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  1. ZombieGandhi

    guys the spawn queues are atrocious

    High queue times are an unfortunate side-affect of the game's success--especially in the wake of the week long trial period. Regarding queue times, I am assuming you're referring to the Factory map--or perhaps Customs. During peak hours, both of these maps for me do take some time, as they are so often some of the most queued. BSG has already stated their intention of getting more servers in the wake of the game's popularity, so you might need a little patience. There's more to 'more severs', than clicking a button that says "more servers plz". If you desire more immediate queues, you might try Shoreline. It allows for more players per map, and as a result, queue times in peak hours are near non-existent. Also, what is your region? Your particular region might be experiencing a HUGE burst of players--again, a good thing--that might contribute to your long queue times. I know waiting sucks, and there's nothing more frustrating than getting shredded and wanting to jump right back in to try and improve. This is a true beta, where we're playing a version of the game that might not at all be like how it is when it releases--if it does. Such is the risk we take when paying to play a VERY early version of the game.
  2. ZombieGandhi

    Kinda sick of it...

    This game is a true early access beta--not the AAA "beta" where the game is ready to launch. You have to go into this expecting and understanding, that you are going to have bugs, issues, and all things problematic. That's part of partaking in a beta. 1.) The best solution I've found for the hang in syncing with players on loading, is to alt+F4, re-launch, and hope no one pushed towards your spawn location. 2.) I've not had too many sound issues with Scav grenades, though sometimes I don't hear the pin being pulled. Regarding accuracy, it really isn't hard to throw a grenade. It's so easy, even an AI can do it. EFT isn't a game about keeping gear, 'cause you're not going to. Much like EVE Online, everything you own you will lose. The trick, is being able to replace it when you lose it. I adhere to the Golden Rule of EVE: I don't use what I can't afford to immediately replace. Besides, all you've gained will be lost in the numerous wipes anyways--none of this matters in any shape way or form, with the game. Go out there, shoot people, and just relax and enjoy. Accept the fact that every time you load into a map, you've already lost all your gear. Enjoy! I know I do.
  3. ZombieGandhi

    Weapon Modification Saving?

    I'm sure this isn't the first time someones thought this, or even posted this suggestion. I'd absolutely love to find a loadout saving feature--similar to EVE Online--for a modded weapon. For me, memory is a wonky thing--though I'm sure I could use olde pen and paper--when it comes to building a long gun. After building a particular configuration--which, I absolutely LOVE the insane depth--it would be convenient to save. In this way, if I already have the parts necessary, I can click a 'build X', and it takes the parts from my inventory and ta-da! In this way, I can see in game, what parts I need for a particular long gun. Much as I love spreadsheets, I wouldn't hate some in-game equivalent. Maybe that goes against the nature of the game--which won't stop me from playing--but it's just a bourboned thought!
  4. ZombieGandhi

    Tiered Queuing?

    I'm coming around to the wild variety of levels and player skill. Was quite a bit of a shock at the get-go, but with my own understanding of the game growing, it's not so bad. Now if only "friendly" Scavs would stop spawn-killing me with a bullet to the dome--I appreciate their accuracy--then I'll be okay! Though looking into how all this is meant to one day be a giant map, I'm rather excited to see how some of these zones end up. Will certain map areas organically be the 'vet zone', while others the hatchlings? Pretty stoked.
  5. ZombieGandhi

    Tiered Queuing?

    I just started playing, and even though there's been more error than trial, I'm having a lot of fun. One thing I noticed, and it does put more than a small damper on the fun, is the disparity in levels. My level 5 self--along appropriate level 5 gear--doesn't stand a chance against any of the level 30+ players. Not only is their skill level in this game far exceeding my own, but so too are their wallets, and tier of weaponry. My AK-74 with 10-round box magazines, just doesn't quite hold up. I'm curious if having some manner of tiered queue might help make for a somewhat better gameplay experience. I don't know the numbers of players and their level, but every 5 levels, or every 10 levels perhaps, might be an appropriate queue. Again, I have no idea what gear is accessible at what level, but I'm sure you get what I mean. It's more than difficult to try and complete a task for one of the vendors, when I'm shredded by suppressed I-don't-know-what. I'm enjoying the game, but it would be nice if I knew I was loading into a server with people who have a skill within my own realm.