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    lone wolf

    Personally I don't really like playing alone. This game has more cooperation-perspective, therefore playing with one teammate or more is much more fun, better aware of your surroundings by 360-degrees security, etc. Though there are ups and downs in both lone-wolf and cooperation but it's depending no how you play the game.
  2. RaNgeR024

    Spawn killing? Really?

    This actually happened to me today. Me and another friend played on Customs, during the loading my internet crashed. After a minute or so, I reconnected and as soon as I spawned someone killed me. Now, I know that technically I was already in-game, but still there has to be a way to solve the problem regarding mid-map loading crash. But still, I also suffered from a time or two of spawn killing. In all cases I had full gear and it was frustrating as hell.
  3. RaNgeR024

    Matching times issue again?

    For the past three hours I tried playing today but no deal due to the annoying matching times, and it's happening in all maps. Anyone else?
  4. RaNgeR024

    question about rig

    All of the tactical rigs are more or less modeled to resemble the real life tactical rigs, so realistically you would carry the same amount of ammunition/gear the same rigs can carry, meaning for example: 4 rifle mags and 2 pistol mags. Of course this is not entirely accurate for more modular vests, which you can customize your personal needs for combat, like the new rig the developers are creating. Of course, for some raids it's cheaper to use the scav vest. But, if you want to raid for a longer period of time to loot as much as you can, so in advance you setup yourself to be better equipped, from head to toe. This also depends on the amount of stash you have/don't mind to lose. Some players would protect their stash like gold, while others won't mind to lose a fully customized assault rifle which they probably spent a lot on it, as well as other combat gears and items.
  5. RaNgeR024

    Slow Walk Problem

    I wasn't actually aware that you can control the speed with the mouse wheel... in the settings I can't even find anything relate to that.
  6. RaNgeR024

    Slow Walk Problem

    Hi. There's an issue regarding the slow walk, which if you keep the caps lock on for a long time, then when you disable it to walk faster again, it gets stuck on slow walk. Anyone else noticed?
  7. RaNgeR024

    Spawn System

    Most of the raids I (try) to conduct, I end up getting killed at the very first minute of them, mostly by players who also spawn next to me or happened to reach next to me as soon as I spawn. Because of this, while playing alone I only take a pistol or just a knife which is frustrating. Now, either this is part of the "hardcore" part of the game which I would understand, but is it really supposed to be like this?
  8. RaNgeR024

    Upgrade stash

    Hi. Refer to this topic I opened today: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/49504-pre-order-edition-upgrade-question/
  9. RaNgeR024

    Pre-Order Edition Upgrade Question

    Got it, thanks to both of you.
  10. Hello everyone, I have question about EFT's edition upgrade: I own the Standard Edition of EFT. now that there's the 25% I'm considering upgrading to the Edge of Darkness edition. But, what will become of my current stash? Will it affect my stash and wipe it, including the Pre-Order owners gift? Or the new stash will normally be added? It's really important. Thanks.