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  1. the-Collector

    Nested Backpacks

    So I picked up a backpack from a killed player and there were 5 to 6 other packs nested inside. Easy fix is to have each subsequent backpack that you stuff into the first one lose 2 to 3 slots. Maybe just grey them out or something. Kind of credulous to have 5 packs and then body armor in the last one. Thanks, Josh
  2. the-Collector

    Bugs and Errors

    Hello Developers. Fantastic game so far. Please keep up the great work!! Some things I noticed, my apologies if there is another place to report bugs/errors. I could not find it. Bugs/Errors 1- With the ACOG attached to an M4 while looking through 45 degree offset sights the ACOG experiences some clipping issues. See screenshot. 2- The Elcan optic is both a 1x and 4x scope. Please add the ability to toggle modes on the optic with Ctrl + Right Click same as when you cycle through available optics on the weapon. 3- The scope mount for the March tactical rifle scope attaches backwards on the M4. The mount you have modeled is a cantilever mount. The idea when in use on the M4 is to move the scope farther forward over the gap between the upper receiver and the hand guard. This "bridges the gap" while avoiding having to use two scope rings. See attached. 4- When using the Aimpoint T1 on the M4 there is a slight zoom when looking through the red dot. This optic provides no magnification, so the zoom I would argue isn't quite accurate. 5- The way the character model is animated holding the vertical grip on the M4 is not quite right in my opinion. Although the grip is a "vertical grip" more often than not it is utilized as shown in the picture below. Having shot the real thing, this hold offers much better control of the weapon. It would be nice to see the animation changed or an option given for grip style. Thanks, Josh Clipping Issue Cantilever Mount Proper Vertical Grip hold