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  1. I use short barrel rifle for better ergo which primarly for me ia the time it takes to aim and generall movement speed and agility. What they did is cool, at least u no longer wonder how can scavs do it with no problems while u can just watch them pop u in the head
  2. SCvTyson

    Pomocy - brak wiedzy !!

    Na fy.
  3. SCvTyson

    Grupy na fabryce

    Gram duzo solo. Zawsze uwazalem ze gra solo jest latwiejsza niz w grupie. Jesli grasz w grupach 5 osobowych i jest to takie banalne to gratuluje skila. Pozdrawiam
  4. SCvTyson

    Grupy na fabryce

    No...pograj w 5 na factory zobaczysz co mam mysli;)
  5. SCvTyson

    Grupy na fabryce

    Wbrew pozorom jesli idzie sie w 5 na factory to naprawde ciezko ogarnac sytuacje i grupa wymaga duzo treningu i ogrania razem w innym wypadku taki solo zawodnik z zamieszaniem jakie robia scavy wcale nie jest w tak zlej pozycji. Gra w 5 nie jest tak latwa jak sie wydaje, szczegolnie na mapach gdzie trzymanie jakiegos rodzaju formacji nie jest opcja. Jesli chcialbys poprobowac pograc w 5 zapraszam na Disca iCu.
  6. SCvTyson

    Fix the freezing

    Sorry bro but currently 8gb ram is not good enough for the game
  7. SCvTyson

    Fix the freezing

    U must be very stressed about ur first day at school boi.
  8. SCvTyson

    Fix the freezing

    Whats ur system spec
  9. SCvTyson


    I know about glitches and exploits. As for cheat engine god mode, which what we are talking about. There is none. U can post it here as long as its not a link to cheat site
  10. SCvTyson


    Ok bud. Show me the proof, email me a link to a CE wit god mode so we wont promote this here on forums. Do not spread rumors without clear proof of ur statements brother, tarkov has enough of bad opinions based on false assumptions. Ps. If he rushed u trying to kill u and after a brief fight u decided to leave him alone..i mean.. i dont understand this. Were u guys in toyota or on a motorbike? Surely if an invincible hatchling wants to kill u he can chase u forever and its not like u suddenly "leave him".
  11. SCvTyson


    That was desync. There is no god mode.
  12. SCvTyson

    R11 RSASS task Mechanic weapon

    Farm marked room too, got mine from there
  13. SCvTyson

    I have an idea for new menu system

    This or something similiar is already planned for a long time. U will also be able to build up ur own pc to farm bitcoins...
  14. SCvTyson


    There is no god mode cheat available for tarkov. So ur aim is either very bad or u simply get desync. The major cheat engine website still have not hacked tarkov so no, there is no good cheat eng available for public. Free crap cheat engines are available but its bannable.
  15. SCvTyson

    What did you actually do to your game???

    They fixed the game! Or at least part of it. Best patch for me since 0.4