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  1. Skill details

    hell Yah!!!!!
  2. Alpha participants clan for NA

    Hey Gus here, I live in southern Illinois, looking forward to EFT. Will be streaming open beta and looking forward to meeting you all in game! ARNG, Corrections Officer, Gamer, Fat. Kappa

    ok thanks guys

    ok well thanks guys. just wondered, if a developer had directly stated that but now I see the NDA. hmm Will Beta be allowed or no?

    If we are allowed access to the alpha, will we be allowed to stream it on twitch? sorry I haven't seen this anywhere. U.S. Player, Streamer, Excited escaper, GusMerks
  6. Official answer about the stream

  7. Official answer about the stream

    Agreed, I stream on twitch as well. These are across the board the best general settings. This being said, I don't know your internal game server issues. At least that's what I assume they were. It's hard streaming a finished game, much harder for a unfinished one. Keep up the work y'all we (the fans) are excited to see your efforts pan out.
  8. Stream footage for those who missed

    Hell ya
  9. EFT players worldwide

  10. EFT players worldwide

    Added myself Gusmerks. Southern IL boy that streams! Let's go fam.
  11. EFT players worldwide

    Right, only with permission. I'd only do that with Battlestate's permission. Though I highly doubt that I could get it due to my "Small" Channel Status. lol but theres always hope right.
  12. EFT players worldwide

    Im from the U.S., I plan on streaming this game a ton. I love the concept and its what I have been looking for for a while! I cant wait. Looking forward to meeting you all in Game. GusMerks