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  1. Vertixen

    Please don´t do an entire wipe again.

    I think there should be a different way to make a progress with the NPC's instead of making missions over 'n over again which makes ppls bored as hell during it... I think that... even if they would re-roll and change the mission's itself, it still will be boring I'd say, generally i think mission's could be deleted/or changed for different role, and progress could be made by a different way (generally by just playing or fighting other's players).. Just an example, you could level up a trader for: - Bringing X amount of player's dogtags for a trader gives you progression towards next level.... And so on, it was just an example... I think that missions could stay but with a different role - to get some stuff for doing it when your out of cash for a little boost of stuff, but not for trader's progression... I think trader progresion should be really re-worked, that's my 50 cent's... Also another problem that I find in this game that getting bored after max leveling the traders and having milions of cash... - I think a "decent" solution for it could be some type of ranking's or ranked games or some sort of it... So ppl's would climb up for a "higher" ranked/divions league as in CSGO for example... I think that it could keep ppl's playing at least... because we had whole guild playing tarkov for some time, and we always like ALL got bored after maxing the traders and having all the stuff and cash, you know... We just played one, or two games from time to time... The best part of the Tarkov for us was time after wipe - like first 2/3 weeks - but not the missions, we hate it really and was like ARGHHH... Again, but we loved the fights with fresh stuff with no scopes, not having much cash's and being carefully... Getting your first M4A1 and so on you know... So I think that adding some "ranking" and divions really could keep ppls playing... You know the tacticts... Keeping your money in stash while you are in bronze/silver for higher leagues where you really need to fights because of ppls better skills and so on, haha.. Could be fun
  2. Vertixen

    Materiały z Tarkov'a!

    Witam serdecznie po krótkiej przerwie, Niechcący skasowałem stary temat... Wybaczcie... Ale wszystkie materiały z wcześniejszego tematu dostępne na moim kanale YT.... Dzisiaj poradnik z przymrużeniem oka, jak wykorzystać Scavy... Miłego oglądania!
  3. Vertixen

    Screeny z waszych rajdów!

    Dziwna sprawa z lewitacją, heh:
  4. Vertixen

    Pijaki i Zabijaki

    Polecam wszystkim co nie znają... i przy okazji pozdrawiam wszystkich pijaków !
  5. Vertixen

    Screeny z waszych rajdów!

    Wszystko na low, tekstury na high i renderowanie obiektów na maksa, shadowsy na 40 ustawione...
  6. Vertixen

    Screeny z waszych rajdów!

    Fajne zdjęcia... Ja to ostatnimi dniami mam wrażenie, że Tarkova mam zbyt jasnego... Od razu mówię, że nic nie zmieniałem w ustawieniach itp... Nawet nie widziałem w opcjach kontrastu i jasności... Wiece jak to pozmieniać? bo bije po oczach trochę... :[
  7. Vertixen

    Dogtags! Too easy money!

    But it ruins whole economy right now... Like @Downtown1 said... This game has MMO elements and I know ppls buying stuff for money... Also it's about looting other players/or searching stuff on map for more money which is the funniest element of EFT for me... and why would I do and even bother looting other players bodies/map while I have like 10+ mil from dogtags farm for example? Why would even you bother doing so..
  8. Vertixen

    Screeny z waszych rajdów!

    Siemanko wszystkim, Jeżeli macie ochotę wrzucajcie tutaj wasze screeny z gry, może to być wszystko co uważacie, że powinno tu trafić... Wasze dobre rundy, gdzie zdobyliście życiową ilość expa, runda gdzie ustrzeliliście największą ilość headów itp, itd... To może ja zacznę.... Office party: Imprezki ciąg dalszy:
  9. Vertixen

    On results of the New Year Event

    Very nice to hear such news, I think we are all glad we could help to give you such important data... :] I think we all cannot wait until open beta starts finally, but personally I am waiting till full open world... Any info when? It's going to be included with open beta or added later to the game?
  10. Vertixen

    Dogtags! Too easy money!

    It wouldn't help at all for "dogtag" farming while squad of 5 enters, and one person kills rest 4 to get their dogtags and sell for a lot of money And the idea of not getting money for a dogtag when you kill a group memeber of your own would fix it I'd say
  11. Vertixen

    Dogtags! Too easy money!

    Hello there, It would be nice if you could do something with dogtags... I know several teams just going naked on a raid with 5, killing each other and getting tags to containers, each run brings them 100k or more (depends on the level of dogtag) but usually level 15+ is worth 20+k RUB each and it takes like 3 min to load the map and repeat... I think good solution would be something like that when a raid starts, dogtags should have like 10% of their max value when raid starts and it goes up with the raid as it goes on further until it hits 100% value after certain time