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  1. Oh, of course... That makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot, I was almost about to sell my future cones!
  2. Thank you! Do you happen to know which quest it was to get those bad boys unlocked?
  3. Hi, What happened to the 2xHDD to a 60 round mag deal? Is it now quest completion unlockable item or has the deal perhaps moved to a higher level or disappeared completely? If the latter, is there any point collecting HDDs?
  4. Surma

    BEAR / USED merchandise?

    Hi, Are there any plans for EFT related merchandise? I think selling BEAR or USEC caps would generate income for BSG nicely. Also Velcro patches would sell along with caps and perhaps t-shirts. PS. if there will ever be ones, perhaps it would be street smart not to have that "private military contractor" or whatever the text said... Just the logo and text would be awesome, cleaner design too perhaps and I would most certainly buy one.
  5. Surma

    Dual armbands

    Hey, I was thinking that now that armbands are coming and there are 5 different colors listed, Perhaps in the future you could wear a combo of two armbands so that teams could choose two colors instead of just one so that it would create way more possible combinations than just adding more colors later (when enough many people complain after not shooting the "friendly yellow" they trusted too much)
  6. Surma

    new feeding feature and ammo reloading ideas

    I like the instant consuming idea without the inventory hustle needed. Been also bothered by not being able to fill magazines while looking around. Leaving it loading by quitting the inventory seems to be the most realistic option while having to go to the inventory first is important I think, because it simulates finding the ammo and digging up the magazine as you suggested! If you come up with good ideas while playing it might be handy to have a piece of paper so you can quickly write them down.
  7. Surma

    Custom music for menu?

    Hi, We all love your music on the menu's, but sometimes we'd like to listen to our own hardbass Could you include a folder that would play user selected mp3's, please? Thanks!
  8. The game aims on reality but you just run off bullet wounds and cheese them up like nothing happened... I would LOVE to see Tarkov act much more as a simulation but it's not "fun" to majority of people apparently. I want to see as simulator as you can possibly get right now. That's where I want it. So to answer your question: Those who want to test their zombie survival skills in one of the most realistic combat simulators of course i.e. the more realistic it is, the more fun it is I understand how it's an oxymoron and I'm most certainly not expecting the devs to do anything like that and that is not the point for the thread. The point is that the engine and basic structure of the game is amazing and there would be no cost down the line later to open it up for community meddling, which is why I thought this kind of thread could have it's place. At least on a fantasy level as it might never happen. The post on the lab location seemed to have few people scream zombies so I tried to lure them in here. Many PC games open up for modding later after release and Tarkov would be one of the finest bases for that. Some players would enjoy playing Tarkov modded on to, say, classic maps like Dust from CS for instance... I know I would ... Or having game modes like battle royale. Or zombies, whatever. What's the harm in that if the Quake hip fire people / zombie crowd goes to play their own weird mods and leaves the hardcore crowd into our own purist shoot-morphine-when-your-character-takes-damage experiences. There are risks involved with opening a game to modders so certainly it cannot happen all that fast and definitely not before some time after final launch... The best scenario is that it will keep the game bought for much longer time and gives developers a longer income stream. DLC's or modding *might* one day come, probably if ever, some years later. Doesn't hurt to have fun thinking about it.
  9. Surma

    Adjusting walk speed while running

    I agree! I love to use the scroll to adjust the walking speed, but I feel like I have to scrooooooooollll to get what I want. Usually scroll is the opposite in games where it's insanely sensitive. Maybe the ultimate solution would be to have adjustable scroll wheel sensitivity so each player could have it their own way.
  10. Surma

    weapon strap

    I understood that, but it kinda works already like it does exist. I think it's left out because of how complicated it is to animate well and to fit together with the rest of the gear not looking like it goes through every bag and clothing item etc. Most games behave like there was a strap and no real life soldier uses two weapons without a sling or a strap. Don't get me wrong, it would be cool to have it visually there, but the character already does healing etc. without dropping the gun and the gun in the back is also in a position where it can only be held via a strap. Like I said... Priorities, probably.
  11. As of now walking speed can be modified (mousewheel) only when you are walking. I would like to be able to still use mousewheel to adjust walking speed while the character is running. This is important because of tactical reasons where I want to be walking specific speed to still move fast but avoid making sound. There is no other function to the wheel while running anyway. In real life you behave sort of in a similar way... You plan ahead to walk just a specific speed after a stretch you need to run from cover to cover for instance. More often than not you have to walk different speed than you were before and we do the similar adjustment in our minds all the time. Having to walk super slow or too fast and noisy when you don't want it after running is annoying to manage.
  12. Surma

    weapon strap

    Technically all the bigger weapons (apart from holstered) are behaving already like they were on a strap. How else the rifle hovers on characters back? It's just not modeled in which is probably because making it look good would require some quite complex animation to look as great as everything else in the game. You've probably noted how certain clothing items glitch over other pieces of equipment... This most likely means that details such as that aren't too high up on the priority list
  13. Surma

    Realism vs Balance

    I agree with this guy: https://tarkovballistics.blogspot.com/2018/05/tarkov-needs-more-realism-nerfs-and.html TLDR: Realism should be the golden rule, let players adapt and use other mechanics to balance the game such as item price being higher if it proves to be very useful and lethal or make it more rare. There is already a perfect guiding rule called reality which is already "balanced" and a project that is supposed to be a simulator should mimic what it is.
  14. Surma

    "Terra Group Laboratory" - location and purpose?

    Human models are frequently used in architectural concept art to give an easier impression of scale and to have the viewer imagine human interaction with the environment. Kind of makes it more relatable too to see a human form in there other than just cold buildings on their own. We want to see humans in conceptual art of buildings and spaces. Go figure The recent concept art post shows a human figure in most of the images for the same reasons. As for the thread itself... Apart from the obvious WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DEVELOPING, this eerily Umbrella Corporation like entity... I understand. No mutants or zombies. But bio weapons, implants, cognitive functioning, super soldier drugs?? Pretty sure none of that can be answered without spoiling the plot... So... - Will it be more or less a maze like complex? ULTRA being so large and detailed I can only imagine how claustrophobic it will be to sneak around a lab with such rooms and long narrow hallways. Not many landmarks, easy to get lost, pinned ..Yikes! - Will there be working elevators? Think how intense those would be both riding one or "receiving" one to your floor - Will the environmental hazards be released along the map? Toxicity, radiation... Why else haz's... Than... - Will we have to take cold showers after exposure? - Can I freeze some of my rations in there for longer shelf life? The glassed segment with a bed along with a very heavy camera entails long term human experiments of some kind where the test bunny has to be sealed off... Regular drug manufacturing factories have similar labs, but of course there isn't any video captured on human subjects so that alone suggests rather unethical experiments and if T Group has to hire up a mercenary army for their protection or to make experiments with it either has to be something extremely valuable any powerful governments would want their hands on or directly something developed for military use itself. USEC guys, did they give you anything out of the ordinary as vitamins? shots? weird tastes in food or water? The whole event happened in Tarkov could be part of even a larger "test" performed. - Will we get tinfoil hats?
  15. Surma

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    A sound post - agreed! Obviously for the whole audience there will always be pockets of people who aren't satisfied as their most wanted features aren't coming as fast as they'd hope, but some of the complaining is borderline similar to the latest Star Wars which had so much crazy expectations that were based on fan theory alone that those expectations notably made the review score averages dip to what it otherwise speculatively could have been. So many whiners with unrealistic expectations. Game development is slow. Real life work is hard. It takes years to make a great, polished, spot on game. People don't seem to understand how long it takes to model and fine tune complex models, program and iron all the bugs... The only thing in life that isn't hard, slow and complex are the games themselves. Instant gratification doesn't happen irl. It makes much more sense to hire a gun model specialist whose only job is to focus on create great models as we've had so far. Great work in that department! Does that person have to start making maps, which take significantly more time to complete with the same quality expectations? It's only logical that we're going to get much faster rate of release of guns and mods than more complex or whole game system affecting code due to much more demanding testing process involved. i.e. relax, go outside, play something else, clean your room, go to gym... whatever. And support the devs for the work they've done so far. Not all that many games get so well made overall as this one these days. Of course everyone has their expectations and the gripes for the lack of execution to that direction... ... But patience and constructive feedback gets us all into a better place. PS. Oh, and thanks for the idea of actually trying to solve the quest by not looking it up online I forgot that was a thing to figure things out myself instead of going for info quickies!