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  1. New players

    Character name star_catalogue Description just trying to make it His past unknown How did he get to Tarkov? unknown. rumors of involvement in studies and operations testing the validity of parapsychological and extraordinary phenomena Predilections cognac, cigarettes, chaos Friends a familiar face. known to be friendly among most travelers Wounds, and battles 3 bullets, in a very strait vertical line through right hand side of the neck has left a distinct mark. extensive battles during the contract wars. it is believed there was involvement with organised crime before the current global situation Aspirations stability The greatest achievement that character did remains to be witnessed Strength 24 Endurance 28 Accuracy 28 Scout
  2. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    awww yessss! good job!
  3. The Oceania server started!

    you are the absolute best. true diggers. im getting pissed and playing until i pass out
  4. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    im repping tomorrow when i get the dole cuz! imma make a thing in suggestions. yall
  5. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    typos, nagh m8 you are very easy to read and make consistently good points. i also do agree with you. i guess im getting at folks like you could maybe help it all along. it was a bit early to go to beta but people were pushing so hard at the time. i actually would have been happy for this to be alpha for a few months. a year or whatever. however long it takes. but even a year ago, people were pushing a bit for beta. half a year ago, push was strong and everyone was narky at devs. dont get me wrong also, i was pretty actively pushing with a lot of proactive people for OC servers. and we did get it. but people have pushed for beta too early and did get it. fixing it is ideal, having it fixed however long ago but the upgrade to the new version of unity and having to scrap a bunch of code and redo it all. stuff like that. cant say scrapping it wasnt worth it because i remember i had a potato for a computer at the time. the switch was the difference of playing at all online or not. never even mind the desync. i do think there should be much more communication. say, some youtube content creators among us set up a proper interview with the devs. if i had the means to at the moment, i would dearly love to. i mean personally i have a million questions for them, privately and confidentially and for public benefit. but there are content creators here with heaps of viewers. wouldnt that be dope? a good pitch would be much better, but for the rushed amount of time i think it was ok. i noticed a new tactical vest with 3 slots in the video. im not sure if that is in this patch as i have just really been able to start to play online. but still, that was new to me. the teasing for those in the know with the lack of info makes talk. no news is bad news, right? they could have given a big sales pitch but there are already enough people coming in who arent interested in the lore or the idea of really what makes a hardcore game, talk of wanting devs to scrap karma without even knowing how it will work, and karma, to me is something that would make it more hardcore. consequences and choice. tension. that kinda thing. curiosity, partially from wondering enjoying this discussion and partially because you seem smart and like you have great ideas would ask me how you would have it presented. im sure there is something in what you could have to say that devs or people interested in making their own games could take from what you may have to say, because i do very much agree this could have been presented better and a good pitch would have been an incredible thing. i think public pressure got the better with this game coming beta. people wanted to play and be let in and people want to see more new content because even in the games current state, there is a reason everyone here gets passionate. even those who have not watched the developer diaries or the lore or really dug through the forums. everyone has an opinion, and they do because those who have watched videos and not played have seen an attempt at something beyond the standard and seem to become addicted to the idea (good people the lot really, and that is how you know. HA!). those who have played get frustrated because they already know it is beyond absurdly good as a game and are itching for more. even the desync does not put off most people from continuing to stick their hand in the fire and the offline mode to me, somehow has given me endless fun just mucking around and letting my mind run with how I would be making this game. i also wonder what would happen if they had to rewrite code again if unity had to update to fix some of the things bsg has been waiting for unity themselves to fix. i have seen that and noticed that for a long time. i also wonder how optics could be optimised in regard to multi-threaded cpus and vulkan api, the latter seemingly not liking unity so much at the moment, but that is me digressing on something i really have little to no clue about. anyways, i would really love to know how you would have approached gamescom, because you are correct with what you say and i dare say you know a thing or two and have good ideas
  6. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    actually there is a good idea. is there an OC discord? im guessing us in this region for the time being will really have to be active in keeping the game alive for us all. might have to get together and organize until we get mo players
  7. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    how many of yall are on the aus discord?
  8. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    @OhDaeSou fair cop, and good points but i can only see, if it was all smoke and mirrors and flashy PR people being even more pissy when they see the rough edges and stuff. i could only imagine more people demanding money back and all of that show. could have been better but i think there is enough content from bsg and user community to show their vision and how the game currently is. if it was all nice looking, then people did some digging they would probably just think that standard "oh, its just like jay z or dayz. boring mess with many flaws and will never actualize and become anything good". i guess that is hypothetical. their customer relations do leave a lot o be desired and over the last year or whatever i have spat my fair share of turd at the devs and i get it, but what is it doing? the outlook in the forums is getting bratty and no matter what they say, people feel the need to have demands of this game that the developers have outwardly expressed were against their vision. desync and my namesake issue and their lack of info aside, i dont see many real criticism on this forum. mostly empty whinging when people have not really looked at what this game is meant to be. ultimately there is enough information about most of these issues for people to have had a clear enough understanding. their netcode issue, i think they should give technical info as im sure people would help fix that for free on here just to be able to play and they are missing an opportunity with many heads making light work at an orgy, but other than going balls deep, which most people would go "wha?" what can they say? forum posts: "excuse mr bsg, y u desync?" mr bsg: "dunno hey" riveting stuff well worth the space. haha. they do need the money but i really can only see, at its current state, it looking more like day z and a disappointment to people when they follow up on a dardy sales pitch. if it was last year again? different story, different picture painted over the interbutts and to me, id rather, if i was a new comer, see a bunch of random russians showing that than be dazzled up the urethra with glitter and flowers only to see a product people are ragging out in the manner that it is. i do not actually expect for customers to change their minds or have them changed, people are far too bratty nowadays for that, not that it would happen in yesteryear neither. well, most anyways. i still do stick by the user community being far better as a pr department for covering thick booty in glitter and slapping it in front of potential customers faces and they do seem to use user content to display the game a lot, and it is with no sarcasm nor disdain that i ask of community to create the content they wish bsg displayed and to display it. i see plenty of super talented people on here and on the yootoobz and reddit or yada who are more than capable and i bet by left nut some of those whom are complaining could do a heck of a job. why not do it? i cant imagine the level of misery this game could throw at some one with all the loosing and steep learning curve for the average person needs a slick video at a games convention with a guy who had no questions to ask. seriously there is not much you could have responded with to most of those questions. when they tried they were cut off with a stupid question. word of mouth seems more effective for such a game with such a niche target audience. those whom i know personally who would be interested in such a game, i assure you know all about it and have been waiting for aus servers. aus players get boned from behind all the time and are pretty used to it. not just with games but region blocking in entertainment industry, touring acts and whatever else you care to name. that is what happens when you are the crusty corn hole of the old invalid clinton that is this world. they are delivering now anyways as they have delivered on pretty much everything. it seems humans attitudes in general are just too bratty for anything productive and that is me included. i have been a brat in asking for servers. in reality they gave the best answer they could re servers which was . "when good gsp can be found". not sure what else there is to say, upon reflection. "when can you find it?" "whenever we can find it" "have you found it?" "not yet" same goes for just about any other issue. they could make a big song and dance and every day say "we have not found it yet! but dont worry people, all the action will be available to play smoothly when we have found what we cant find yet and you will get it on either the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th etc day of this month or the next or the next or the next and we PROMISE to tell you this every single day so you feel reassured like a crazy girlfriend" the constant accusation of just building a hype train. say they constantly said what they were working on and all of it ended up not working. people would be livid. you could ask when whatever will be implemented but reality is that there isnt much more to say than.....when it will work and not piss people off even more than things already do i have yet to see an empty promise. i have seen promises or statements on what they would like to implement. promises have been proved to be worked on or delivered. even if not perfect. people are projecting. they are giving servers. they are chasing peoples ideal of ai that just changes anyways. they are working on desync as stated. i have watched this game grow and grow and grow. it has had setbacks and cock ups. most cock ups have been fixed. some tried to be fixed but got worse but had other things that needed fixing more that got fixed etc. i have seen them deliver constantly. maybe not as fast as people would like but maybe that is as fast as it can be done. would i prefer more information? sure. i think a lot of people on here could help. is there a chance it could end up over complicating things? yyyyup is there a chance that the more information would just be empty words because really there is not that much to say that would not potentially over complicate things or need endless clarification? yyyyup. id rather they make a game that doesnt suck. even with desync so far, it doesnt suck. id rather they not pretend the product as is is better than it is and save any detailed info for more than a couple of minutes because this game is more involved than what that time can provide
  9. Oceania server will be deployed in a few days!

    thanks to the devs. i am super happy regardless of if this impacts desync in the slightest in either a positive or negtive way. this is huge news. keep up the solid effort and innovation. it is remarkable being able to play a fps that is not stale and feels like progress and fresh air. the improvement from ping alone is an exciting thought
  10. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    if i knew, and had not bought this, id still get it. id be happy with it being broken eitherways. the reason i bought this game eod was to support the devs in THEIR vision because i liked their ideas and hard work. they need money to continue their hard work. again, to everyone talking about needing better PR, i think you need a better attitude. im sure most of you have never tried to make such an in depth game to such a degree of innovation. sure i get grumpy at it too, but really...look at this game as it is in offline, and when it works well and it is hard to deny that it is impressive as hell and really an amazing experience. an early dev diary shared again on facebook the other day on animations, where they talk about setting a new standard is really what this is about. it is game changing and being a part of watching this happen in such an early state is incredible. people talk about pubg but what does that offer? shitty sounds, shitty animations, same boring game play that is tired and has been dead for 10 years and not implemented in anywhere near as creative a manner as many other games, no story, no real anything to make it really worth anything as a game. it is a casual game to pass the time and laugh at. piss poor. this, even in the current state is infinitely more impressive. now, telling bsg how to make a game and run their show when they had 10 minutes to showcase, and the interviewer cut them off and they arent native speakers? i think they did really well to be honest. dont forget also, you all play this all the time. you know how it works. imagine you had never heard of this game and you saw what you saw. youd poo bricks and have a new mansion. dont lie. just because you have seen it a million times, does not mean everyone else has. id rather they spend money making a game than on pointless propaganda to sell a game that may never be completed. id rather people pay money to watch a group of people try and even fail (not that i think bsg will fail in any way) and blow minds and inspire other designers than sell mindless crap to make neck beards feel "hardcore" when in reality they are playing the same rehash of moron simulator for the billionth time. if you know the solutions to it all, stop wasting your time playing this, and make the game this should be according to you. i constantly see devs here just getting ragged out on and yeah, sometimes they may need a bit of it but not for nothin, these guys are killing it and making something truly remarkable, weather it is released ever or not. the documentation of the idea alone and some of the implementations are absolutely outstanding and to me, worth the price of admission to stand on the edge of and watch as is. how bout you try to tell someone about this game, what it is aiming to be, its lore, how it works, what you are in for, what is done and what needs to be done to someone asking you questions in 10 minutes without a contrived and pointless presentation that ultimately would say the same or if not, less. how about you make the PR for bsg and let them pay their employees to fix the stuff you whinge and piss and moan about endlessly? they are doing just fine. your attitude is worse PR than 10 minutes of trying to explain one of the most interesting games seen in the last 10 years regardless of language barrier.
  11. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    wow, there sure are some sour people on here. how much time did they have to show off such a complicated game, and how often were devs interrupted? not much and a whole lot, respectively. anyways, looks amazing, can not wait for the gestures and quests and the cover fire and folding stocks and whatnot. keep it up BSG, you guys are making an amazing game.
  12. Loot Behind Locked Doors

    yeah i agree. it is kinda lame. i glitched out from desync opening the gate 2 times also haha. sent me in to the walls unable to move
  13. DESYNC IN THIS GAME!!!!!!!

    i dunno if its possible to have a separate instance of your pmc that saves offline with the traders offline but you know, has enough stuff to let you try everything out if you work hard enough, but that would be pretty fly for when the desync be downright doo do
  14. holy hell....i often dont have a head set....and i love this idea. if there was a fast enough and expressive enough way to use your y key up in here for those close to you, maybe a press for quiet and double slap that key thang for louder. with the shift key down to be an aggro little chap. or like y brings up a gesture based radial menu. say gesture up and it brings up stuff like "lets work" and that stuff, hover over your choise, say if that is up, than bring the mouse up (it locking the position you are facing while the 'y' key is depressed) and then release for quiet, or further up (in this case) and release to say it loudly. down for your agro.