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  1. Zerksys

    General questions on weapon implementation

    What about steel plate armor (eg: AR500)? NATO swapped the 55grain M193 rounds for the 62grain M855 (or SS109 in Europe) because the latter has better penetration but less yawing capabilities.
  2. Zerksys

    Scavs and Pmcs ... who cares

    It's still on beta I guess. I know, personally, I don't want to use that lame excuse, but it's the most valid one without trying to make a longwinded explanation. They game doesn't force you to be on one faction. Being etheir BEAR or USEC it's merely a cosmetic choice as of yet. On practical terms, I guess most in the US server chose being an USEC due to being the voice commands in english. It's good and bad at the same time.
  3. Zerksys

    General questions on weapon implementation

    Not a weapon, but this would be an excellent mod for any of the fullsize AK rifles: It reduces gas blowback, and this reduces recoil and rate of fire, making the gun more controllable in either semi or fullauto. It also reduces wear because the bolt and bolt carrier move back and forth less violently, they don't heat the front (where the barrel is fitted) and back trunnions (where the stock fits) that as hard as with the stock gas piston. Also, I wouldn't mind if they add that romanian forearm foregrip (aka the donkey d1ck).
  4. Zerksys

    General questions on weapon implementation

    An Endo Tactical Stock adapter for the Glock is more than enough, and much less invasive and bulky than a RONI kit. As the name suggests, it's just an adapter to attach an AR-15 or compatible shoulder stock. The same could be said if they even implement the Stechkin machine pistols, either the original APS that comes with an attachable wooden stock that also dabbles as a holster (a la Mauser C96 Broomhandle), or the newer one, the APB, that has threaded barrel to mount a suppressor and a much simpler wire stock.
  5. Zerksys

    VSS vintorez

    I looted the whole rifle like 2 or 3 times. And like 4 to 5 AS VAL. Save it until is available at Prapor's, otherwise don't even bother in trying to build a cool gun from an incomplete one again. In the meantime you might even find a complete one on a raid.
  6. Zerksys

    VSS vintorez

    Prapor sells it if you have maxed up your loyalty level. Otherwise you might find it by random at Fence's. I found out that the VAL and VSS are kinda shoddy as sniper weapons. The bullet is slow and has a lot of drop, so it's pretty hard to hit a moving target at even 100 meters if you try other optics than the PSO-1.
  7. Zerksys

    General questions on weapon implementation

    One good and simple idea, now that we have the Glock 17 available, would be to implement either a Glock 18 slide or one of those fullauto conversions that replace the rear end slide plate. Some kits have a crosspin style of selector, others have an actual lever.
  8. Zerksys

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    I remember all the craze with the CQB variant on videogames. On pretty much every game that featured the SCAR-H, it always had the CQB barrel, whereas the SCAR-L was always featured with the standard barrel length. Games like Ghost Recon: Advance Warfighter 1&2, R6: Vegas 1&2, Metal Gear Solid 4, CoD: MW2, etc.
  9. Zerksys

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    I know that it kinda sucks, it was crappy even by 90's standards (G.I.'s were already using Aimpoints on their M4 carbines IIRC). I just like the low profile and aesthetics of it (I'm not very fond of the oversized open sights they put on P90s on other videogames). I would be cool, nonetheless, to see the 50 round translucent magazine in action. Few games pull it off right, Metal Gear Solid 4 comes into mind, and it's also happens to feature the original sight. If I'm not wrong, the OEM sight has a tritium illuminator, whereas there are sights for the civvie PS90 that have fiber optic illumination. The MP7 at least has a more traditional sight arrangement, with ironsights with high profile (rifle-like rear peep and front post) and low profile (pistol-like with 3 dots) modes, aside from having a picatinny rail from the get go. The germans usually attacha a Zeiss Z-Point reflex sight. It's a more flexible gun by all practical purposes.
  10. Zerksys

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    And I hope that it also has a longer barrel available, for more open maps like Woods. The MP7's cartridge, 4.6x30mm does have better penetration than tha 5.7x28mm, but deals a little bit less damage as a tradeoff. I read somewhere that 5.7x28mm rounds need a special coating on the case in order to cicle properly on the P90, due to it being a straight blowback weapon (ergo, unlocked breech), whereas the MP7 doesn't have this quirk since it has a locked breech bolt (more or less a scaled down G36 mechanism), which it also makes it more reliable when using a suppressor. These details don't really matter ingame. On a practical sense, the top rail on an MP7 is a bit long, thus can accept more attachments. I wouldn't mind having a P90 aswell. I kinda like its original ring sight from the first generation variants for aesthetic reasons.
  11. Zerksys

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    HK MP7 oh yeah!!! I always prefered it over the FN P90, even if the latter has more magazine capacity. It has a lot of features that I like, adn it handles a bit better. I really hope that we will be able to collapse the stock so it's even more compact than it already is.
  12. Zerksys

    EFT players worldwide

    Greetings from Argentina. PS: I see a few from my country, and another player from the same province. Shame it's not the same city.
  13. Zerksys

    General questions on weapon implementation

    I really wish to see the 1P21 scope, either the military Minuta which can be zoomed in from 4 to 12x, or the Belomo hunting version which has from 3 to 9x zoom. It would be cool to be able to switch in on each zoom setting, instead of just having two modes. http://www.dragunov.net/optic_1p21.html On the link it's explained how it works. The zoom is progressive instead of just snapping back and forth. To implement the progressive zoom on keyboard commands: hold CTRL+RMB and then zoom in and out with the scroll wheel. It may be a hassle, but it's better than just zooming in and reset after the max level back to the min level.