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  1. TheHatCatYT

    Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters

    I know of a cheater but im not going to give their name out publicly. ( Speed Hacking ) Yet still managed to die to me lol Will a fourm mod or somthing like that contact me please and look into my case?
  2. TheHatCatYT

    congrats on killing armors

    Most ballistic tests ive seen with armor worse than 6B43 6A body armor in real life can take any low caliber no problem without even damaging the armor. Its designed in real life to protect against a few rifle rounds. Now you can sneeze on someone with a fort and kill them. The paca is basicly a Tshirt now lol
  3. TheHatCatYT

    Is there a way to formally report a hacker?

    Do not post their usernames. Please take the picture down. Also since the game is in beta there is no method to report hackers.
  4. TheHatCatYT

    1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    Yes there was a typo in the rewards but here are the winners! 1,000,000 RB winner is LargerPizza 350,000 RB winner is Almac 150,000 RB winner is Hkv990 Please PM me or send me a message in game to claim your prize My in game name is " ThisGirlIsFurry "
  5. TheHatCatYT

    1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    A mixture of everything really Tips i can give that have worked for me are Comtacs are way better than kiver or kolpak Night vision is way better than kiver or kolpak AP rounds
  6. TheHatCatYT

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling Factory Key 400K RB Epsilon Secure Container 1M RB Rules when bying the epsilon You will pay in full 1 game ahead Next game I will find a spot i deem secure and drop you it After its drop it is not my responsiblity anymore and not my fault if it is lost. If youre buying this for the weapons glitch then fudge off please.
  7. TheHatCatYT

    Zombie Mode for Tarkov

    Yea but i highly doubt it. Either they would have to open up the source of the game to modding or add it in themselves. neither of them seem likely
  8. TheHatCatYT

    1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    I honestly want to get rid of items, I prob should get rid of the rep thing haha That should fix it Sorry for it seeming desperate.
  9. TheHatCatYT

    1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    Ello! I have way too much stuff in my stash so im giving away 1,500,000 roubles to 3 lucky winners 1st place wins 1,000,000 2nd place wins 350,000 3rd place wins 50,000 to sign up for a chance to win all you need to do is comment on this post with your in-game name Ill pick a complete random user for each winning slot Good luck and happy raiding!! And to those saying i dont have the money to spare....
  10. TheHatCatYT

    Help with customs key

    I can give you one, i have like 20
  11. TheHatCatYT

    Official Trading Thread

    Morphine - 20K RB Tushonka - 10K RB WD-40 100ML - 100K RB Flash Drive - 100K RB Car Battery - 100K RB Gas Analyzer - 50K RB Factory Key - 400K RB Marked Key - 200K RB Other keys Misc price
  12. TheHatCatYT

    Official Trading Thread

    Plenty of videos on youtube cover this topic
  13. TheHatCatYT

    We Need To Make This Stop...

    I trust them sometimes but i usually take all weapons away like keeping hazards away from an infant.
  14. TheHatCatYT

    Does anybody else do this?

    Lol i do it all the time but i dont need the loot. Just pretending to be an NPC is fun ( For me at least haha )
  15. TheHatCatYT

    Official Trading Thread

    Not everyone has a reddit They're more likely to have a forum profile i think.