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  1. This idea is 50/50. Has its pros has its cons. On the one hand you're right, it could discourage casual gamers. But then again EFT isn't meant to be played as a casual game. This is a serious game for serious people who have enough spare time to commit to their EFT character. I'm going to approve of this idea and give the devs the opportunity to put it in the "Boardroom Discussion" pile. Well done.
  2. shotgun speed loader

    Would be a nice sight to see but soon lead to everyone having a shottie. Nice idea in theory but it won't work practically. Bin it. NEXT!
  3. Taxes on gear?

    Games gotta be frustratingly difficult to sift out those who wanna continue playing and those who don't. It also sifts out those who have the ability to adapt and a never give up determination to succeed. The devs have created a very unique game here which requires a lot of mental endurance to play. Don't start softening up at this stage otherwise it'll be a domino effect whereby one soft mechanic leads to several to accommodate for it. Woodsen my friend, stick with hardcore ideas. I fear your sympathy for players will lead to poor design decisions.
  4. a "Curious" player

    He just has lots of shooting experience. Probably been playing FPS games since he was 13. We'll come across alot of "hackers" in this game but they've just been playing FPS' for 10, 20 years. Swangalang still gets off on having the highest K/D in the lobby despite being in his early 30's.
  5. Taxes on gear?

    No it has to be tax. Weapons degrading isn't the same. It makes no sense because you've just skimmed through it on your way to work by train. When you get home have a re-read and analyse where this guy is coming from. Then read through my added thoughts which will you gain a better understanding as to why this is a potentially core changing idea. If the devs just read "makes no sense" from their customers, then they're gonna be less inclined to implement the suggestion. Which would be a shame because you didn't read through it, just skimmed bits here and there. The biggest problem with players storing items in their stash is that your stash is untouchable. So you stock up and stock up like a hoarder to the point where the game becomes more of a Collectors Simulator. No, we want challenges, we want frustrations, we want unfair regulations that force you to adapt and fight back... or take advantage of. I'm a visionary. Yea I have my weaknesses but my strengths lie in productive ideas and forward thinking. Could you imagine the full release comes along and there's no taxes on your stash. Just imagine how easy the game would be without this regulation which is essentially a hurdle.
  6. Taxes on gear?

    But I'm not like all those other dudes who suggest things to improve the game. My ideas work. The reason why a certain Alpha game is implementing zombies into their game, and as a core aspect of their game, is because I went into their discord and had a productive discussion with some of the core community. Initially, they were skeptical but, to sum up, I basically said if the devs can make lots of money selling a zombie game, you get what you want. Which is a feature rich game because the devs then have lots of money to invest in the resources necessary to make a bigger and better game. They loved it! I did bring the same idea here, however, I didn't manage to convince many readers. Time will tell whether the devs took the idea on board though. No one knows for certain but what we do know for certain is that zombies sell. I don't want to be patronizing to you that's why I don't explain things in great detail as I'm sure you have already thought of what I'm saying. If I start patronizing and humiliating you then someones gonna get hurt and warned. You do know the benefits of my ideas but you're pretending you don't. It's not baffling. I'm just explaining it in a calm, cool and collected manner. I understand some people might not see it, I understand others will see it but not agree. I'm not interested in those folks, they can press the back button and never listen to my thoughts and ideas again. Though they will be missing out. They'll also never know where the devs got their ideas from when reading press releases. I'm most interested in what the devs think and I'm almost certain that they brought in more English speaking communicators because the devs wanna translate my suggestions. This then allows the Russian devs to gain a better understanding of what ideas I'm bringing across. The pros won't be listed, you will see the pros in press releases when they explain the mechanic/s and how it benefits you and how, if used incorrectly, can backfire on you.
  7. Taxes on gear?

    No I'm not gonna sit here and list all the benefits. It's patronising. Just I've you wouldn't waste time sitting there listing all the benefits to having cheese with your pasta as opposed to no cheese. If you can't see the benefits, just take my word for it. Just as I would take your word that pasta is better with cheese. What im gonna do is save the quote "cheap nickel and dime ideas like this; with no practical application, does nothing." and repost it, with your name in block capitals, when the devs announce a feature similar to my suggestions in the near future.
  8. Whoever just teamed up with me on Customs..

    That player you killed was probably nicer. Maybe it was your colleague who showed aggression first.
  9. Now we're talking. This is what a real suggestion looks like. Hes a little bit cocky by saying his ideas are great but at least his are not like some of the dreadful suggestions I've read in this sub forum so far.
  10. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    As it turned out, it was a very popular idea. When the devs gave disconnected mega streamers, many of whom had no idea what the game was about, the opportunity to showcase EFT on Twitch and YouTube, there was a huge demand for zombies. Devs saw that demand and began having a rethink. I also predicted that many would get bored and move on. Now look at these forums compared to a year ago. You gotta take me very seriously.
  11. Media/Streams Sub Forum

    So you're the ideas guy? Was expecting a lot more than this. I was told your ideas are good.
  12. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    This is probably the worst idea I've ever come across in this sub-forum. This is probably the only idea ever that provides a solution to a problem that didn't exist in the first place If you want to split the player base in half, don't do it through providing an option on what time they want to play. Split the player base in half by selling map DLCs. Thats a better idea than this absolute steaming pile of cats urine.
  13. Personal black market "Browser base"

    Devs have just got back to me and it's looking promising! They feel that my idea is very smart and are enthusiastic to work with me in making it a success. Expect to see this in development soon
  14. Personal black market "Browser base"

    Nice little business idea. Doesn't have to be just EFT, can be a host of other games with an online market as well. Cheers, gonna take this idea and run with it. You get zero share.
  15. Escape from... [Next Title]

    Game has taken too long and most who have waited for full beta release have forgotten about this one. Need to start thinking about closing this forum to help cut costs.