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  1. KarmasGotcha

    List of recent bans!

    In my opinion, that number they said they banned should of had a few zero's at the end. The really only way they could every stop the cheaters/hackers is to update the game exe file every single day. At least then you could have a good few hours before the companies would be able to update their cheats and hacks. I say the DEV's should be able to assign a certain amount of ram, like if you had 16 gigs of ram, assign 8 gigs of it and encrypt the memory with the server only having the key to unscramble it, and only then only allow certain items that had the correct HASH and MD5's keys that had the correct sub-keys to access that encrypted memory that the game is being held in, anything beyond that would be a intrusion of the software. That my friends would be the only way to at least drop the shameful amount of cheaters/hackers in this game. I know that would be a huge amount of coding, that I myself do not know how to do, but I do know it can be done. They just have to want to do it! Or at least let us report the players that we have bonified proof that would have to include the server time, of course the map and video of that player hacking, and the only way you're going to get that person's name is by getting killed by them. But these are just my 2 cents, which in all reality, don't really matter to the DEV's, because if they did, they would stop all production forward and dedicate a good size of coders to tackle this issue.
  2. KarmasGotcha

    Possible Fix for slow launcher install/download speed

    I am just glad that I could help you all out. I was also tired of the extremely slow download speed, so I tried tinkering at my computer and just happen to be one of the first 5 things I check. Glad I did and I am glad that I was able to help you all out!!
  3. KarmasGotcha

    Possible Fix for slow launcher install/download speed

    You see, Karma can come in both ways, good and evil. You got the good one!! LoLz
  4. Ok, for all that are having the slow download problem. This is what I did to fix it. I simply turned off the IPv6 Protocol on my network adapter and I went from 50k a sec to 26mbs.
  5. KarmasGotcha

    Possible Fix for slow launcher install/download speed

    Found the fix guys, Turn off IPv6 on your adapter. That will fix your problem quickly. I went from 50k a second to 26mbs.
  6. KarmasGotcha


    If not actually get a Anti-Cheat up and running, but also allow us to report players that are in fact cheating, but have proof of it via Video at the minimum. You have tied all the honest players hands by not accepting reports, and in doing so, you have given and the cheaters and hackers the green light to do just that, cheat and hack. At a minimum, allow us to report and provide evidence of these players that are screwing up your game.
  7. KarmasGotcha


    I read the title and I had to look into what was in it. But then after I read the OP first post, I LMFAO. Awesome Post. And yes, all the cheaters out there, I hope your computer melts and sparks fly everywhere because that's the only way you will feel the pain.
  8. KarmasGotcha

    Hackers still a problem...

    I know your pain Freyze. I have lost so much gear myself and I am not afraid to say I am not a good player. Its when you get hackers in the game and you loose some really nice gear, that really gets me big time. Just keep plugging away at it and Karma with get them.
  9. Why is scav experience not counted toward your PMC character.
  10. KarmasGotcha

    Hackers ruining this game

    Thats true, but its running rampant. Its getting stupid now
  11. KarmasGotcha

    Hackers ruining this game

    2 games in a row, I have had a hacker kill my whole team. He took 16 rounds in the chest from a M1A for 803 damage and still completely killed my whole 4 man fully geared players. Total BULCRAP. DEV's fix this crap
  12. KarmasGotcha

    Crimson Military Company

    Bumping this ride back to the top of the list. We are still recruiting, so get your butt in Discord and let's go shoot up the place.
  13. KarmasGotcha

    Crimson Military Company

    CmC is still open for new and old players. Greatest group of people I have had the pleasure of playing with. Put a app in to join us! You wont regret it, I promise you that!
  14. KarmasGotcha

    Crimson Military Company

    Thank you DaBombgamer. CMC is still looking for anyone that wants to be in a very chill, no drama type clan, then hit me up in game CMC_KarmaGotcha, and I will be happy to get you in and start playing,