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  1. jcbru95

    =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    friendly bump make sure to check these guys out!
  2. jcbru95

    =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    friendly bump
  3. jcbru95

    =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Friendly bump. This clan seems to have their stuff together ive met players who have been in this clan/still are and they have nothing but great things to say. A good role model for upcoming communities
  4. jcbru95

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    I like that for your age variety you threw in that you have a few girls to attract the gerkin jerkers
  5. jcbru95

    Streaming tarkov

    okay thanks! was just making sure
  6. jcbru95

    Streaming tarkov

    Can we start streaming this game yet on twitch without threat of ban due to the NDA? I really want to get the word out about this game but I do not in any way want to breach the NDA and get banned. If anyone has concrete proof that we can stream this game please let me know!
  7. jcbru95

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Derpstar#5558 please verify US EST
  8. jcbru95

    "looking for a group" killed upon spawn

    I know this isn't really a recruiting thread but I am trying to help as many friendly players as I can! Feel free to join my clans discord to find someone to help with quests or even run with. We help gear players along with train them to have better callouts and location awareness. Again I know this isn't the clan thread but its time to stop all of these KoS randoms. https://discord.gg/ch3m63S
  9. jcbru95

    Debut quest help?

    I do believe it has to be done on your main character. Also you can buy the shotguns from one of the vendors if you're having a rough time getting the guns! If you need any help id be happy to assist in any future issues! Here is my clans discord in case you ever need help or even a team mate to go with! https://discord.gg/ch3m63S
  10. jcbru95

    Any Update Soon?

    To my knowledge when there is an update on the status of this issue one of the mods will address it in the forums. Sadly there is no ETA on the fix but the fact that they have responded to this problem so quickly when its very early in their timezone shows they are working hard. Hope that eases some irritation. My advice is group with someone who doesn't mind stopping every so often and taking it slow through some raids. Been doing that all night with my clan mates trying to gear them up! Hope you find some way to have fun this early in the morning on this awesome game!
  11. jcbru95

    Game Freezing

    We all have to remember this is a small team working on this game and the fact that they have reacted to this issue so fast and are trying to fix it is amazing. Just goes to show that this game has Dev's that care. Lets all rejoice at the fact that this issue will be resolved ASAP! If you're angry from dying due to these freezes just remember its temporary! If that doesn't help just imagine if EA made this game, they'd make you pay to stop the freezing Hopefully these guys find this issue and resolve it so we can all go back to putting countless rounds into players with full armor and watch them brush it off