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  1. Turn off com tacs

    Maybe pressing H could be the hotkey, considering that H does not have a keybind currently. Then it should also have an icon in the inventory screen that shows a muted sign.
  2. 100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    I would like to win because I need weapon cases! I cannot even buy ammo for the RSASS yet, as I am level 3 peackeeper. Probably like most of these other guys... But yeah, those weapons cases are what I want!
  3. Opening factory up just a little bit

    Yes, I agree it does seem too small. Also what happened to the 1st floor of the offices, we have the offices on 3rd floor, then the bathrooms / lockers on 2nd, but 1st floor is inaccessible... There are certain places on every map where it seems like we should be able to gain access to, but cannot.
  4. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Thanks! is where I found most of this information. WIP materials 1, 2, 3 (three separate pages of WIP stuff) Just be aware that it is not all pictures from Escape From Tarkov, but some pictures of Contract Wars and CW standalone - now called Hired Ops. I also found that 1911 picture from their official Facebook feed, it is one of the first photos so you might have to scroll down a fair bit If you are planning on editing your main post, may I suggest adding a section on character customization? check the link below for some more images of work in progress customization features that I found. I'll just leave these here...
  5. bringing a knife to a gun fight

    I believe that you get a 200,000 roubles care package if you ever reach bankruptcy. So this should sort you out if you feel like you are ever forced into taking just a knife.
  6. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Some miscellaneous photos... Vehicles compilation (I think that these are not yet present in the game. Sorry if some of them are) Some weapons and attachments that you might have missed Some boring stuff...
  7. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Yes about the M14, Nikita has previously said in a Twitch chat (Klean's) that the M14 EBR will be coming. (It was in Contract Wars with a full auto variant anyway...) I also have some pictures of some guns that have not yet been released. First is an SKS with the stripper clip internal magazine Double Barrel Shotgun 1911 pistol? - (quite a nasty image) ALSO, I found these pictures of a Walkie Talkie a while back:
  8. Noob Giveaway! Pt. 2

    Yeah I wouldn't say I am a noob, but my K/D is definitely well below 1. I am entering just for a weapons case... I would rather you give the AS VAL's to somebody else! I am level 24 as of writing this post! SO I might be above level 25 by the time you draw the winner, we'll see.
  9. Stash Warehouse

    @SpecOpsUnited This is essentially the same thing as you are talking about, except with a different name.
  10. Make checking mag animation usefull

    Yeah this is a good idea, I do believe that it is planned. They also need to allow us to start reloading if we are already in the animation of checking our mag in the first place.
  11. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Wallets Factory Key Gas Analyzers x4 Gold Chains x8 WTB Item case Vintorez and ammo / mags
  12. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Alex Описание A hardened veteran from the Contract Wars. Prestigious sniper for USEC. Over 100 confirmed kills on BEAR operators Его прошлое He worked for USEC in the contract wars and became a key target for BEAR fighters to eliminate. His main base of operations was the Lighthouse area of Tarkov for many years before he was moved by command over to the second terminal. Как он попал в Тарков? He needed some money after leaving the Norvinsk military, Russia had never done anything for him, and so he joined USEC. Пристрастия He loves the AWM-F sniper rifle and Beretta 90two pistol. These are his most used weapons along with the VSS Vintorez and Glock 18. Друзья Mechanic trader Many scavs and civilians... Ранения и битвы Many battles were fought by him as he tried to protect the Lighthouse from being taken by BEAR. He was also badly injured during a sniper overwatch mission at the Overpass. He does not like to talk about this as it was a very embarrassing defeat which he only just survived by calling in an airstrike... (Something he is not proud of doing) Стремления He has always wanted to skydive off of the main city tower in the Streets of Tarkov. Since his current deployment he has yet to find an actual VSS Vintorez rifle... So he cannot wait to kill a BEAR who can give him one! Самые значительные достижения персонажа He achieved 5 double headshots in a row with the tangfolio Thor pistol. Сила 20 Выносливость 20 Меткость 40 Снайпер
  13. Please make more items UNBUYABLE, but TRADABLE.

    Yes I agree with this. I would also like to add that we do not need to have so many of the same items to be available. e.g. 15,000 items on sale of the same product? Before trader reset not even 1000 of these will have been bought. Maybe just reduce the total amount of items available depending on how rare they are? And then think about making them unbuyable and tradable only
  14. New players

    Character name Alex Description A highly skilled sniper. Feared by all his enemies Easy to get along with. His past He was a hardened mercenary until his pet chicken was killed. He then became very sad. How did he get to Tarkov? He got lost on the way to comic con. Predilections He enjoys good guitar music and soccer Friends He is good friends with Peacekeeper and The Mechanic. Very highly respected by the refugees of Tarkov. Wounds, and battles Many wounds on his left leg. Many sniper battles which he won. Aspirations To be the greatest trader in Tarkov. The greatest achievement that character did He once found many medical supplies for people who needed them after getting shot at by bandits. Strength 20 Endurance 20 Accuracy 40 Sniper
  15. So any other games you guys been playing lately besides EFT?

    Fortnite, Rocket league and Insurgency