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  1. cv_snowblind


    its 2019 but no double shotty for us yet.
  2. cv_snowblind

    2019 plans

    im guessing all this hideout stuff is for story mode mostly?
  3. cv_snowblind

    Obscene load times and client not authorized

    it happened to me during technical update when game was unavailable (looked at launcher after Alt+F4) and after i tried to log in i got 240 and it asked me to log in ingame.
  4. cv_snowblind

    WiP materials from the russian "TarkovTV Podcast #2"

    so bouncing betty huh... 2x2 or 1x2 i hope 2x2 so nobody can have an invetory full of em to spam at extract.
  5. cv_snowblind

    A little information for you!

    Oh thank god a wipe... i made 35 in 2 weeks after the last wipe and got bored... time to get interested again Take SKS is good. dont buy guns just get the sks:sses from raids ez good guns. for end game is not really that hard to get if you just get all the runs and keep running for more xp like factory.
  6. cv_snowblind

    Some Work in Progress Material

    well some old gear of the soviet kind would be nice... there is literally so much of that stuff around IRL but the scavs just seem to be meh about it. Also the mayonez should be of the Boris slav superstar brand not this western crap from america.
  7. Remember to use memory cleaner. NO NOT THE BLEACH!!!!!!
  8. cv_snowblind

    what about trying toestablish a friendly thingy here

    Welcome to Tarkov. There is a target rich environment just behind the next bush.
  9. cv_snowblind

    what about trying toestablish a friendly thingy here

    Burlap men dont sleep... but seriously i just shoot every player i see because i know they might go pick up a gun off a scav and try to kill me for profit. And even when i go extract and i see a hatchling just sneaking by i wont hesitate to put him down... might have a nade with your name on it.
  10. cv_snowblind

    How Many Bullets and gernades

    but i survive nades like a champ when i go prone less than 1m from em so its still a bit RNG.
  11. cv_snowblind

    9x19 AP rounds

    uhh maybe if we ever get the five seven we might see some nice later game pistols but no op 9x19 ammo when we have a glock 18 around.
  12. cv_snowblind

    Low level meta

    Veprs... Veprs everywhere. just that sweet 7.62x39mm SP... and make shure its 136 ofc Literally the poor mans nuclear option when you cant have all the nice m1a:s and such
  13. cv_snowblind

    Why is the download speed for the update so bad

    i just reinstalled the game to download it faster... worked somehow and it freed up a few GB on my SSD.
  14. cv_snowblind

    CPU and GPU usage R9

    remember it likes to eat up that ram and memory likes to leak a bit too so use memory cleaner and have more than 8gb of ram.
  15. cv_snowblind

    Is anyone else still having extreme lag issue?

    you need more than 8gb of ram... it likes to eat more than that... there are also some memory leak issues so using memory cleaner helps.