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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Need: 220 key, keybar, documents case. Offering: 30k R for 220, 100k R for Keybar, 50k R for Docks Case Note, I only need the keybar or the docs case, not both.
  2. I have a question about spawning in game, for this example customs. Whenever I spawn at the customs spawn point in Customs, I will hatchet run straight to the apartments, ill be the first one there, yet I hear gunfire at the checkpoint already. Then when I get to the checkpoint, scavs and geared PMC will already be dead there. Do people spawn on both sides of the map in customs or woods or is there something else I'm not getting.
  3. Factory Matching

    Is just my friends and I, or is this a lot more people having this issue? It seems that every time I attempt to load into Factory as a PMC ether solo or in a group, it can take up to 15 minuets to match-make. Why is this happening, I really like to play factory because I don't have much, but now it seems pointless to wait 15 minuets to play a 3 minuet game.
  4. A friend from home

    Call me over patriotic but I would personally feel a lot more powerful trudging through communist lands wielding an M1911 chambered in good'ol 45 Action Colt Express. I feel that a high-power but low capacity secondary would be a good touch and a reliable secondary to finish what your primary couldn't. It could have good range for a pistol, high knockback power, low recoil, and a low capacity weapon. It would also seem like something Peacekeeper would sell.