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  1. SCAV_AI

    2019 plans

    Hotter than hot!
  2. no i find it realistic. someone so close limits your movement. you cant swing your weapon and it has no place to go. try it with a friend. get a broom or something, even a baseball bat and get them to control it with their forearm underneath whatever you hold. it must ride along the axis that force is applied to.
  3. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    cheers man. may have to pm some time and talk studio. my one true love next to tarkov
  4. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    because im a gobshyte also id probably be trying to record the shoulder and put that mic right up close to where the shoulder will take the impact. id be trying to convey any sound from weapons that comes through the body and really uses it as a resonant cavity. behind the back and ribs would be good too. hear it from the other side of the body, where the sound is still travelling through. just me, personally. i imagine that impact would be heard differently with your helmet and how it is acting like a speaker on your skull, especially around ear and jaw. if i wanted to replicate it a bit cheaper, id probably get a tub of some non Newtonian fluid and keep it on next to the firearm. just in case it worked and added to how it sounds and feels. id also really start by playing with the firearms themselves and micing up each individual part, if budget was no factor of hindrance. id be recording different weight on different surface. jumping down rock face with different kit on. any ways point is, recording the firearms and all the separate kit with all the stuff in the game...its pretty complicated already. definitely a pain in the butt. its more complicated than most audio for firearms already. if you were recording stovepipes and stuff or failure to cycle with a round stuck in the chamber and really trying to do it for every weapon, that is a task and a half already. again personally id be trying to divide my attention between location, cost, storage capacity, logistics, reality, any way you could enhance reality in a way that emulates any characteristic that cannot be done justice with location recording or reality all as much as my note taking. a good example would be how i could make sound force a feeling or create immersion by manipulating the players environment. doing stage production for a while, i learned from a lecturer from his notes and quizzing him on working with set designers. he ran the sound from design up to mixing. instructed the set designers to lay foam dressed up as boulders or heavy rock or pavement riiiight on top of the numerous subs. the design of the sound system itself was purposed around a scene with an earthquake. subs placed around the room JUST to make rock crumble and bowels rumble to sell a scene. that enhanced the real sounds. big constant waveform right down low, even sub audible can occasionally have its use when recording just the sounds does not give a certain vibe that you get in person
  5. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    id probably want to capture any of all of the audio through the headsets being used also. if i really had the time and budget and willpower. it seems like a lot of love has gone in to the sound, and it has a fair amount of in depth thought as it stands already. im sure theyd want a really good surround setup (i would really put a rear mic behind the shooter at head height or weapon height and would have to think a lot about how large a surround field id like projected into the game.
  6. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    i would have approached it somewhat like that also but i dont know what budget there was for sound. not sure id even go with a portable field recorder with inbuilt mikes. id probably calculate the delay for if i wished to place it all at one time for any reason at all and record that at the same time. i can imagine naming would get very complex very quickly. depending on what sample rate and bit depth, id also be a bit concerned about storage and backups for the work. id also be thinking about recording behind at several distances and to the side. id probably try to find locations that fit the terrain of the game but can i imagine the logistical nightmare and cost? i would also be probably trying to capture some sound with different kinds of microphones at the beginning and trying to match the sound characteristic to analysis of aural response to sharp impulse in whatever area. maybe even a ribbon mic would be appropriate but can you imagine the protection in such an open environment and the cost? really keeping all the files from all the firearms and naming them in any way that makes sense, with the note taking before you even get to a shortlist of good captured audio and any editing before you even looked at the processing and the note taking for that. yikes.
  7. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    location sound experience with the complexity of capturing every aspect of a firearm in several locations. also movement of every bit of kit on top of it. proper analysis on what happens to a waveform to a round of ammunition in a particular space. anything of that ilk.
  8. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    sorry, not you. i meant @ghostZ06
  9. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    i love seeing people act like they know anything about the complexity of sound design. do tell more. what is every thread nowadays the next sequel of death wish? i really do wish i was dead.
  10. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    agh. i get it now. i guess it is the same but its more pick and mix. i think the gas tube and stuff are like extended aks style. i think they should have slightly different rate of fire (not that that matters with whatever heinous bug that keeps getting me wrecked. the one that isnt my lack of any skill). im not sure if there will be safety toggle mods for them. i dunno. anyways, they do have the latch for the folding stock on there. maybe i have not payed attention but i do not recall that on vityaz, akms, aks, or standard ak/vepr/saiga models. i might be wrong on that. i think i have labeled the correct release buttons. cant really remember though. i get what is being said now though. they are kinda the same. kinda not. im guessing some new animations for the new catches and ergonomic enhancement in some ways makes it more than just the same 3d model also. im also unsure as to any changes in the trigger and its mechanism if that is modeled. but it is a new frame, and mixed barrel/gas mechanism stuff.
  11. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    they are the same platform, yeah. they are not the exact same rifle.
  12. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    are they?
  13. SCAV_AI

    New AK variant screenshots

    literally the same as the ones we already have? did we have 74M, 101, 102,103,104 and 105 already? i didnt see them. i have been playing for a fair while now. pretty stoaked to have other options for rolling ak platform in tighter spaces, personally.
  14. SCAV_AI

    Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    awww yessss! good job!