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  1. MGK


    There is a safe on shoreline which is locked might be for that safe. But don't ask me where cause I don't have a clue
  2. Depends on the situation. But I agree with you , only on guys camping the exit (factory)
  3. MGK


    I'd like to join aswell if possible.
  4. MGK

    Share your best clutches

    1-2 Sec shotgun ACE 2 hp Clutch
  5. MGK

    German Players

    Also ich wäre auch dabei wenn Platz frei ist. Count me in.
  6. MGK

    Player Profile Statistics

    Oh okay thanks for the explination. I'm not really sure if the reputiation thingy for the NPCs usefull.
  7. MGK

    Player Profile Statistics

    Yeah I totally aggree , thats what I meant , the general stats should be only visible to you , but is it really necessary to have like "headshot range" in the statistics? What do you mean with raid progress? Yeah I think its basic for mmo , to show a players Factions , what do you mean with trader rep ? Like when you put up a trade and people can give you reputation for it? What about the raid progress cause I can't really think about showing it in the stats . Please explain it .
  8. MGK

    Player Profile Statistics

    No I don't mean OTHER-People stats , you should just be able to view YOUR own stats
  9. MGK

    Player Profile Statistics

    I think it would be better if you can't , it just makes another BF-Type , where people compare each other. I think the only things possible to see , should be your kills/deaths.