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  1. SCvTyson

    iCu Hunter challenge Week1

    Witam, Wraz z moim clanem, iCu chcielibysmy zaprosic do wziecia udzialu w evencie organizowanym przez nas w ktorym mozecie wygrac Gamma kontener lub rownowartosc w rublach. Wszystko co musicie zrobic to wkleic screena z raidu w ktorym zabiliscie najwieksza ilosc PMC. Zwyciezy osoba ktora do konca 7.12.2018 zdobedzie najwieksza ilosc kill-i na raid. Zasady sa proste: 1. Prosimy autentyczna rozgrywke, bez ustawek 2. Z raidu trzeba wyjsc zywym Zapraszamy link do posta na ktorym mozecie wstawiac screeny:
  2. Exactly...theres only one game like that on the market, and in fact...i know..desync cheater and so on and on..but to be honest I have not encountered it that much during recent patch, theres clearly progress done, and damn..even if they would revert game to .4 or .3 id be playing it every friday and sat night anyway. BSG has simply, NO competition. Great game, great job, just give them time and stop whining
  3. Damn this to long to be read while having a no2. Reading first two lines i think I know where its going. Disagree.
  4. SCvTyson


    Easy there mate... Noones saying about not being able to handle things... at some stage in ur life u will learn that theres nearly always a solution to a situation. As for dynamic loot. Of course im aware of the plans, however, in my opinion, if kiba is going to be subject to dynamic loot algorithm then its worthless to have it locked with 2 locks lol. All we meant with OP possibly, was that Kiba should mean high risk, high reward. Right now its low risk, low reward. It should be more rewarding, but also, as I said before, some kind of 3rd type of security should be in place, a mini boss, group of scavs trying to break through to kiba tripped on pmc's spawn on location or something like that.
  5. Damn if u know what Nikita thinks will u let us know about future updates too?
  6. SCvTyson

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    Crawling person is much louder than someone who walks slowly. Im not being smart..this is how it is. Maybe theres something wrong with ur audio
  7. SCvTyson

    Your game is trash and dead

    Lol... Game is great and not dead..
  8. SCvTyson

    IS IT JUST ME OR....

    Just my two cents. Desync is much better and nearly not noticable at all for me. Big improvement on networking side for me. As for gameplay..havent notices cheaters this patch so far. What I dont like is the flea market and rng with bullet dmg..but in overall..im enjoying this patch so far. Saying that devs are not doing their job is an insult..its best game out there after all..
  9. SCvTyson


    Agree with op Well i like to farm kiba too, or at least used to anyway, just to get enough money for weekend raids... Used to get around 200k rubles from kiba / inter run, each run took up to 8minutes. Now after 8mins I can have few worthless mods at max. Farming kiba only is no longer enough for the raid to be called "farm run". In about 30runs I have not found a single reap ir, about 2/3 m4 and about 3/4 ak's. Kiba was nerfed for sure and I dont like the way it is right now. For a military store locked behind 2 gates that keys are very hard to find or very exoensive to buy at fm its not good enough. I dont understand reasoning behind nerfing it again... Ofc...please spare me ur comments about how the game should be played etc...there is no "way the game should be played"...we all do what we like.
  10. SCvTyson

    KIBA store - make a great again

    Make it as any other military shop would be.. weapons, gear, mods etc. It is locked behind 2 locks for the entire time...it should be best spot to find weapons and mods. However, theres a big issue with it also, keys for kiba on flea market can be bought for as little as 1.5mln rubles for both! While farming kiba store can produce 200k rubles + per about 10 mins run. There should be a 100pc scav boss around or at least more scavs..maybe a military geared scavs guarding the store since low drop rate of kiba key is no longer the problem.
  11. SCvTyson

    OP SCAVs

    Upvote for the comment and nick name.
  12. I doubt this was their intention.
  13. Great video! Damn i hope we are about to get a hotfix sorting this out.
  14. SCvTyson


    Ur 13. U dont know much about life yet. In IT there's always delays. In life too. By the time u be 17 game will run perfectly.