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  1. Dying simulator

    That phrase can be traced back to around 200BC...
  2. shoreline map??

    Your contribution to the OP is really appreciated. Shoreline maps should be along soon as stated. Be nice to choose a spawn but I have had no trouble extracting from Rock Passage, CCP Temp or Pier Boat wgennthe are available. Look for green smoke or lights to indicate they are open.
  3. Official Poll: Wipe Vote

    It has ‘Official’ in the title. Seems legit to me lol. People need to stop stressing about a wipe. It’s goibg to happen when it happens. It shouldn’t change anything for people. Just get out there and raid how you want.
  4. Damage system

    I feel that this statement which is said a lot is part of the issue and no personnel attack intended but it’s topical. If you are not carrying an AR with AP rounds and you run into someone that is armoured up then you most likely will die. That’s tough luck and I feel in line with the vibe of EFT. You have a very slim chance to survive and it’s not a fair fight. If you see them first and go to ground and let them walk by and survive that’s a good outcome. Choosing when to engage is key but sure sometimes you don’t get the chance and that’s life in the big city. Come better prepared next time. Just my thoughts. For the OP I think you make some good points that should be considered the black out system is a good start that can be improved.
  5. Squad "issues"

    This has been raised before and it was advised that it won’t change. You are encouraged to play as a squad to increase your chance of survival. They are ways to beat squads and sometimes the best way is to avoid them. If you are alone and under geared you would be mad to go head-2-head with the squads. Wait them out. Go the long way to your objective. Cause a diversion to draw them away.
  6. Make Loot more Rare!

    My gut feel is that once open beta/release comes around loot rates will change. They need to get a feel of what loot people take and what gets left behind. Same way they dropped the price on thermal scopes. They want people to use them so we can test it out properly. I am sure it will change but for now enjoy bulk coin and try various weapons and different setups etc so you are prepped for release.
  7. Combat Stealth Takedowns

    In Tarkov we are playing PMC operators. They are not specifically special forces but a collection of different walks of life looking to make a living. Ex military and security guards and whoever passes the recruitment the organisation sets out. Should they be trained like tier 1 special forces? I suggest not. Treating our PMCs as tier 1 operators like SAS or Spetnaz etc is not in line with the game lore IMO. On the the flip side should I be able to silently select auto or single shot without an offensively loud noise giving me away? I think this is more in line with being able to silently dispose of someone in line with the lore of Tarkov. Should a headshot result in continued and loud wails and moans and groaning? That should be silent IMO.
  8. Injuries prohibiting combat [IDEA]

    I was in a situation where I was trying to hatchet a PMC who was using a sniper rifle. I got two hits in before he must have shot my arm as I could no longer swing to finish him off. Not sure if this is a true representation of what is meant to happen but it seems like what you are suggesting. I also believe that if you are trying to aim with black arms it’s significantly harder to be accurate. Anyone able to verify? I guess I would like to have been able to switch my hatchet to my non-master hand in my hatchet example. For an accuracy and strength reduction in line with the switched hands but would also work for rifles/pistols. Something to consider?
  9. Allow quest items handover one by one

    +1 Despite stash size or containers this is a fair request. It’s fustratingvto accidentally sell those items you are collecting or having to keep multiple AVS rigs. Shouldn’t be hard to change and just cause it’s Beta doesn’t make this a fair request.
  10. Are extraction points the same for everyone?

    PMCs and scavs have different extractions points. In both factions in the same map the PMC and Scavs then have multiple extraction points. Each map will have two ‘primary’ extractions that will always be available. This is usually on the far side of the map where you spawn. For example if you spawn at the boilers on Customs map you will have the crossroad extraction available. If you start on crossroads you now have the bunker near the boilers. I have never seen groups have different extractions but I guess it’s possible. If you solo cue with a mate it will depend where you spawn. Having a map and choosing your spawn will help eliminate this chance though. The ????? Option extractions are varied and conditional. If there are lights or flares at the point you can extract. If not it’s closed. Some of them have limited numbers that can use the point before it closes. As a rule PMC have 3-4 extract options with one always available and the rest random chance it seems. Scav have two primary options that you can extract from. From my experience only. Hope that helps.
  11. You really should give more context to your question. What were you doing? Were you hatchet running or fully geared? If you were geared how much weight was being carried? Etc.. Have you read the patch notes? There were changes to how melee attacks worked with the latest patch drop. Remember you are testing a product. More details help people understand and provide a suitable response.