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  1. Game Launcher failing over and over again

    This is a known problem. Everyone is having this issue. Hopefully will be resolved soon
  2. online game with no players?

    You probably have another couple weeks on that wipe by the way
  3. online game with no players?

    Forcing people to bring gear will be irrelevant people will just buy a PM pistol for 3k roubles and go. Also, if you want to see less hatchlings then play something other than Factory? Factory is the home of hatchlings and it probably will forever will be. Interchange is going to be the land of the geared most likely due to (assumed from screen shots) very open based and distance which will make hatchlings much more difficult. Also, you shouldn't force people to bring gear because that takes away the choice of the player. The player should be able to bring whatever he wants not be forced to do something. Just nerf the damage of the hatchet and problem solved.
  4. online game with no players?

    If you don't see players you are playing on the wrong servers in the wrong timezones or you are extremely lucky. I have not played on a server once and not had a full lobby. The game isn't dead, just need people to actually play before judging it after 10 hours of gameplay. People that actually play it often and get high levels know the game isn't broken. It does however have an extreme learning curve. Which follows suit with its very very hardcore setting. Also, at the current moment the latest patch broke the game so if some are even able to get on then they wont see just about anyone.
  5. Spawn AI/Player IN lag

    Played over 300+ hours and tired of constantly playing factory on 90fps for it to drop to 12 when ai spawn in or ai players spawn in. This not only lets everyone know your there or ai spawn it also fucks people over that are fighting scavs as it lags because it doesn't effect the AI's aim in which then gets you killed. Can't stress enough how this effects gameplay, in multiple ways.
  6. Grenades

    Why do grenades kill some people from miles away and not talking about the F1 when they are full geared and not kill nakeds when they are thrown into the same room as them. The instance i just got out of, there was a naked with an ak74U across the hall from the marked room. I knew he was there and threw a grenade into it by bouncing it off the wall. I know it went into the room and i charged in to kill him and get insta 3 tapped in the head. Firstly, even if he somehow shouldn't have died by the nade when he is in the tiniest room within the hotel, he should have been shell shocked and almost impossible to aim. I have seen all sorts of odd and weird things with grenades, I wonder if this is just random bullshit or this is supposed to be implemented where nakeds can survive a grenade that is less than 3 feet away from them with no cover but a toilet stall? This is a serious question because I use grenades A LOT when dealing with buildings because it is the easiest method of clearing rooms and this is the first time ive dealt with someone surviving.
  7. Matching times

    This is the problem for everyone. Especially weekends are booked out to the point it is extremely hard to join a game. Unless you can be on at odd times that most others don't play, playing Customs/factory is basically a dream that won't come true right now.
  8. Persistent Health Future Problems

    If you use this thing called numbers and know how much IFAK's heal and how much the body takes you will see it takes right at 2 and thats assuming both are brand new. I said multiple times if you actually read, that multiple things would need to be drastically changed to make this possible. Also have to bring in a way to heal destroyed body parts as well being so far there is no way possible. The point was unless a massive change is made it will severely hurt the smaller players and would divide the community and I went to talk about how it would affect it. Anyone that has actually played in video games and has at least some experience with watching games rise and fall will tell you that massive change is the way to make or break a game. I personally love the game and so do so many people that make the game almost unplayable with the current amount of servers available. Don't ruin something great was the point. Its probably do-able but point was to warn people that this could easily destroy the game. Also, I do not drink, saying so was immature and childish.
  9. Persistent Health Future Problems

    So everyone is always hearing about in the future, health will be persistent and in which I find this concept won't work for a variety of reasons. 1. It would take 2-3 IFAKS just to heal yourself once which is around $150 dollars =15000 roubles or so. This would be horrid for new players that don't have the money for this. Also being able to buy IFAKS or some new medical supply would have to be implemented for level 1 players. I also believe if there was a POLL taken by the community that persistent health would be voted in favor of NOT having it. People don't want to have to heal themselves every time they die in a game, in certain maps waiting for 15 minutes to get into a factory match is already a pain. Just to get put in a few critical seconds or in some instances minutes late and get tapped within 4 seconds of being able to move. Having persistent Health would only be a good thing for the very wealthy and higher up players that grind 24/7 the casual player would be taking it up the backside. It would severely hurt the community balance and would probably end with a lot of players quitting, all that would be left are the ones that grind and the few hatchlings that waddle around half dead because they can't continue to afford medical supplies. If this is added severe consideration would defiantly be needed before implementation. Along with several other bugs, matching times glitched AI, server-side connection and more needs to be fixed almost completely. I can not express enough on how many times I have died due to AI that doesn't move and cant be killed just for them to shoot silent invisible bullets at me and I can not fight back. It would also ruin a lot of peoples playstyle, in which they go in with pistols or AK74 with a couple mags and try to be aggressive, making this to expensive would make a lot of people the camping type in which yes is ok in EFT. BUT, you will find if EVERYONE is camping the game will get nostalgic and whoever can camp the longest will win. Very, very few would want to play a game where no one moves and as soon as you do you get shot. There is a fine line in milsim/hardcore games where people must realize it will never be exactly like real life because being that it IS a game, and if to be a SUCCESSFUL one it cannot make half its player base want to quit by adding something that will only hurt the poor/inexperienced. The game is doing VERY well as how it is now and for the people that complain should just accept it. They complain BUT they play countless hours on the game, of course, tweaks could be made but a major change like what is being talked about without careful calculations could destroy this game faster than it grew tenfold. Also before someone comments that I must be a noob etc to write all this I would actually classify myself as a grinder/richer player, as well as I play far more than the casual player and have the maps memorized to a T.
  10. Keeping gear on "wipe"

    Dude, if you joined within a week of the last wipe then the only reason you got so much loot in only a few days was that everyone was dumping all of their crap. The sale was also on at one point so everything was 100 percent off, that is why you encountered so much loot. There is barely ever a wipe, please don't act like you know the wipe schedule without doing research. There is one more wipe that will happen as far as the player base knows and that is at the official launch of the game. Also, remember that the game is in BETA it is being worked on there will be wipes. When full game is out devs have said there will be NO wipes whatsoever.
  11. Honest Question

    You don't do basically any damage to body shots if body armor until you wear the body armor down to 0. Always aim for the head when using a tomahawk because if they don't have a helmet it is ALWAYS a one-shot kill whether they have a PACA or even FORT on it doesn't protect their head. If they are wearing a helmet usually one good hit will destroy the helmet and the second will finish them off. Although sometimes it will vary to 3 hits. If you don't feel good at trying to aim for the head, on fully geared players try to take out their leg. If you blacken a body part of someone and you hit it again it will kill them instantly, no armor can protect arms and legs. Also if you do die, you made the rest of their raid a pain in the ass so that's a clutch too Also, if the guy is standing still and you hit him 20 times its because he's probably having server error connections. Just leave it alone lol, hit him twice in the head so if he reconnects he just dies but if not he can't turn and shoot you. Been a big problem since they have been upgrading servers.
  12. drops nerfed?

    Back to Back raid a few days ago in Factory, I got a Roller from safe/cabinets. It seems that loot spawns have become a little less on the amount but quality has been turned up. Of course, sometimes its just complete crap and that is always sad but needed lol.
  13. Matching times

    January 12, still poo loading times. Only time can ever play 2 of the 4 maps is at weird times when there aren't as many players. I have waited half hour before for a match and ended up getting killed within 15 seconds. Not a fun cycle. Been playing this game for a long time and its frustrating to the CORE players who have played long before this was an issue. Other than that other key changes have been good.
  14. Ai/Scavs

    Constant times where they bug out and then they do damage that makes no sound that absolutely destroys you no matter what you do. Tired of losing tons of gear to Ai that I either can't see or cant kill that does damage without even making a sound. At first, I thought this might just be me but I have asked several others and it occurs time after time again. I find really no use to even kill them anymore or even attempt to because it gets so tiresome and not worth taking the chance of losing gear. The only way to safely do it is with long range scope and that completely is worthless due to the fact if you are able to use one you don't and most likely won't takes the gear they drop. I honestly didn't have these problems before the last update but of course, someone else might have I do not know. Something to look into though, maybe its due to the high amount of players and the server lag where Ai might be lagging around possibly, I do not know but it is a very big pain. Also please know I understand it's in Beta so I'm not bitching but it still needs to be fixed before the game should ever be released fully. Either way, love the game I'll continue to keep playing it, as usual, the game is worth it ;).