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  1. Ragman - the new merchant!

    but will he sell the parka jacket, i WANT that furry hooded parka jacket from the load in screens.
  2. hera arms CQR pistol grip-stock has no sense

    in reference to the DD rails, i was just meaning the stats between the two versions in game, they are different simply because one is FDE and the other is black, its things like that which are messed up. the new as val grip which allows an MOE stock should have identical recoil proprieties to the standard VAl folding stock when fitted with rubber butt pad and offer and increase in ergonomics according to the values presented in game, but try it out, it doesn't apply the recoil properties, there multiple inaccuracy's like that throughout attachments
  3. hera arms CQR pistol grip-stock has no sense

    there are quite a few mods that are detrimental to use statistically and make absolutely no sense. Daniel defence rails - new val grip, new cqr fore grip to name a few, i have a been making a list which i plan to add a post in the developers section in hopes it will be fixed.
  4. your thoughts on using 9mm smgs now since the damage increase? is it a viable option or is it still "go for the legs" meta?
  5. been finding these in PC's on shoreline since the patch.. first time it was a wft moment but im finding its common now with finding them there. Thank god, keep it that way.
  6. AS VAL

    ah well spotted, but from an engineering standpoint, the game looks correct and the other pic looks wrong, unless there is a channel running through the sight mount for the secondary fixing which holds the mount in place over the silencer/barrel. i dont know anything about the val or any other gun for that matter its just a visual observation.
  7. Escape from Tarkov 's Shocking Netcode Analysis

    i just watched his vid as well. devs have apparently spoken to him regarding his findings but to see the results which are as he put it 'shocking' it really doesn't sit well to not address this issue asap. alot of people will see that analysis and it will defiantly impact sales of the game, just seeing the graph off the charts is wow.
  8. AS VAL

    how do you mean the other way around? there are 2 different rail attachments in game for use on the val/vss
  9. Masterkey shotgun

    relativity new to EFT but ive been following for a long time and been playing many many hours, enjoying the game thoroughly and always looking out to see what is planned for the games future. I checked out the weapons dept section but i couldn't post this topic there. i gather there is going to be lock picking for doors at some point and we already have the breech feature, i just thought a nice addition to that breech feature would be to have some doors that could be opened with a masterkey shotgun and breech. some really nice animations could be done with that and mix up some rooms on current and future maps to have them either accessed by a key or if you have the masterkey under barrel attachment, open them with style and flare. i dont mean all rooms, just some low/medium level loot rooms. its just an idea, nothing a game hasn't done already but im sure tarkov could do it better than all of them.
  10. AS VAL

    Nice one mate thank you very much.
  11. AS VAL

    anyone know which mount is used to attach grip etc? ive seen vids of it with grips being used and i have the traders to max level but all thats available is a b-3 and thats not the correct one