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  1. Malakh

    dont want to sound cheeky

    Do not beg for a game. If you do not have ANY money and little to no time, you can easily get some by doing stupid easy online surveys, bringing you enough money to get the game in a week or two.
  2. Malakh

    *GAME-BREAKING* Reloading glitch

    I would recommend reporting this at: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/contact
  3. Working as intended if you ask me. Whatever the future brings of punishment for this course of action, you SHOULD be able to be kill whatever you see in front of you.
  4. Malakh

    Is this cheat or is he really good ?

    You cannot report cheaters as developers take care of this internally through anti-cheat measures.
  5. Malakh


    I would recommend you to follow EFT twitter for any news regarding the wipe or any other upcoming news for that sake.
  6. I would not mind the possibility to get a better map at release, maybe something you could potentially buy through a vendor, after a task or two. Like, you can buy the most basic ones, but will have to do more work if you want to get a more detailed map layout.
  7. Malakh

    Game doesnt not Start

    Make sure Tarkov is whitelisted in both anti virus and firewalls. Also: This would be a better place for getting assistance: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/108-support/
  8. Malakh

    Favorite movie recommendation

    Greetings Community, I am a huge movieholic and wanted to make a thread for you to share your favorite movies of all time, regardless of genre off course. I'll start and will definitely be updating the list with both old and new movies. Rules: 1. Only post movie trailers, as a way of preventing possible spoilers. Even some movie trailers might contain spoilers, so do take a quick look through them and see that you find them worthy. If possible: use official movie trailers. 2. No posting of movie trailers in breach of the forum rules. As an example: If you want to link to a movie with content that might not be suitable here, just put in the IMBD title, like this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083131/ and people can see trailer externally, if age is allowing it. Here is my first contributions:
  9. Malakh

    Trader Balancing

    @Maki_Nishikino Thanks for helping out in several threads concerning this question:)
  10. @Varacolaci Good point! There are so much to learn at the start of game, no need to make it even more confusing:) @rix5 I found some very nice scopes, mags and grips doing just that. Was actually one of the ways I earned a lot of currency at start, besides selling the clocks:)
  11. Malakh


    I'd keep an eye at official twitter for an update on that, as that would be the most likely place of it to be announced first.
  12. Malakh

    what are you doing

    No, minimum several days has already been mentioned, even if it is a rough estimate.
  13. Malakh

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    Usually several days notice before major patch update (which this one will be), so most likely not before at least a week.
  14. Malakh

    My faith is restored in EFT community.

    The wiggle is strong in this game;)
  15. Malakh

    Extreme loot

    @MasterOppai Christmas came early;) Seems like a REALLY bad place for gear exchange;)