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  1. SCvTyson

    What did you actually do to your game???

    They fixed the game! Or at least part of it. Best patch for me since 0.4
  2. SCvTyson

    Quest - Ice Cream Cones

    Sure. Im online today from 9pm till early morning:p add me in game and i will collect some hdds for u too Yea..this bunker spawn is broken...
  3. SCvTyson

    Quest - Ice Cream Cones

    Get 12 hdds and i will exchange them for u for free for 60s
  4. SCvTyson


    mate u just got me on factory nightime, can u tell me what are u using to see in there while playing night? U obviously had no NV, is it gamma adjustment? u were naked, with pistol, and one shot a guy in fort and kiver np in absolute darkness. How did u do it ? ps. and btw, how dare u to complain about bugs while you abusing game urself?
  5. SCvTyson

    Szukam kompana/kompanów do gry

    Kiedy mniej wiecej gracie? Chetnie dolacze ale u mnie tylko piatek sobota wieczorem wchodzi w gre.
  6. SCvTyson

    szukam osob do gry

    Halo, szukam osob do wspolnej gry w piatki / soboty wieczorem. Mam troche przegrane w tarkovie ale nadal noob. pozdrawiam
  7. SCvTyson

    Poszukuje 2 ogarnięte osoby +17 do gry

    Halo odezwe sie w grze
  8. SCvTyson

    Suggestion Poll

    It was already confirmed by bsg that there will be different weather conditions inc snow in dlc's
  9. SCvTyson

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    :D lol. u talk rubbish so I "sad" face u. No hidden agenda here, ur not the centre of the world kiddo. have a happy life too:*
  10. SCvTyson

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Lol where are u getting ur facts from boi. Ive played bf's right at the launch day. Its been long enough. Long enough people on forum were sayin that we dont need more content we want fixes amd better opt. If someone fails u all the time theres only so much support u can give and after that, u want results, no matter how sweet or cute game devs are.
  11. SCvTyson

    What the *@$#?

    I was not on 8gb with "optimized" system. It might be different definition of "playing fine" but it for sure wasnt enough RAM.
  12. SCvTyson

    What the *@$#?

    Not sure what "so..." .lol.
  13. SCvTyson

    What the *@$#?

    True. Nothin to do with ur system being "poorly optimized" as stated by @kalurosu. U need more ram:( or just wait for new updates etc.
  14. SCvTyson

    Photos from Battlestate Games office

    Gentelman on the 5th picture looks like hes the one whos setting rough bitcoin spawns..give him some chocolote or something and raise his endorphins for the weekend...we want more bitcoins!
  15. SCvTyson

    Hacked again

    Lol now thats overreacting...emisar wannabe? Lucky u mate. Ive played about 500hrs in total and in 0.7 ive seen maybe 1 or 2 in 0.8 ive stopped counting at 20 and soon after that stopped playing.