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  1. how far do we go with being picky on the optics tho, the eotech in the game compared to the real life counterpart isnt accurate in clarity, genuine eotch is super clear , oddly the vortex has more clarity in the game than eotch but in reality actually has a blue tint, there are quite a few inaccuracy's between the optics in game and the genuine product. Elcan, deltapoint, rmr, they are all wrong in one way or another.
  2. I think someone at BSG should take notice of your post, its really well written and if they could balance things with the internal and external properties rule i think we'd have a much better experience with tarkov and all it has to offer. only thing in your post i went...hmmmm nah not agreeing 100% with you - is the Eotech fuzz. if you look at the eotech yes it does have noise, fuzz whatever you want to call it in real life, the thing is, your not supposed to look at the reticle, your meant to look at your target and if you do that with 2 eyes aiming, you dont see the fuzz/noise as it becomes clearer. i think what they did with the eotech is perfectly acceptable and i wouldn't want them to change it back to the way it was as replicating the real life human eye on when and where to focus and on what is beyond what a video game can authentically reproduce
  3. DeathByApril

    Every other map need to be balanced with interchange for loot

    my understanding was that upon release all maps are playable, but the open world of seamlessly travelling between the maps wont be unlocked until you have survived and extracted from each map individually. that moderator has written something completely different to what ive seen posted countless times.
  4. DeathByApril

    Every other map need to be balanced with interchange for loot

    a debate....??? youve already written this topic wont go your way so theres no debating with someone like you that doesn't and wont see any other prospective.
  5. DeathByApril

    Elcan Scope

    the elcan has been like this since..... well since the start, which view is the correct and intended one is anyone's guess. Personally when i use the elcan i immediately switch to the built in iron sight, because it just looks wrong taking up the whole screen theres also another trick - i switch between 1 and 4x mode, swap to axe, start sprinting, then press the key to re equip my weapon, (while running), soon as you stop sprinting you'll pull your gun out. then aim down sights, cycle iron sights, zoom in and out and then i have the red dot in the centre of both 1 and 4x modes, which is how its meant to be IRL.
  6. DeathByApril

    Borderless Windowed mode?

    fullscreenizer < download that, run it, tab out, hit refresh, click on EFT and hit fullscreenize.
  7. DeathByApril

    I can't find the west wing 220 key

    no its the house before that one, go round to the back door, the key rack is right infront of you when you open the door, literally 2 steps inside the house.
  8. DeathByApril

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Theres many things that could be implemented into the game for realism, but, BUT.. the idea and the reality is very different. Face hit box - sounded good - the reality.. doesnt work and should be completely removed. no tweaking, resizing or anything, just get it out and never put it back. Mag single bullet reloads - oh it did sound awesome - reality, no!!!, i dont think it works, its too much for a GAME and for solo players... whats their options, take mags upon loaded mags in a bag where looting is the biggest part of the game, buy EOD and cheese a WRT rig into a gamma with a pistol case full of loaded mags...??? comon folks you cant argue realism when theres cases inside cases to get more squares. If BSG want this as a team focused game it will cap the player base and certain things will hinder a solo player and turn they away, seems a stupid thing to do when creating a product to make you money does it not?, a game needs to be fun and as cool as realism is, sometimes it just doesn't work in a game
  9. DeathByApril

    looking for people to group with

    anything you need for quests? happy to help. other than discord ive no idea if anyone ive friended is actually playing.
  10. DeathByApril

    looking for people to group with

    im on now till whenever time.
  11. DeathByApril

    looking for people to group with

    could only find Meadsy on the in game player list so sent a FR. Sebbers and Jamie are your in game names different than forum?
  12. ive been running solo thus far, level 30 now, wouldnt mind playing in a group. im 37, scottish & on most nights, some daytime. havent played the new map yet, mostly been focusing on quests, i dont do woods! woods is quest only for me, i just dont like the map, factory is much the same, i mostly play shoreline, odd customs, but groups are harder to deal with on customs. username in game is the same as per forum, discord is same #6830
  13. DeathByApril

    strength lvl max within 3 hours

    everyone who abused this mechanic also gained alot of XP from getting that level up as well. I'm not sure just how much is gained but its enough to jump a fair number of levels
  14. DeathByApril

    Ragman - the new merchant!

    but will he sell the parka jacket, i WANT that furry hooded parka jacket from the load in screens.
  15. DeathByApril

    hera arms CQR pistol grip-stock has no sense

    in reference to the DD rails, i was just meaning the stats between the two versions in game, they are different simply because one is FDE and the other is black, its things like that which are messed up. the new as val grip which allows an MOE stock should have identical recoil proprieties to the standard VAl folding stock when fitted with rubber butt pad and offer and increase in ergonomics according to the values presented in game, but try it out, it doesn't apply the recoil properties, there multiple inaccuracy's like that throughout attachments