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  1. Is there any plan to have an option to forgive teammates for friendly fire so it doesn't affect their karma? Had a squad member accidentally shoot me last night and it was partially my fault for not calling out my position in a timely manner. I personally wouldn't want a teammate to be penalized for my mistake. Or if someone unknowingly wanders into my LOS mid firefight.

    You think it's bad now, what are you going to do when they actually make scavs more difficult? They are only going to get tougher from here.
  3. Karma system for Scavs

    You used to be able to defend yourself and not have scavs shoot at you, at least I swear I remember it that way. Wouldn't surprise me if it was removed because it was causing issues somewhere else.
  4. Am I the only one who has noticed HUGE performance drops and overall massive performance issues since they started working on the netcode? This game just continues to get worse and worse in terms of disconnects and desych. They keep this up and they might as well just give up on ever releasing it. We are down to a patch every 2-3 weeks with each one taking a chunk out of performance. This game is going to be super cool if it's ever playable for the masses and not just people running enthusiast hardware.
  5. Macro Firing Weapons

    Macros are being banned across FPS games due to their advantage. I think we can safely assume that dropping the banhmmer on people who use them is a pretty safe way to limit their use. Whether or not you personally see a difference is more less irrelevant as the consensus across the FPS platform is they provide an advantage. Honestly, it pisses me off when hardware manufacturers do things like make products that give players an unfair advantage. Things like this make me wish there was a governing body over hardware manufacturers like you find in every other sport.
  6. AK-74N is GOAT in game, why upgrade?

    Barrel length is going to change the sound. Not sure if it would sound like a 7.62 AK variant, but the AKS-74u is going to sound quite different from the 74n
  7. Macro Firing Weapons

    Go to the AKM portion of the video. If you see no difference when he ADS, I would call the eye doctor
  8. Macro Firing Weapons

    Not even close. Way, way less recoil with Macro
  9. The 6B43 6A needs to be re-worked

    Well, figured I would update this... It has been almost 10 months and there is still no change. Ap rounds are supposed to pierce through the armor and into the target. Their function is kinda their name. But alas, they still do no damage to the player. While they may shred the fort, the player wearing the fort still gets enough extra time to kill you. The fort meta is STILL super broken. On top of that, there is no way you would be able to move even remotely well in them. However, I do think Russia should give these to all of their soldiers, just because big fat green slowly moving marshmallow men are really, really easy targets. Also irl I would assume AP rounds do what they are supposed to. The end game for Tarkov is absolutely terrible right now and will be until they properly nerf fort. It has made it so every round chambered in 9mm is useless. Overall their damage/armor ratio is screwed up all across the board.
  10. Really poor FPS and freezing

    Maybe if they called it what it is, an Alpha, people wouldn't be so irritated by it. Or, if it wasn't as bad as it is. We all paid money and when desynch is so bad(customs today) it's unplayable, that is a little upsetting, beta or not. All too often the "It's beta" becomes something to hide behind. The game is still riddled with holes and they are still talking open beta "the first part of the year" when they still seem to be struggling with the desynch issues, and there is a whole lot of optimization to be done. Unless of course they are shooting for 2019 being the year of "Can it run Tarkov?" Which, don't forget the problem with Crysis was very, very poor optimization. *grammar fix edit
  11. Player Glitching or Server Lagging?

    It's desynch guys While it has gotten better since the wipe, it obviously is still a huge issue. I literally cannot cross paths with another player on customs. If I do, I am 2-3 seconds behind them every single time. Quite frankly I don't think they know what is causing it or how to fix it because it has been a major issue for a long, long time.
  12. What is the reason for this patch???

    For the most part it has been good, however full on desynch seems to have been replaced with a 2-3 second difference between myself and other players. I said it once, I will say it again, this game is not going to be open beta ready for some time and a 2018 full release is a pipe dream if they want to release it in an even remotely finished manner.. Also seeing some of these posts it makes me wonder if they still haven't added South American servers, Australian/southeast Asian servers, or even added enough to truly matter
  13. Our patch

    Sooooo... it's 4:00pm in Moscow right now and we still don't have our patch that was supposed to come "Later this week". What gives?
  14. Here is an idea, don't have cheat engines on your computer. I have heard people say they help with emulators. That is the worst argument ever. "Oh, I wasn't using this engine to cheat on your game, I using it to rip off another development company by using an emulator. I want my account back." or "I don't use it on this game and left it open, don't worry I only cheat on that other game, can I have my account back?" If you have any sort of engine on your computer used to cheat, you have 0 argument. It shouldn't be on your computer in the first place. Period. You get absolutely 0 sympathy from me, or the vast majority of other players.
  15. Unaccessible SCAVs

    lol, that is the only one I have been able to get to drop. I shot him in the head from the base of the rocks. Backed up from the base until I saw the top of his head