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    New in Tarkov? Must See Resources + A Small Noob Guide

    That is most certainly even more hardcore way to play! Respect.
  2. GuerrillaOPS

    New in Tarkov? Must See Resources + A Small Noob Guide

    The reason I said "most" is that I just remember discovering some page once or twice missing some information that really should have been there, like not a new a mod which had missing compatibility information and something missing about one trader etc. Only couple mishaps like that ever. Otherwise I find the Wiki exceptionally accurate overall and feel I can trust what I read. Plus again with the update speed - You guys rock! Thanks for letting us know how to contact you guys in case we spot something. I'll be sure to do so in the future if I find something - Glad to have the info how to do it without registering there etc. Keep up the great work guys!
  3. Greetings all, I have noticed that lately there have been tons of new players around. So instead of giving these links to each individually I thought to create a post summing them all. If you are a veteran of Tarkov and you have lured a friend of yours into the suck... This is also for you to link for them so you'll save your time. Tarkov Wiki: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Escape_from_Tarkov_Wiki One of the most important resources for every EFT player / Updated pretty quickly after each patch, most information correct - Easiest way to plan which trader to focus leveling next, by seeing their inventory on all levels - The complete lists of quests and instructions how to complete them for each trader - Best maps collected for each raid in the game, perfect for teaching yourself offline or online as reference - Hunt down which mod parts fit to what weapons etc. - Search for any item in the game and see if they are needed in a quest or how many you need to trade them to something else. - Information on each skill in the game and how they level - Also latest detailed patchnotes get updated there quite fast as well - etc. If you want to see the barter items all listed on a single page instead of wiki them individually, head here: http://tarkov.sheiddy.com/ Latest developer posts on one single feed: EFT has two official Twitter accounts, this forum and Reddit where you can find the latest posts from devs. You can find those easily. It is a lot to follow, but there is a way thought to get only developer posts on all of those in a single place: https://developertracker.com/escape-from-tarkov/ Cheers to that someone who created the tracker! Talking Tarkov Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEHI3OE15PJ3pFWm1a9JsKw/videos Content creator / Streamer Klean hosts this great podcasts with Nikita (Head of BSG) with couple other content creators guests. Get the latest information from upcoming patches and a general idea how the game is going to be developed into the future. Great information overall - Get a bit into Nikita's head to understand what his vision is for Tarkov Apart from the podcast Klean can be found streaming on Twitch almost daily Worth mentioning content creators/streamers for tactical/loot/weapon guides and to relax while watching them play: DeadlySlob / Survival FPS Streamer/YT content creator veteran https://www.youtube.com/user/DeadlySlob You can find guides for beginner/intermediate players on his YT and watch him stream on Twitch ______________________________________________________________________ Kotton / Mostly same as above, except for guides. More about fun, joking around & crazy PVP https://www.youtube.com/user/KottonGamer ______________________________________________________________________ FairTX / Superb solo plays, highly entertaining videos, cool in-depth weapons specials, does not stream https://www.youtube.com/user/meeah09 ______________________________________________________________________ Pestily / Holds the record of longest session of playing Tarkov and fastest leveling up, good guides, play videos, streams https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC142-qvFgwSS6UIU-fFCd6w ______________________________________________________________________ Anton / Anton has made a bunch of experimental science on how certain weapons and cartridges penetrate armor and other tests https://www.youtube.com/user/DynamiteSTEEZE If you find yourself reeing how you hit somebody 20 times and they did not die he might have the answers. Also streams. Obviously there are other quality streamers like SheriffEli, MarkstromTV etc. I could mention and the list would go on, but I have chosen these ones for not just being most popular, but also for their own unique extra efforts (their own special content) they provide which you can directly benefit from in order to be a well versed and knowledgeable Tarkov player. My personal suggestion for noobs when it comes to starting out in the chaos of Tarkov: (Note that there indeed are other ways to do this and this is just my personal opinion.) - Play offline a lot at first, enable PVE mode, kill all the scavs on the map while exploring, checking out the loot spots and different exits If you can't handle AI on raids, you most certainly won't handle experienced players. Sufficient map knowledge is key to survive. - Play scav every time your pesky scav becomes available to play Learn to kill with most basic weapons, learn to be stealthy, learn be patient, learn how to hide, how to evade, how to flee from big boy fights you have no business staying in. - Start your PMC life by mostly by doing quests (you can use scav for junk collection quests!), avoid combat unless you have clear situational advantage Quests are the fastest way to earn trader reputation, get level ups and get those higher trader levels open and thus get access to better mods, containers etc. Eventually you'll learn how to shoot, you gain confidence, start ambushing successfully, learn the flow of the map etc. Only THEN in my opinion it makes sense to even begin applying your "COD skills" against those who are geared up and teamed up. Also by then you have also gathered decent loot to start out better. I see a lot of new players whining on the forums how their inventory is empty not paying their dues doing any version of the above. It's a bit stupid to see a naked noob dead with his expensive, yet unmodded M4. I mean, sorry kiddo, but thanks I guess... I sell that thing and get tons of better value for the money (until I can get access to best mod parts *if* I even want to play with M4's) like he should have done. Personally I do the opposite each fresh wipe. I loot like a mofo and use my shittiest weapons until my inventory is full, I need to purge (sell) the worst ones and am forced to play with better and better weapons progressively.. So pimp up the best ones and practice with them offline. Then when it is time to move to the big boy guns, you are already proficient with them, have your favorite mods figured out so you can kick some ass and not even lose them (so much) - And thus end up always having hefty reserves of them so you'll have even less gear fear. Be a Scrooge! With this method you barely ever need to buy weapons from traders and you save tons of money to buy containers, the best recoil reducing mods and get those trader levels unlocked which are only stuck on the amount of trade you haven't done with them by simply buying and selling back and forth (or exchange into Dollars in the case of Peacekeeper). Obviously this is just one way of playing, but I have never been broke in the game, my main problem being where to stash all the stacks of Roubles. You need to loot, loot, loot and grind. Rather back out of a sketchy fight and survive than die and lose all your loot. You also gain more EXP by surviving instead of trying your luck most of the time. Try different things if something gets you killed over and over again. Real world military thinking works in this game pretty well btw. And likely increasingly so. I hope this helps some of you freshlings out there Guerrilla out
  4. GuerrillaOPS

    Will there be another wipe in 0.11 patch?

  5. GuerrillaOPS

    [GANG] SCAV GANG 18+

    See Mosin? - Gang up on that Mosin. Take Mosin. It fits your dirty hands better. See Shiny Knight PMC with his face shield all glowing? - Kill by a sneaky dirty bastard head shot Have your buddies loot while you cover... You end up with a team of couple tank scavs plus sniper covering them Loot everything. Split the booty, there should be more than you can carry anyway, as you well know. Yeah boy! Rich bastard loot, Zero risk - Lots of fun.
  6. GuerrillaOPS

    [GANG] SCAV GANG 18+

    Alternative plays. That is the idea and fun of Scavs, Lets utilize what the devs gave us!
  7. GuerrillaOPS

    [GANG] SCAV GANG 18+

    Come join, need 5-10 new members to start having active scav gangs become a Force to be reckoned with! There are surprisingly interesting scenarios you can get in with a team of scav that deepen the gameplay. Last night we had a cool hostage situation with two of us Scavs looting Kiba while facing two USECs like a SWAT team... It was exactly like we were opportunistic robbers and they were the local police unit. Few minutes of fight like in the movies. Eventually USECs won, duh, but I was surprised for our resilience. There was a big chance of us winning but poor luck with headshots this time. Had there been a smart 3rd guy sneaking outside, we would have had it more than 50-50 for sure, even they had all the armor and weaponry
  8. GuerrillaOPS

    Shpagin Submachine Gun - Work In progress

    What about straight up MG42 lmao There are modern versions of them...With even more INSANE rate of fire
  9. GuerrillaOPS

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Just you wait until PK(M)'s are in the game. They shoot 7.62x54R and are pretty damn accurate too with rather modest recoil for a LMG The amount of grief
  10. GuerrillaOPS

    Shpagin Submachine Gun - Work In progress

    The only thing I was thinking, apart from at least we get somewhere close ish... Until I saw the BEAR bling - What is that thing? And please BSG... Where are our IRL baseball caps for USEC and BEAR? Also velcro or sewable tags for our favourite teams to add to our jackets and backpacks? I would insta-buy and pretty sure many others would too We need our merch you know Can't wait to talk about directions in degrees
  11. GuerrillaOPS

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    TLDR; Some people just want to transform into attack helicopters by simply wearing a propeller hat
  12. GuerrillaOPS

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    If you can call someone who's nearing their mid thirties lad or you are just from the UK I can almost fully agree with you with the exception of thinking that to a person like me "git gud" can actually be used in a helpful way and even an encouragement where accepting the grind is just best advice how to beat the system / situation next time. Could be said to a team member after a loss in a constructive manner to it's opposite outcome of GG (good game), whereas this other GG can be a bit more broad a taunt, encouragement, discouragement etc. Ofc you could use Good Game sarcastically it is rarely if ever done. I think your general hunch for Git Gud is that it is teenagers who only use it and hence the deflation of virtuous use cases by default and maybe more often it is a humorous condescending in action from players who are experienced towards those who have not paid their dues yet. Games, esp. Overall I think it always to bring a bigger picture on the table: I have come believe that ultimately, judging Nikita's actual words (not streamers etc.) I think that the game will ultimately have, maybe in a year or two, a clear direction or perhaps current situation where all weapons systems will be "simmed out" as much as possible close to their real life performance on the hands of a realistic operator. This along with likely the same with armor, rigs, helmets etc. This will be conjunct with dynamic free market system very similar to Eve Online so that *actual* OP material (think grenade launchers, end game weapons tech etc.) will be expensive based on supply and demand - There is always an anti-weapon to each and every weapons system or battle style configuration. To the local level debate and to the topic of this thread let me be ultra simple: Are you wiling to take a shot from a bolt action 7.62x54 mm into the best helmet currently in the world that is "protecting" your noggin? I would take an early 1800's musket maybe, but otherwise as you obviously agree that if the answer is no, then why should the answer be yes in a game that aims to be a simulator? There is still point to be geared and I would still wear a helmet every damn time unless I want to play less detectable, less face to face aggressive, more mobile etc. which I personally often do. Face shields are good for what they should be good for - Taking some pellets flying towards your face, pistol rounds possibly, fragments from nades etc. It is a life saver in those situations, but anyone who have personally witnessed how powerful rifles are in real life has respect for them. I am in the camp where I think armor should save you maybe a shot or two after which you are internally bleeding, shell shocked, unconscious, really motivated to extract and evac. That is modern combat which I hope Nikita wants eventually to take this game. In reality if you want fully absorbing helmet with no issues to get head shot by 7.62 mm, your neck is going to cave from the weight of that thing or the other solution other than weight would be that your giant dome will be now seen from 3x longer distance mooning from the bushes - There isn't much choice with bullets and weapons that of rifle calibers since WWI. Armor might save your dear life, but it does not make you Quake / Doom guy. In most games it does, but in my opinion this is the whole promise of Tarkov eventually. You have to consider that currently we are being pitted against each other to have as many pvp encounters as possible. Nikita has also stated that right now even starter level PMC's operate things like recoil control like they eventually will when they are max leveled out, so we have actually played easy mode in the PVE sense, other than of course those geared guys are able to dominate a bit too much relatively speaking - Nikita promised that the game will become harder. This is where I say you better git gud and do it now, but make sure you can adapt your play style as the game will be more and more dynamic. Again, real world unconventional tactics and adaptive attitude works the best in the long run. And hopefully more so by increasing realism. People who complain usually fail to adopt the new meta. This is also true to bugs, but I hope realism will cure it. Do not even think the game is anywhere simulation wise where it will be. There will be plenty of annoying metas for many many cycles and again - Git Gud with it It's a different risk to reward set for everyone and many pissed off people are actually pissed off with the game teaching them some economics the hard way, whether or not this is intentional design or bugs, it does not matter... Eventually the free market system will eventually fix the cost issues much more quickly than devs can issue balancing patches, which is where the devs *will* take it to automatized these sorts of balance issues - Let the players do it themselves. Once we have dynamic raids in an open world with its most annoying bugs ironed out this game is going to be huge. I'm thinking 1-2 years until we have that on mature level. They've been quick since 0.11 stack of issues got, well, mostly dealt with. Anyone who understands general development for such complex and somewhat dynamic system of interlocking sub systems as a game like Tarkov, any kind of massive upgrade will result in a nasty set of unintended results of past un-thought coding "mistakes", which did not even appear themselves as such until some later version calls their freshly game breaking logic. This is normal, it is just that people are not normally exposed to these stages of the process and want the complete game yesterday or better yet, a year ago. Again: Patience, patience, patience and trust Nikita We'll get there.
  13. GuerrillaOPS

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Without taking sides and as someone who has said git gud at times, there is no homogenous person who says git gud. As you said being curious how those who say it think, well, there is no one way to think to answer your question. I sometimes use it as a playful encouragement to those who seem to be coming from the realm of FPS and games in general that tend to serve the player with a constant dose of gratification in neat, almost predictable, but little lingering packages... Kinda like Facebook works. Most games and social media platforms use a quite predictable pattern (but unpredictable enough) to create the biggest loads of dopamine for highest addiction hooking. Tarkov is structurally different from this because I believe it does not create Hollywood style easy winning feelings. The pattern is inconsistent, it is rough, it is penalizing the player. There are different polar fringes to the community, as in any complex set of humans getting together to game a set system (which in case of Tarkov isn't all that set, but dynamically on the move, that pisses off one extreme order loving end of the crowd in itself)... The game gathers an unusually wide levels of age, maturity levels, life experience and thirst for competition. There are tons of variables from these elements. I'd say most people do not even have information put together to properly understand BSG's vision either. For if they did, they would understand how miniscule meaning there is if Mosin is OP now or whatever as EVERYTHING will still be mulled over a few times until the game is where it is going to be (where the developers call it complete). It is easy to mistake these patch by patch in any sense of finality and thus to react. And just for the record, I do not partake into judging whoever said what in this thread itself other than to just trying to illustrate that certain kinds of linguistics are not a very reliable marker of being able to judge general behavior and to make up groups like "People who use this piece of lingo are like X and those who say something different is Y" It is also very easy to misread one another so poo throw competitions can easily happen. It's always helpful to try to include why you see something in a certain light and why you see/think/feel that way if there are any issue in the coms. We are still the same community and in the end of the day it is all about what value you can offer to others which determines the quality of the community summa summarum. Cheers all! Be patient. Guerrilla out
  14. GuerrillaOPS


    The promo pack linked to the Twitters cannot be downloaded https://twitter.com/BetaEFT/status/1048533946286399489 I am curious. What is in it?
  15. GuerrillaOPS

    I quit this game

    IKR Even a bag of croutons tougher than these potato's!