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  1. VladThePad

    Dying simulator

    Baptism of fire is a classic. A decent challenge, a meaningful victory, real danger of defeat, this is good stuff. I've done it tough as a new player and managed to hang in there, just as others have. The grit is definitely a big part of the charm.
  2. VladThePad

    Fix aim punch

    Yeah I'd like to see this amped up a lot.
  3. VladThePad

    Cooking grenades/Impact grenades

    It is possible to arc a grenade so high that it explodes in the air. It follows that if you get the distance and trajectory just so you can have a grenade explode on impact, dependent on character's strength, fuse time of grenade and weight of grenade (M67 are lighter). A lot of variables there, despite that I have been working on this very thing, looking for opportunities where the distance is just right for near impact explosions. No lag required. Slightly aside, I've been taking note of DeadlySlob's grenade use. He seems to use grenades in two ways in particular, firstly close range flushing grenades which he uses a really flat trajectory for, secondly as a barrier when he has engaged and decided to fall back, he will often pop one or two of these over the top from cover, blind. It looks like he is going for near impact explosions on likely flanking routes to buy himself some time, maybe get a speculative frag.
  4. One of the contributing factors is the way a player enters the raid - the character's body drops into raid and stands there, vulnerable, for seconds, sometimes, many seconds, before the player takes control and opens the eyes up so to speak. Easy meat. One can be shot in utero and die at birth. There's got to be a better way to do this. I wonder if the devs aren't trapped by engine constraints.
  5. VladThePad

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    lol what do you have, a sack of hatchets? Why would you have anything else?
  6. VladThePad

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    I'm not particularly invested in it, but my point is: it makes sense to me to apply minimum standards to PMCs in terms of gear requirements. Hatchet running can still be a thing, for the lovers of it. But it should be confined to the scav, a riskier game due to the scav having no secure container. That's my point. I'd like to see this implemented in the game, and I am arguing that it makes sense to implement it that way. Those who defend the hatchling ways talk of legendary runs, but the stark reality is: Spawn, sprint, loot, stash in secure container ... die ... that's the norm. I think the devs need to help these players to help themselves for the good of the game. No more free lunches and the whole of Tarkov society benefits through elevated levels of conflict every raid. In fact, I believe that the devs have no intention of leaving this lame loophole in place in the full release. It's just something in the "vertical slice" that the devs probably didn't anticipate happening to the extent it happens.
  7. VladThePad

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    Right, fair calls. That will teach me to do my research.
  8. VladThePad

    Free m4 Giveway

    I'd love to win. But the reality is, instead of being grateful, I would try to kill you with the hatchet the moment I thought you were delving into inventory to get them. If somehow I managed to pull it off, I would strip off a few juicy attachments, put them in the gamma, and run off into the bushes to hide. I'm kidding of course. It's decent of you to give back these loots. Good show Well played. I don't actually want to use them so I think you'll find others more deserving.
  9. VladThePad

    "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    If I were in Tarkov I'd ask Prapor to write up an insurance policy for a sack of Makarov mags, and hatchet him in the head whilst he was thus distracted.
  10. VladThePad

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    Take it easy Spiney. If that is your typical hatchet game, then you are truly a champ. However, it doesn't seem to fit, the idea of these mercenary outfits having operators armed only with a hatchet. Even the lowliest scav has a better act than that. I hope and believe that the dev team are going to use YOUR money (and ours) to ultimately make a game that plays in a way that makes sense. I'd be in favour of dropping the secure container idea almost completely; just having a secure keybar instead. All you get to keep are your keys. That would, in one fell swoop, both hardcore this game up and render the hatchling extinct overnight.
  11. VladThePad

    Constanly attacked by friendly Scavs

    If they attack you, they're not friendly.
  12. VladThePad

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    Surely elite groups like BEAR and USEC have certain minimum standards? Policy wise, if you go out with other contractors to a battlezone, you have obligations. Like, if I turned up to a building site as a worker, but had no toolbelt, no tools, no boots, no hardhat, but brought with me a stone for beating nails in ... I'd be marched off the site. Or if I worked for a contractor company in Afghanistan and had some patrol or guarding assignment and rocked up, no helmet, no bag, no vest, just a shirt and a hatchet in my hand. What would actually happen to a guy who did that? Whatever it is, maybe it should be implemented in Tarkov. I can imagine a scav doing such a desperate thing, but a contractor? Maybe you click to go into raid, and you end up in front of your boss in the office instead, copping a fine and a talking to, if you think you can pull this.
  13. VladThePad

    If Sprint And Breathe Are On The Same Button...

    Are we overlooking the benefits of sprinting whilst ADS and holding breath simultaneously?
  14. VladThePad

    Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    Dewd, first, win the ownager of the year award. Then, give the speech.
  15. VladThePad

    I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Welcome to Tarkov. Remember that this subhuman camper actually has to traverse the map, like everyone else, in order to extract. Factory aside, that walk is going to entail a lot of exposure. I curse the corpse camping currs who will not take a shot until I've clearly gone into inventory screen. Yet I'll take advantage if the opportunity comes up for me. Hypocrisy, along with all the other ugliness, it's just another day in Tarkov.