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  1. Riley Company recruiting now!

    More and more members joining! Come join the community that plays any game! Giveaways weekly along with tarkov in game prizes!
  2. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    friendly bump
  3. Riley Company recruiting now! possibly bad link? this ones working fine now if not I will definitely send a private message with link! Hope to see you in soon mate
  4. Riley Company recruiting now! heres another invite man hope it works we would love to have you!
  5. Riley Company recruiting now!

    Feel free to just join up man were always looking for more!
  6. Riley Company recruiting now!

    We are always helping out new players/ experienced players with gearing and constantly staying up to date with map info feel free to hop in the discord and see for yourself! I can tell you that we've never had any negative feedback with our groups (which we monitor constantly) so you'll definitely get the most out of tarkov while playing with us!
  7. Riley Company recruiting now!

    Of course! We always have at least 2 people on playing tarkov! generally our popular times are 10am est - 2am est. So youll definitely have a group ready to go with ya!
  8. Riley Company recruiting now!

    Come join us as we start gearing back up since the wipe! You'll always have a member to play with while youre in this clan!
  9. =UwG= United World Gamers. Est.2003

    Friendly bump. This clan seems to have their stuff together ive met players who have been in this clan/still are and they have nothing but great things to say. A good role model for upcoming communities
  10. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    I like that for your age variety you threw in that you have a few girls to attract the gerkin jerkers
  11. Riley Company recruiting now!

    So glad to see so many new faces in this clan. We started our PC division 3 weeks ago and were already 50+ strong! A clan is only as amazing as the members in it and I hope to see more players in the coming weeks join up and have some fun with us in this amazing game!
  12. Streaming tarkov

    okay thanks! was just making sure
  13. Streaming tarkov

    Can we start streaming this game yet on twitch without threat of ban due to the NDA? I really want to get the word out about this game but I do not in any way want to breach the NDA and get banned. If anyone has concrete proof that we can stream this game please let me know!
  14. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Derpstar#5558 please verify US EST
  15. "looking for a group" killed upon spawn

    I know this isn't really a recruiting thread but I am trying to help as many friendly players as I can! Feel free to join my clans discord to find someone to help with quests or even run with. We help gear players along with train them to have better callouts and location awareness. Again I know this isn't the clan thread but its time to stop all of these KoS randoms.