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  2. Bad Performance for GTX 1080

    i did some testing today on customs, i am using a 1070 and my GPU usage was at about 53% when i started. changing the graphics settings in tarkov it self had no effect on game performance so i am running everything on high again. what helped was tweaking the nvidia driver settings as stated here this boosted my GPU usage to 65-70% and therefore my overall fps, CPU usage also improved before at around 70% now 90% when i see a usage of GPU 70% / CPU 90% my fps are at about 60-70fps on customs without any drops or stuttering, absoluty fine and playable. but there are still some frame drops where my fps go down to 30-40 or even lower for a short amount of time, when this happens GPU & CPU usage drops down too, so its definitly a optimization issue with in the game. i couldnt find a definitve source but i could track it down to the area around the boiler spawn, getting near that area and looking in that direction will lower your GPU usage and therefore your frames. another thing i expierenced while testing was a sudden drop in GPU / CPU usage when i touched a barbed wire for the first time, seems like the gaming is loading the sound from disk and blocking other threads while doing so. after the first contact its properly chached and there is no more fps drop