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  1. New players

    Character name Narcoleptic Description Will this really affect gameplay? His past I'm not much for backstory How did he get to Tarkov? But I do enjoy playing RPG's Predilections Please don't make me Friends write up a whole thing Wounds, and battles I just want to play Aspirations Please guys The greatest achievement that character did Let me in. Strength 25 Endurance 30 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  2. New players

    Character name Narcoleptic Description Boring His past Nope How did he get to Tarkov? Flapping his arms Predilections Drinking and smoking Friends Loner Wounds, and battles Fresh as a daisy Aspirations Live The greatest achievement that character did Learned how to fly by flapping his arms Strength 30 Endurance 25 Accuracy 25 Fighter
  3. Salewa problems.

    There are two medical bags on scav island on shoreline inside a crate in the shed next to the house as well, I've often found salewas in there.
  4. Yes, you can. I've done it a few times. Unless it broke recently, but I don't think so.
  5. Straight Up & In Circles

    Sorry mate, I can't help you with that one other than to say unplug literally everything except for your mouse and KB and see if that helps. If it does, add peripherals back until it starts happening again. If you are using a USB hub, or the front panel connections, try plugging the KB and Mouse directly into the rear ports. Have you put in an actual support ticket for this?
  6. Scavs and body armour

    Bullets can pass through walls, trees, crates, doors and more. Unless it's a full on jersey barrier or concrete bollard or something, I'm not surprised you're taking damage.
  7. Straight Up & In Circles

    FYI, Alt+F4 is a windows hotkey command to close the window that has focus (the one you're currently using)
  8. Scavs and body armour

    I think you're most likely misinterpreting what is happening. A scav fires a shotgun at you, but your fort armour blocks damage to your arms\torso, and your helmet protects your head, so only your legs are taking damage. It's not aiming for your legs, you are just protected everywhere else due to your fort. Not sure about the "waist high concrete" thing though.
  9. Why won't these stack?

    Finished a raid and came back to stash and it worked... weird.
  10. Why won't these stack?

    Are they not exactly the same?
  11. Giving away 2x 7day trail keys.

    Created a new account just to post for a freebie?
  12. No Sound damage/shots bug

    This only seems to happen to me when I'm fully loaded up... Found myself an AS VAL in the gas station crate, along with 12k roubles and a lion in the safe.. Heading towards tunnel extract, check the roadblock.. no scavs around. Check the road, still no scavs. Check the hill\field behind the bunker.. nothing. start creeping towards the extract on the hill side of the bunker, super quiet, walking real slow, listening like crazy.. still no scavs. Suddenly my screen shakes and blood appears. Another shake half a second behind that, and I'm down. No sound. Death by scav... And I was having such a good run. Even killed a 3-man squad solo at the old bunker extract. Balls. Oh well. hopefully insurance will find my OP-SKS. I'm gonna miss that little popgun.
  13. Items case in Solo Night Factory Loot ;)

    Killed one on Customs earlier today on a pistol run right next to one with a scav BP. Unfortunately as I was looting, another PMC came through the checkpoint. Grabbed it and ran, but he still got me.
  14. Why is woods map so hard??

    Oh, FYI, I'm not getting killed by scavs. PMC's just dome me all the time.
  15. Why is woods map so hard??

    I JUST WANT PRAPOR TO LIKE ME! Seriously though, I've gone 5 raids now dying without killing anything. I'm lucky if I even get to shoot back. How does everyone always see me first? I seriously don't understand what's going on. 14 scav kills on any other map would be cake, but for whatever reason, I'm so bloody bad at woods. Anyone got some tips for me?