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  1. Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    Made my just gotta wait for a group spot to open up on the game panel? I keep checking and it always says it's at the limit and I haven't seen anyone who's recruiting for a group
  2. New players

    Character name Griffin Description Standing at 5 Foot, 9 Inches, weighing approx. 165 lbs, With fair skin, and a buzzcut with short brownish / blonde hair. Five o' Clock shadow constantly covers his face, as he forgets to shave a day or two. His build is wiry, used to a lean diet from working overseas, and taut with muscle from keeping up his athletic lifestyle. His forearms and hands show signs of constant abuse, covered in scars and healed wounds, but the rest of his body remains relatively intact, no serious wounds have marred him yet. His past Griffin is a former military man, having spent 8 years of his life, 18-26 in the USMC as a Cavalry Scout. He got out after his second enlistment for personal reasons, not feeling like living the rest of his life as a military man. After the military, he became a police officer at the age of 28. He had that job for 3 years, before he resigned due to personal and family stress. He was getting older, already 31 but still felt like 25, and had no wife, no house, nothing permanent. He rented apartments and condos because he couldn't stay still. He wanted to do more with his life then settle down to a steady job, he wanted to explore the world, fall in love, really experience life. However, the lure of money and his background in the military and police force brought him instead towards a place like Tarkov. How did he get to Tarkov? Griffin left the United States at the age of 31 after resigning from the Police Dept he worked for. He originally went to Paris, and spent roughly 3 months there before he moved on to Berlin Germany, and finally St. Petersburg in Russia. He heard about Tarkov from friends of his in St. Petersburg, who told him there was money to be made in a place like Tarkov for those with his background, ex-military and law enforcement types. Thinking it was going to be another several month adventure, Griffin set off for the Norvinsk region thinking only of seeing the region and the hubbub surrounding it, and getting out, not making it a permanent stay. Predilections Griffin is a pro-authority kind of man, and is usually on the same side as the police and military, with rare exception. He tends to dislike any rebellious or anti-government types, or anyone who tries to take advantage of a disaster. He would never kill for no reason, but he absolutely would kill someone to save his own life, or the lives of others, and has done so before. Friends Griffin has several friends in the Norvinsk region, including Sergei Toffarinsky, a St. Petersburg police officer who took time off from work to go to Tarkov to try and "get rich quick" as he put it. Working as police officer didn't leave him with much money after living expenses. Griffin also hung out with a man named Sokel who was a bit of a shady character, claiming to be former Soviet military man who fled East Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 91 and took up arms dealing. Griffin and Sokel became friends after Griffin tried to purchase some weapons while in St. Petersburg in preparation for his trip to Tarkov and nearly got caught by the police, Sokel saved him by providing him a heads up, in exchange for a favor. Wounds, and battles Griffin fortunately was saved from any major injuries during his career, but his arms carry the scars and markings of a busy man who had a rough time. He has some shrapnel cuts from things like grenades and artillery fire from his time in the military, as well as one particularly nasty knife cut on his right forearm from his time as a law enforcement officer. Aspirations Griffin aspires to travel the globe, seeing sights, and meeting the women of his dreams. However, his past, and his tendencies to be drawn towards violence have always brought him into conflict and warzones, from his time in the military, as well as his time as a law enforcement officer. He claimed to come only to Tarkov to see the region, but perhaps there is another reason that draws him closer. The greatest achievement that character did Griffin's greatest achievement to him is saving the life of a fellow marine during a particularly intense shootout in the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan. He ran across an open field and dragged a man to safety after being struck by an IED. Griffin received a medal for his heroism, which he keeps close to his person at all times. Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  3. Easier for neophytes and challenge for seasoned players

    What you're saying makes sense, the 'story' is essentially a tutorial for what would later be on the endgame of free roam, and I would without a doubt guarantee players will finish the story with at least some basic gear unless they sneak the whole thing (if such a thing is possible) What was suggested is an interesting idea, not the worst, but doesnt fit well with the theme of the game. Players shouldnt spawn with anything more than maybe a basic pistol and 1 magazine at most. Learn to make every bullet count! (1 bullet in head, or maybe try 3 from afar and hope I get a good shot?)
  4. Preload

    I hope so, my internet can take forever sometimes and if the alpha is over 10gb....I would lose out on like a whole day just trying to download it!
  5. Is it worth buying EOD?

    I also especially bought it for guaranteed alpha access.
  6. Taser!

    An interesting idea, but probably something that will come much later down the line, as I'm sure it would be hard to implement. Would be funny to see some players who carry almost nothing but clothes and taser hoping to knock some player unconscious and carry out the entire contents of his inventory from Tarkov, lol.
  7. Escape from Tarkov alpha teaser

    I decided to believe in developers, it will most likely be out before end of march, if only at the end of the last week. If not, first week of april, and a one week delay is seriously not the worst especially considering some games get delayed months or years. I remember "The Division" was originally slated for release months before it actually did.
  8. Character Slots?

    Honestly, I'd rather there were less slots, like maybe 2, one for each faction? Reason being that your progress on both characters will mean more. If you can have 15 characters, it will mean less and less to lose one. If you have two characters only, it will take longer to progress with each character, and by the time you have significant progress, you won't want to risk it so easily. If you want plenty of chracters to kill or do whatever, use scavs as thats what they are there for. If you want to be USEC mercenary who is a hardass and kills everyone, then you at least have to be cautious and not so gun toting if you want him to be truly successful killer. If you want to be sympathetic and caring BEAR operative, then you must be careful and diligent to ensure you survive every encounter. Does this make sense? Especially when people want this game to be more hardcore than DayZ and other 'shoot on sight' games where its supposed to be hardcore or survival and there are plenty of people who play it like they do a Call of Duty game.
  9. Realism/Milsim

    Doesn't really fit in with the scope of the game I feel like. It's more like a survival oriented game were you fighting and scavenging everything you need. Extended battles would be extremely rare in these cases.
  10. LOL

    Lmao that is hilarious I actually leaned really far in then quickly backed away before the scare
  11. Escape from Tarkov alpha teaser

    I wonder how much the alpha we get to play? I heard it was like 2 raids only?
  12. AK-74

    I cant wait to play around with the AK74 and all of its variants. Such a reliable weapon thats so simplistic it runs under nearly every condition!
  13. BEAR & USEC?

    I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else here and say USEC so I have better shot at English speaking players. I would really like BEAR but teamwork is important