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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    the people you see flying are people / scaves teleporting to there spawning location.. some get's stuck mid air cuse they crashed .. nothing new also there is alot of desync witch may look like someone is cheating.. dont be fooled this game as serious ducking netcode issues from day 1
  2. possible BUGS

    are these bugs or are these considered all as desync ? these happens every day Also a lot of times when being shot you take dmg but you cant see it on your Chest Armour if you alt+f4 and reconnect you see the dmg on your chest rig..
  3. On results of the New Year Event

    here is where im confused .. this game as the same game breaking problems since alpha .. opening the doors to quick you get stuck and cant do anything and need to log out .... the server desync where you see other players jittering all over the screen is a game breaker for any FPS games..it's not smooth at all. it could be fundamental structure of the gamearchitecture, and the unity engine.