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  1. seicey, can you tell me how my bud and i both laid into your head, only visual body part we had on you, with no helm, survive 29 headshots of 7.62???
  2. NotGoodAtThisS

    frame rate drop

    is anyone else having a serious problem with frame rate(fps). my first raid of relaunching the game is normal frame rate for about 2 mins then it drops to ~20 fps. never had a problem this bad with frames. any help appreciated
  3. NotGoodAtThisS

    New players

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  4. NotGoodAtThisS

    Game freezes, then crashes

    I posted this somewhere else as well. since the latest patch 6.3, the games gotten worse for me, I never had any issues other than the typical dsync and lag. but ive noticed a more consistent lag, as well as about 45 mins of playing the game freezes, then crashes my computer. its not my pc I put in plenty of hours on other games daily and never have a problem. also never had a problem with the game before the patch. any suggestions or fixes??
  5. NotGoodAtThisS

    just gonna put this here

    the games a beta, just wanted to exploit this bug, see what came out of it. Whats it matter what i did? i was just replying to someone, relax DaNeXeRt
  6. NotGoodAtThisS

    just gonna put this here

    oh yea so have i, i just wanted to see how long it would take, and how it effected the raid. lasted 61:32
  7. NotGoodAtThisS

    just gonna put this here

    am i speaking a different language for you? i just said i wanted to see how long it would take. damn
  8. NotGoodAtThisS

    just gonna put this here

    i wanted to see how long it would take, just trying to finish chemical pt. 3.
  9. NotGoodAtThisS

    just gonna put this here

    its the match time
  10. NotGoodAtThisS

    matching times

    currently going on a 50 min match time just to do a hatchling run
  11. also just waited 30 mins to join as scav, get shot by other scavs, ended up killing them all, 1 second away from extraction i lose connection. 10/10 great game
  12. best part though is waiting upward of 30 mins to connect to a raid, then die within 5 minutes by stuff like this^