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    Anti-cheat update

    Honestly I never paid attention too much to cheating. I was mainly playing simulations online and it seems those are relatively cheater free. I am only playing FPS causally so I never expect myself to shine a lot in this game but its still fun. I allways blamed myself for bad gaming in Tarkov. I thought I might have been too loud, didn't watch this window or that door. But I just stumbled over a video on youtube of some guy playing tarkov while cheating. Astonishing to see that he had radar, aimbot, could see the gear of every player and the inventory of every lootbox and every player on the mapmarked with a box and the skeleton-frame of other players. Please get this game free of cheaters. I would love to play this without worrying if I just got killed by a good or lucky player or by someone who isn't mature enough to loose an online-game.
  2. Oelmann

    Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    I would like to see rarer weapons and items be only availlable in the raid and not at the traders. I would like to see an increase in the "exchange" prices instead "money-prices" would enhance the black market feel. And randomizing the loot places Wouldnt hurt either.