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  1. PunchyMcBrithes

    Aktuality a novinky

    ok, a pujde takhle modifikovat i kiver a kolpack ? a co vesty ?
  2. PunchyMcBrithes

    První kroky v EFT

    v pohode. jen to tu hru degradovalo nekam, kam nemelo. tak 28.
  3. PunchyMcBrithes


    zmen plno, jen skoda ze porad nikde nectu karma systém pro scavy.....
  4. PunchyMcBrithes

    Game turns into COD now.

    Bravo, I understand you want everyone wanna try new gear for free , its xmas..... but sheez, it cripled the game atm.
  5. PunchyMcBrithes


    seznam dobrej, ale chybi vam tam "WADEPOOL".
  6. PunchyMcBrithes

    Aktuality a novinky

    dobry. papirova helma.
  7. PunchyMcBrithes

    První kroky v EFT

    Ze hry se prave stalo COD. Ucet jsem si wipnul, a hrat nebudu nez tohle date pryc. Hovezi napady.
  8. PunchyMcBrithes

    After DECEMBER 28th ? ? ?

    2-3 weeks AFTER 28.12. there will be OBT with new map interchange.
  9. PunchyMcBrithes

    One tap two tap. Scavs killed me

    I was going for extract on customs, and scav on bridge on knees. 2 taped me. totaly ignores my 10-15 rounds from 74N Terminators are back.
  10. PunchyMcBrithes

    Hacker catched on a movie

    ye, looks like huge desync.
  11. PunchyMcBrithes

    Doc's case for sale -pm offer

    i sold 5 docs cases alrdy to fence. also 8 wallets... cmon, its easy to get them.
  12. PunchyMcBrithes

    Is adding a crosshair legal?

    ye poeple have red crosshair in the middle of their screens. Why ? because THEY SUCK at the game.
  13. PunchyMcBrithes

    Nábory do klanů / hledám tým

    Mozna bych se casem pridal nekde.... Level 45 momentalne, hraju Factory/Customs. Nehraju woody/shorline - nemam rad mapy kde se 10 minut beha a nikoho nepotkate. Kempeni na woodech primo nesnasim stejne jako sekyrkare. Zkusenosti se hrou... tak snad nejaky by i byly. (6x Wcase, 8x Icase, 24 fortu, 3x Mcase s 10 mio rublu.) Oblibeny zbrane zatím M4 / 74N.
  14. PunchyMcBrithes

    Air scavs

    Some deny gravity....
  15. PunchyMcBrithes

    "SERIOUS QUESTION!" Is money a bit too easy to come by?

    A lot of people (level 30+) are constantly around 200k rubles. So no, its not GEGE IZY for all.