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  1. Toonen1988

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    Happy birthday! Any celebration going on, maybe release of 0.10.2 patch or maybe more news about 0.10.5 patch as a celebration.
  2. Toonen1988

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  3. Toonen1988

    This game is so harsh on new player

    Have you tried to join a group or community who plays this game? Ask them if they wanna do factory runs with you. Just say that you are a beginner and need gear, money or EXP. A 5 man squad on factory is really easy, i made like a million roubles in just a few runs. Only 1 enemy PMC spawn and i believe around 3 á 4 scav. Let your 4 teammates wipe the whole map, loot stuff and weapons and wait for the next scav wave. Kill them again, loot them and extract or just wait for another scav round. Some people went with us with only a hatchet, they extracted with a lot of loot. Not always worthfull loot like MR-133 shotguns but you can always sell them. But don't get all the loot for yourself, otherwise people don't want to team up with you. But if you survive, you will have atleast 30k roubles on every run and between 3k to 10k expierence. Depends on your kills.
  4. Toonen1988

    Second wave information

    I can confirm, just recieved my mail (27-03-2016 Europe). Thank you devs and good luck everyone who has access!
  5. Toonen1988

    Second wave started!

    Just gave it some time guys, or it takes a while to send out all wave 2 mails or they are still preparing stuff.
  6. Toonen1988

    Which of you English speakers going to be in BEAR?

    That's why we have private party, groups or clans in gaming. What you describes refers to a private group. I'm talking about language in a public environment. Bear is not dedicated to only Russian speakers, so it is a public environment. If Russian people creates a private group within BEAR, then it is a different story! If i'm sitting in my room with friends, i will be talking Dutch. If another guy joines and he is Dutch, we will still be talking Dutch. But if a guy joines the room that doesn't speak Dutch, we will change the language to English. It makes communicating with eachother much easier and afcourse a lot more fun and the one person that doesn't speak Dutch, doesn't feel himself a misfit but rather welcome!
  7. Toonen1988

    Devs, take a momment and sit with us

    That doesn't make any sense in my opinion! When someones guaranteeds me access, i would expect to play from the first minute. As i mentioned in other forum post, i've got the patience to wait but this isn't right in my opinion. Why not letting all the EOD buyers in from the start and then send out waves to people who haven't bougt the EOD package. I understand why you guys do everyting in waves and i appreciated what you guys are doing, but this is just a slap in the face for EOD buyers. There are 2 options to solve this problem! Let all the EOD players in the Alpha or change the pre-order page and warn people about the waves before buying. No, i'm not here to talk myself into the game or hate the company, this also falls under feedback. This company is still fresh and new, so i hope you guys take a note about this feeback.
  8. Doesn't matter? Some people doesn't have luxury like others and doesn't have a fast internet connection. There are still people in the world with a slow internet connection, simply because they don't have an high enough income to get faster internet or doesn't have faster packages available in there country/area! Those answers are even worse then the qeustion itself! Don't get me wrong, i'm not here to hate anyone or to start a fight but what's wrong with this qeustion? Pre-loading doesn't have anything to do with NDA, because we still need to log-in to play the game... How can you break NDA by only pre-loading, posting what kind of files it installs on your machine? Gentleman, i would suggest to use more common sense, don't make this community toxic please! I have 200mbits download (soon 300mbits) and i download games with 22,5mb per second. But i still think about the people who doesn't have that luxury. Other developers allowed to pre-load games while in NDA.
  9. Toonen1988

    Alpha testing, first wave started!

    From what i've understand, 1 to 2 days. It will be on saterday or on sunday. The third wave will be next week then.. If they don't have another delay.
  10. Toonen1988

    Alpha testing, first wave started!

    Standard > Guaranteed access to closed beta Left behind > Guaranteed access to closed beta, Chance to be selected for alpha testing Prepare of Escape > Guaranteed access to closed beta, Chance to be selected for alpha testing Edge of Darkness > Guaranteed access to closed beta, Guaranteed participation in alpha testing If someone guaranteed me access, i would expect to have access from the first minute. I understand the reason why they do it in waves, if they release it to everyone, it will be one big mess like server connection issue's, slow download speed, ect. I've got patience but this just leave a bad tast in my mouth, eventually we spend money for the alpha and still we have to wait for the right wave to access the game. Why not let all the EOD buyers in the first wave and then send out waves to POS and LB buyers? Yet again, i'm not complaining because i have the patience to wait, but the alpha is live right now and i still need to wait while they promised me guaranteed access. What happend if something went wrong and they delay the next waves.. How closer to the end of the alpha, how more useless my payment will be for the alpha.
  11. Toonen1988

    Which of you English speakers going to be in BEAR?

    From what i understand, we can all play together but we can't launch the game in a different region except Europe copies. Correct me if i'm wrong!
  12. Toonen1988

    Which of you English speakers going to be in BEAR?

    People invented a world language for a reason, it doesn't matter if you like it or not, it helps us to interact with eachother from anywhere around the world. So even in games, just use common sense and talk English, it help us to understand eachother and that makes the game A LOT more fun! Most people that are complaining about the world language are either patriots of there own country or simply just against America and England what has nothing to do with world language. World language makes our life much easier on internet or even in real life. Live with it, or just stay ignorance and selfish. And no, i'm from The Netherlands and as you can read or may have noticed, English isn't my native language. So, it shouldn't matter what you side you join, there shouldn't be any language barrier. That's my opinion! We are all here to have FUN!
  13. Toonen1988

    Alpha testing, update

    That would be bad indeed! People with The Edge of Darkness edition should be having access from the first minute to be honest. It would be bad when people who bought the normal package would have earlier access then The Edge of Darkness buyers. And i'm not saying this because i've bought the Edge of Darkness edition, i'm only saying this that we payed more to have alpha access. That means that we payed EXTRA to have definitely alpha access. I would expect to have alpha access from the start, and let the normal users come in waves.