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  1. lwr456

    Tactical gameplay

    just play who how you want....you can run and gun or play slow both play styles have pros and cons just play what fits best for you, i run and gun to catch people off guard it dont work all the time but still its how i like to play.
  2. lwr456

    RIP 8gb users

    im on 8. i play factory on max settings at 70-80 fps thats with i5 7500 and 1060 on customs it drops to 40-50 but it feels like im on 30 or less i dont play shoreline at all not a big fan of this map so idn but also in woods i get 60 so i just depends on the rest of your system.
  3. lwr456

    Hatchlings converted ?

    i just play hatchling till i get around 1mil then i buy gear and pvp till ive got nothing and start again, but because of work and stuff i havent played much so ive done a few hatching runs here and there and ive saved up 3mil so when i get time i can waste it all
  4. lwr456

    Factory exits are stupid

    just dont go for the open one? if everyone is going to extract there what do you expect?
  5. lwr456

    CTRL + L Click into containers

  6. lwr456

    Dogtags! Too easy money!

    because then servers would have to match you via your gear it would be too much to work out. i do agree its easy with dog tags but at the same time you can farm green boxes and make the same kinda money so with or without dog tags you can make money easy and people like it well most do...
  7. lwr456

    New Scav System?

    i just saw on another post someone talking about levelling up your scav to spawn with better gear? i would like to work together and expand on this maybe we can update/change the scav system. i think the idea of levelling up your scav would be nice i think we should keep the 25 min cool down on it, this means you play smarter. but the idea of ranking up your scav would be nice and if every rank increases the chance you have of spawning with fort or a full auto gun maybe this would make players start using scav? i do understand it can be abused as players could just run to extract and bank some free forts but i still think with the right balance it could be a good change. any ideas?
  8. lwr456

    Loadout macro request

    that would be nice...i dont think they would do it but i think it would be nice.
  9. lwr456

    Getting shot after taking cover

    yea the desync should be tightened up soon fingers crossed, but we are beta testers so they will keep improving and testing whilst we play so there will be annoying times as well as the good times in the game.
  10. lwr456

    Connection LOST

    not gonna be mean im just saying, yes it does suck losing gear it pisses me off too...but you can get a million rubble's kinda easy might take an hour or so but its possible, you can run factory with cheap gear and get kills and gear and just sell it i normally get 50-100k a run...so just keep your chin up bro.
  11. lwr456

    Dog Tags ruined Friendlys

    shoot everyone there are no friends only clans are groups just look in the clan section there are loads of people in the same place as you bro, join one you will have an easier time, i was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago
  12. lwr456

    DogTags sell prices are a bit much

    it should increase every 10 levels, i think that level 1-10 tags are 1-2k then 11-20 3k maybe? then so on, so. the current system every level increase the price of the tag, if the system is tweaked so that its a set limit for a certain amount of levels it may balance its self out in the long run? maybe? its just a thought.
  13. lwr456

    New Interchange Screenshots

    im hoping we can get our hands on this new map soonish i dont wanna wait 9 months for a new map
  14. lwr456

    Looking for a clan

    i have played the game since September. im 20 years old i live the uk and my time zone is GMT, i work all week so i try and get on as much as i can normally 5 hours a day if i can, im looking for a clan to role with pm if you own a clan or are aprt of a clan currently looking for new members. quick info im level 23 before wipe 36/37 I have some good gear and alot of money i have a good understanding of loot and maps and im good a pvp i play alot of other fps games. pm if you want/need more info.
  15. lwr456

    Having a hard time finding extraction points

    https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15B0UDdvBr7RdOgVph9s9mTHAwdqlaeSflOCJ_uSDJn0/preview?slide=id.g236136bc9a_1081_14 this is doc that shows you all the maps. i cant remember what streamer i got this from so i will add credit if someone knows.