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  1. TL;DR Needs emergency double click to just immediately drop meds\food\drink\etc instead of putting away. Item should fall, and be destroyed (or not) based on what it is (food is dead, meds (Salewa) still okay etc etc) SO, basically i was using meds, playing the game, all the wonderful things a Tarkov player does. I was in the midst of turning a corner and began using my meds. Now I know I shouldn't have been doing that but I had just killed two scavs and my comtacs weren't picking up any chatter or sound so I thought I was safe. Yep, you guessed it, a scav was about right around that corner the sneaky bastard and so I started spamming my clicking to cancel the meds which were about a third done the progress bar and my character carefully stopped and put them away. I think it would be more immersive and realistic to maybe add in a double click on the cancel where your character literally drops the item (if its food or drink it should be ruined; for meds drop them at the percentage and for painkillers and morphine it should be wasted (though for the painkillers we should add multiple uses THOUGH that is outside the scope of this post and I am rambling lol)) and just whips gun out immediately as one would to save their life.
  2. Leviath4n

    Insured Items Bug

    TL;DR watch video Bug occurs in-raid and out of raid So basically, whenever you have insured items they dont show up as insured out of raid UNLESS at the actual insuring screen; however, even the uninsured items are shown as insured even though they are not. The only distinction between the two (insured items and uninsured items) is that the truly insured items the yellow border of an insured item which appears on the uninsured items once you select to insure them. Can also confirm same thing occurs once in-raid. There is a video below showing the bug in action
  3. Leviath4n

    Bug on Shoreline

    ON Shoreline at the bus terminal there are two red cabins, the one in this video is bugged and i got myself stuck inside it. I was unable to run away even if i got out as i would snap back to it. The video explains it all.
  4. Leviath4n

    About locking Chinese players servers

    Because majority of hackers are coming from China? Why unlock the servers? you didnt give a reason. Im sure there are plenty of people to play with on your end. (no im not racist its just a fact)
  5. Leviath4n

    Scav AI

    One of my biggest issues with EFT at the moment is the Scav AI. Specifically, its the detection. They seem to have a near 270 degree cone of detection, which is incredibly annoying when you're trying to stealth around. More so they have some of the most alert peripheral vision ever if you so much as blink between cover 100m away and that scav wasnt even looking at that spot they begin the hunt. aimbotted through a fence (wire fence not solid fence) on the other side of the factory when I leaned through a doorway and he was crouch walking perpendicular to me, gets a little ridiculous sometimes. Maybe modifying the AI so that they behave more human-like. I dont necessarily have a problem with the aiming, because it is a 'hardcore' shooter, but being able to see me unless im completely hidden behind a solid wall or completely submerged in a fort of bushes is annoying an unrealistic. if they see me, fine i dont mind being killed for being an idiot, but when you 100% should not have been seen and suddenly your legs get blown out from under you and now you're dead, gets really old really fast.
  6. TL;DR: Where are servers now and where will servers be added. I have crazy desync and other connectivity problems. This has been discussed on some other posts but they are all fairly old so I will 'update' the discussion. Basically, I just want to know the current location of all servers (i.e: The US locations, if any are in Canada, EU, AS, SEA) Also what future plans are for the servers meaning where they play to add servers. I experience some pretty intense connectivity issues. (e.g: During an offline mode raid, the countdown for deployment is accurate, meaning when it hits zero I am in the game and ready to wack a scav in the face with my hatchet). However, when that deployment timer hits zero in online mode, the game literally sits for almost 6 seconds (its about 5 1/2 seconds) whereas before the stress test came about it was about 3 which is still ridiculous but I digress. Obviously, this is a problem, I live in Quebec, Canada. So I'm interested in finding out what the state of servers is here and what the future holds for us. Also is there a way for me to check my ping? So yeah other than that love this game to bits. Its a refreshing take on hardcore shooters akin to something like Arma 3, gameplay wise. Really love it.