacekeeper/lvl3 Prapor a really nice AKM can be fitted out, and it is beast. Mind there's nothing at all wrong with the 74N and similarly modded seems to have basically the same time to kill.
  9. Armour should not make you a god.

    Mate I feel for you, and what has happened to you has happened to me too. In pure FPS gameplay, you had that guy. But here in Tarkov, well, there are other variables in the equation. I got 16 hits for 16 damage on a scav run yesterday, I thought I had the guy on the ropes, opened up with clean headshots, followed up with a few centre mass blasts. Turns out I wasn't doing jack to the guy. Should have been shooting him in the legs. When they say Tarkov isn't like COD or BF or CS:GO, it's this. This is what they mean. Think about some of those games where you construct a deck. One player loads their deck with top tier cards and their opponent loads with bottom tier cards. The bottom tier deck player may well play the better game, and lose, and this surprises no-one.
  10. i love this game, but im done

    Yeah they are so harsh. But, what's totally worse is =other players=. They are really tough. Can we get a nerf on them?
  11. Killed by invisible soundless player

    @GhostZ69 I say "more likely" because I don't know. This is just a hypothesis. Hackers were banned, a couple of hundred of them, I believe, in the last wave. I don't know the nature of the hacks that are out there. Thanks for the compliment too
  12. Killed by invisible soundless player

    Slight addition to this; consider the common call of "dude somehow killed me and my mates all in the same second! Mos def hacks". This is more explainable by desync. Consider: you and your mates live in for example, Perth, and another player lives in the same city as the server is hosted. For whatever reason routing is disrupted between Perth clients and the server, and there are delays while rerouting is established. This does not affect the other player, whose client/server conversation continues uninterrupted. He manages to easily take down the Perth team who put up no resistance. Even so, let's say it takes him 15 seconds to drop everyone. The Perth players re-establish communication with the server and are each informed of the "good news" roughly in the same second. It's a bummer, but the other player, who is named to the team, may be an innocent beneficiary, and not a hacker to be named and shamed. This is very likely why the naming and shaming is so frowned upon - because these guys are very likely not hackers, just guys in the right place at the right time.
  13. Killed by invisible soundless player

    Err ... this is what desync looks like. You've heard people bang on about desync being a problem? These are the symptoms. It goes like this - for whatever reason, your client (computer) hasn't heard from the server for a while, and very likely, the server hasn't heard from your client. Whilst this lack of communication is going on, the server is still interacting your character instance with the AI scavs, server side, even if the server is not communicating effectively with =any= clients. Then, the lines of communication are re-established, and one of the first things that the server will update the client with would be character status updates. So client side, apparently out of nowhere, you are informed you are injured, bleeding, dead ... no gunfire - that already happened. That was then and not something you need to be updated on, unlike character status. This is a typical desync scenario.
  14. Corps Body heat

    This idea is fine, it works in DayZ. Maybe it takes 30 mins for a body to become cold, but there would be gradations that a trained PMC could pick up on as the body cools.
  15. Hitting a wall - tips?

    @neur0tix I'd love to see that video. I was forced into such a conflict once when a squad attacked me, I had only the FMJ rounds. Tried my best, it didn't end well for me. In the end I managed something like 2 hits for 4 damage ...