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  1. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    jup, they are empty
  2. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    im 23 and im from germany (GMT+1) i played my fare share of tarkov, just not on the new shoreline part. i know customs inside and out faktory is to small to be mentioned woods is ok just dont ask me to leed the squad towards the western bunker shoreline i know the old map about 80-90% how much do i know about the game... if you ask me if a particular mod can be placed on a particular weapon i will just google it like the next guy, anything less i should be able to answer. i know my way around, where you find good loot, how to pvp, setting ambushes and killzones, flanking, spawns/rushpoints/rough timings. i am that guy that never teamkills.... even if the teamkill would save the squad i just cant friendly fire on purpuose. my level at the moment is quite low due to low success on hatched keyruns about level 20 previous whipe ive been level 40 something and the one before that level 43.
  3. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    going on a slight tangend here with a noobquestion but... whats the current counterplay to grenades? i cant run from them if i kill you it doesnt matter coz i die to the nade still if i sprint away into a crouch away from the nade it still kills me if i hide behind the closest cover (mind you that i have to get there within less then 1 second) 90% of the time i still die basicly at the moment if someone isnt compleetly incompetent (and even if) with nades you are dead, game over, end of the line, thats it folks, nice having ya, good times, nice run, jolly good memorys. but still dead af
  4. Another melee weapon

    we need to talk about this knife