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  1. Map Busters!

    Nice work @Kwahamot and @Frantic. Looking at that after you pointed it out I can see what your saying.
  2. Rigged Cases

    Would be cool to be able to do that but I think people would abuse it.
  3. Teabagging

    If you try to teabag someone you'll most likely just end up dying because of it. Then you'll be mad because you lost all your stuff. Your choice though.
  4. Release Alpha?

    @ODD to that I say Call of Duty does a more relaxed gameplay that you can play and get on and off at any time without any issues and not have to put a lot of time in to playing to get good gear or build your person. I agree I guess that COD will always appeal to a bigger audience compared to EFT but I think EFT will have a solid player base that will keep us player to continue putting our time into it. I think this game will bring in a lot of people who love guns, hardcore, realism in games. It doesn't need the masses to make this a great game it needs the audience they are striving for and I'm gonna be here to support this game.
  5. Skill details

    Thank you for showing us this. Loved reading about it and seeing those screen shots!!!! The hype!
  6. Release Alpha?

    @Europoor We are allowed to criticize people. I'm forming my opinion that he is trolling based off of many of his comments. I think @ODD isn't a bad person or anything. I talked to him and he's actually cool. Only thing he is doing wrong is messing with everyone and it's getting out of hand in a lot of the threads he post in. Get over it Euro I'll criticize if I feel it's true and everyone else with an opinion will as well. Edit: Sorry I said get over it.
  7. Release Alpha?

    What? Seriously? my bad didn't mean to hurt your feelings by saying ODD is trolling.
  8. Release Alpha?

    You don't know if COD would be better then EFT so of course your just trolling.
  9. HUD

    lol I remembered seeing one in real life like that and thought that would be the easiest way. The characters in game also has a watch, it'll be cool to find out what they do.
  10. HUD

    it could be on the watch on your character instead.
  11. Having 2 main weapons or not?

    I don't find it racist but others could. This thread isn't about what is racist and what isn't. You should drop it @ODD
  12. Having 2 main weapons or not?

    Lol guys come on. If it was of a white person and he said that no one would say anything about that being racist. I've seen it so many times on the internet it's annoying. I hate to bring it on these forums and make a huge debate over it though. We should drop this argument because no one will win.
  13. Release Alpha?

    I have play about 4 COD games and hated them. I only enjoyed messing around in Black Ops 2 zombie mode with a friend. I will never bother with that game even if I want casual play.
  14. USEC vs BEAR - Your pick and why?

    USEC my clan is going with that one!! N.O.R.D
  15. Please don't "dumb down" the game for USA players

    Reading your post, you can leave. They will release game when it's ready.