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  1. GuerrillaOPS

    Tarkov Mobile Trading/Inventory App

    Oh yeah, now I remember something now that you reminded me of insurance with an app. I think it was very briefly touched on the latest ep. too maybe. Cheers!
  2. GuerrillaOPS

    Tarkov Mobile Trading/Inventory App

    My friend who does not have that many hours to sit in front of a desktop computer had this idea... Could there be, LaterTM, a Tarkov stash / market app where you could manage your trade offers with your mobile phone? The ranking system is already importing large database data via an API right? Wouldn't be a big stretch create an application to do basic trading / even inventory management on a mobile? And HEY - I said LaterTM. I do not imply to interrupt the current roadmap in any way. I am just curious if people find this interesting and if some plans similar to this already exist. Cheers!
  3. GuerrillaOPS

    Small trading Idea: Have sold item name appear in the message

    Exactly... Also in the future there could be a sort of previously sold items sheet that could do the sum up even more elegantly... Something similar to a trader account book IRL
  4. Hi, I think it would be nice to have the name of the sold item and price appear in the message we get along with the GET button. That way we could each look back to our messages to see what price we sold what item... ... And sometimes when you sell something you are not sure where the money was from esp. if you have similarly priced items. Cheers!
  5. GuerrillaOPS

    I am sick of this

    PS. I would not run helmet for every run even if I had infinite money in the game... There is just something to have a shemag or other face cover and intentionally going a bit more stealth strike happy. I personally don't even like using a Mosin and pity those who need to do so... You potato that one opportunity and RIP.
  6. GuerrillaOPS

    I am sick of this

    I apologize for misreading you and I admit that I got triggered when I read Fort + Fast MT... Especially because I think Fast MT is overpriced poo and with so many people just crying about it. The point of a helmet (except Altyn) is very minor damage protection. If you cannot justify it in the game, leave it to the merchants! I run a helmet depending entirely on the OP I am planning to go for. If I expect to kill a lot of scavs, scav players and other low tier opponents face to face, hell yeah, I might even rock a face shield. If I want to go very heavy PVP head on Fort + Altyn makes sense... Or just the opposite being quick and mobile. If I go Woods etc. yes indeed... Why the hell bother, esp. when not having a helmet makes you less visible in some bushes etc. So just as in real life, no proper scout ever uses a helmet or even a rig. And no-one pushes inside in urban settings without preferably as much shielding as possible, esp. against low caliber. If heavy caliber is expected - No one should go face to face at all expect those who are commanded to do so or like to gamble with their lives. I do not know and don't bother to find out, but I would imagine that 7.62x54R should be cheaper than an AP round? The round Mosin uses has been around a long ass time and is pretty damn simple. It's more about the amount of gunpowder that long cartridge can take and the barrel length of the weapon... Yes, BS rounds are expensive AF. But again, when they are unlocked in the game I have never been that poor to really give a damn either. Anyways... Your main issue though, to which I do sympathize somewhat is that the Moslings can just farm geared players because there is not much cost in dying and losing a lot of Mosins if having that 1 out of 10 headshot with a successful extract paying 20 Mosins more for them. There should be "something" to make death more salty so that type of Farmville opportunist play styles wouldn't work so well. And those mechanics are planned, i.e. having to heal from your raid if you died and get yourself back into combat effectiveness. I am with everything that would make the game more and more like a simulator, but again, there will always be some economic way to "hack" the game in a way in order to just farm it and create ugly unrealistic poo in the eyes of those who would like to play it as intended. Actually I think most online games develop multiplayer meta that almost everyone plays that was not intended by the developers. People are pretty cancer when it comes to exploiting systems to their advantage when it is about competition. However, I still do not see why Moslings are that much of an issue. My usual contact with a Mosling at least is such is that I see them first, next is that I get my arm hit or they miss. In each of those cases I have plenty of time to take appropriate cover (as I was near cover to begin with unless I was an idiot) And usually if I am geared AND I am with proper effective range with my weapon as I should in that situation... ... I have no problems lighting them up and killing them. And in the event of getting sniped while fighting someone else... ... Well, that is exactly the best time for a sniper to start shooting. When the opponents are busy fighting something else. If you know that can happen, then your issue might be too much tunnel vision during combat. I think successful combat involves multiple contacts with the same enemy until you can finally kill them. Between each exchange of fire where you need to focus in a tunnel like manner, one should always take care of the golden rule. That rule being "securing your own operations", which is the mantra of every soldier in demand of longevity. Quite frankly my game still works perfectly fine for my movement and tactics without Mosin being a game breaker at all. It really depends on the map too imo. In a real situation, in woods with lots of open areas and some soft cover, I would most definitely go for either a longer range oriented automatic rifle or a scoped bolt action - Shoot once, relocate, shoot again, relocate... Be the most annoying bastard possible in order to break morale of my enemy and cause carefully chosen damage to where it hurts most eliminating the possibility of retaliation as much as possible. Having them fighting someone or completely oblivious, focused somewhere else would be ideal to initiate fire. For mobility's sake I would not wear helmet, armor or rig. Absolute minimum. i.e. Mosling style pretty much for a scenario like woods would be optimal if you were alone / small force against big and heavy. For me the main threat has easily still remained to be well operating squads with correct use of their weaponry. And I am actually happy that instead of Hatchlings there are Moslings. I think Mosin is still a much better move towards realism than someone running in the field with just a stupid melee weapon without a care for his life. At least you'll have a gun fight / It is low reward for loot, but in reality in the same situation you would have something VERY similar happening too... ... Expect for your main gripe of people being overly confident with their nothing to lose mentality. But once again, that leads to very easy pickings with all the recklessness involved. Of course the farming mentality sucks and I cannot wait till death is more penalizing, but until then... I'd say just adapt for having someone break out your 10 minute awesome firefights
  7. GuerrillaOPS

    I am sick of this

    Yes to this. Military helmets are mostly for stones and other debris landing on your head from explosions. That's about it
  8. GuerrillaOPS

    I am sick of this

    "I run a Fort and Fast MT, I should win, boo hoo" I am sure you do know that the cost of your gear does not save you for the lack of using appropriate military tactics of which even the most basic ones would put you out of harms way against Mosins, especially provided if they are indeed one of the biggest threats for you. I do not understand really why this has to be cried over a million times. There is nothing special about Mosins that should particularly wreck your game compared to other weaponry. And to each strategy (like running with most expensive gear thinking it's the best bet) there is an anti-strategy. That just a basic rule of war. If you are a tank, you better be afraid of anti-tank. Anti-tank weapons cost a tiny fraction of a tank. Exactly the same in the case of Mosin vs. rich boy Should you win by default if you rock expensive gear? Running a FastMT for any other reason than if you happen to like the look does not make much sense anyway. Especially if you think it is going to help in your situation. Fort also makes you slow. This game does not need to be balanced like the others. Mosins will reap havok for bad use of cover, hanging out in the open etc. activity that fails to acknowledge the threat model they propose. Is it bad that low level players get their hands on a slow to reload bolt action? Should there be "fairness" in the game when it comes to level or investment? No. No such thing in real life. Dirtiest tactics often work best. It should not be clean, balanced and fair. Those who adapt will win. I've ran, among with other players I know, lately without a helmet a lot because it protects, as IRL, only very low tier stuff like few pellets, some shot from a distance pistol round etc. Only Altyn is designed to stop bullets - The rest are there for explosives etc. So if you are confident that you can kill AI and low tier players with ease, there isn't much point at all bothering with a helmet in the first place, which only works to make you look more geared (people over estimating you and thus firing more rounds) and stick your head our more visible (soft cover does not work as well) - Unless you go actually heavy with an Altyn, when it actually makes sense to expect some protection. If you run in Tarkov like in a typical competitive FPS, expecting it to work in the same way, then you die by Mosin and cry. If you run in Tarkov using real world military common sense, Moslings are a rare problem and a very small relative threat. PS. Stop using the stupid Fast MT expecting it will help you against 7.62mm or any other strong rifle caliber Ultimately I hope the game will reach a level where if you ask a question "would I be OK to be hit by this and this wearing this and this" in real life and the answer was no, it would be the same in the game.
  9. GuerrillaOPS

    Remove Run Through System!

    I think you have a point and I have had couple times where I did not "deserve" to have a run through... ... But I do not agree on removing it either.
  10. GuerrillaOPS

    Remove Run Through System!

    Let's go this way... The reason for a Run Though mechanic is to prevent people from abusing the statistics of having high win streaks. Win streaks increase EXP from a raid and many players including me are interested in survival rate as main statistic to personally contest against / Just keep an eye on for fun. This becomes especially true as leaderboards are coming to the very next patch. So... What do you propose for having the same abuse prevention effect to replace the current one? Maybe there could be a raid duration and damage included into the algorithm? How?
  11. GuerrillaOPS

    The launcher's update

    Not to mention how much more noob friendly it will be when people can find the info where they are trained by polished games to look it up from... Remember that you too are also going to win some time. Not having to log into Reddots/Twatters or forum to check latest info is a win. There are also people who reset their accounts *before* the wipe to get a feel for early wipe quests and items etc.
  12. GuerrillaOPS

    The launcher's update

    Exactly! The number of clueless people on the Forums and the Dumb-Ass-(Social)Medias, less management, less reading, less repeating... ... More effective communications overall, ultimately time saved etc. Good investment imo.
  13. GuerrillaOPS

    The launcher's update

    News on the launcher itself has been a highly requested feature and feature wise you have exceeded expectations. I love to have latest twitter, fresh patch-notes and best value videos featured right there! Great work BSG!
  14. GuerrillaOPS

    Sorry for the delay

    Thanks for letting us know! Better release quality later than unfinished sooner
  15. GuerrillaOPS

    A few suggestions.

    Pretty much agreed with everything... Armor nerfing with much higher pen chance rate sounds good and realistic way to do it. IRL you basically get lucky with armor, but not be able to be a tank. And with ultra OP gear... Just limit the numbers and let free market do the rest (soonTM)