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  1. Huskiebear1

    Head, eyes

    So OP would you rather just take rifle shots to the helmet and live? Cuz most sure wouldn't. By this post I'm going to assume you haven't played a long time. Back when fast Mt came out they were near impossible to Pen and everyone ran them, it was very unfun and many people complained that it needed to be changed. Helmets do not serve to stop Big bullets.
  2. Huskiebear1


    How is that evidence of cheating? You held a hallway that is very easy to outflank.
  3. I'm not sure if anyone's suggested this yet But a neat feature could be seeing a characters melee weapon on lets say their belt or on a shoulder mounted sheath? Along lines like this attached image? Just thought i'd drop this topic here in case nobody has mentioned it! Thanks.
  4. Huskiebear1

    Stomach Shots

    Stomach shots don't outright kill you like a heart shot would IRL and I assume thats why the devs chose not to make it so in game. Nothing in there is needed to live in the extreme short term ( like a single gunfight), now what would be neat is if losing your guts makes you bleed ALOT because there are quite a few organs down there that require a ton of blood flow which ,when punctured, would having you dropping pretty damn fast.
  5. Huskiebear1

    Are players super laggy for everyone else?

    all day this has been happening to me as well
  6. Is there a way to have this not happen via some sort of settings? The stuttering happens whenever a player shows up on screen for about a second, which usually leads to my death. Kind of confusing, I've been playing for about two years now and never had this happen. I have a pretty well built PC so Im mostly certain it's not my rig. To add Im on US servers with an average ping of 90 and its only on Labs. Thanks.
  7. Huskiebear1

    Hard to take

    What does this post try to accomplish?
  8. Huskiebear1

    I Got killed By half a Usec!

    To be clear, it was a metal railing with no glass, just two thin metal bars.
  9. Huskiebear1

    I Got killed By half a Usec!

    Hi all, I just ran into a bug where a usec player was invisible from the waist down on Labs. his waist was behind a see through railing if that helps, thanks.
  10. Huskiebear1

    What about the "not stolen database"?

    I had my account stolen earlier this year. It was a grueling process getting it back.
  11. Huskiebear1

    Armor progression?

    sounds like a reasonable idea
  12. Huskiebear1

    Should I upgrade?

    you can always make more money , i Upgraded after two wipes and i haven't regretted it yet! having the gamma container is what sold me, pulling m4's out of a raid by ditching the stock and throwing it in my container is so satisfying. Not to mention having enough stash space to horde really anything you could want. It really depends what you expect to get out of an upgrade? maybe better stuff, more enjoyable experiences? i know I've gotten my money's worth.