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  1. Plese fix lagging servers!

    Its understood that this is testing, but this issue was "tested" quite some time ago, people report it over and over, devs can hide behind that "you are only testing, you only payed to test, and are not entitled to anything"(sic), but wonder when they will actually fix it, at the moment this is one of the biggest issues with the game.
  2. AK recoil pad AKA buttpad

    No they just made it limited stock. Makes sense how op it is.
  3. Hello, it seems they removed the AK buttpad from prapor...or am I missing something?
  4. Shop prices

    Hello, for some reason now the shop prices are very cheap, I mean Prapor sells an ak74 for 225rubels. Not sure if this is a bug or some event going on.