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  1. I propose that a feature is added where you can fold up your backpack if it is empty in order to create more space in your stash. I know that you can always just put items inside a backpack to create space, or you can store all of your empty backpacks inside one to save space. But I think that it would be a nice addition to allow for more ways of saving space, by allowing for folding / packing up of chest rigs and backpacks if they have nothing stored in them. Why not add this, would it not be a cool idea to have more ways of saving space?
  2. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Tarkv does not need any more bad press
  3. Civs

    I really like this idea. Great suggestion, I would love to see 'Civs' in Tarkov!
  4. SR-IMP vs Kiver & Fort?

  5. I agree with all your suggestions. I have one more: Make keys a lot rarer - Only one key of each type can be found in the raid. (this does not mean that there should be a guaranteed spawn of every key per every raid) Currently, you can find 4x 203 key in a set of filing cabinets. There should only really be one 203 key available to find in a raid. Same with any other key, there should not be multiple copies of the same key that you can find all in the same raid / session. OR They could also make random 'key cycles' where every week you get a different amount / types of keys spawning into the raids. Then this could work nicely with your idea of keys breaking. This would make it risky to use the same key over and over again in the same week if you will not be able to find it again that week, as you had already found it first time round the previous week or so. I personally really like this idea of 'key cycles', what about everybody else?
  6. Breach Locked Doors

    I am guessing that they meant that it is possible to add to the game, as I am sure that we would have seen something about this on youtube videos. Or maybe it is currently possible... Did you try with buckshot or slugs? I imagine slugs would be the best option.
  7. This is a great idea. It would be very much appreciated to be able to observe your character's gear during matchmaking, or to do some trading and organize your stash. But I guess it may not work so well to be able to change the PMC's gear or to transfer items to and from character and stash. So maybe there could be an indicator somewhere on the screen that you are matching, and then when it is ready, the "DEPLOYING" screen could gradually fade into view and you would start the game. Additionally, I think it would be a great idea to be able to see the characters of the other people on your group, and see their character's inventory. Furthermore, what about having a temporary stash, say 10 x 10, that everyone in the group can use to transfer items into and out of during the matching time. Of course, when players trading is fully implemented, this may become a redundant feature... I personally want the player to player flea market / trading to come sooner than most other features.
  8. I think that all the loot on a map should be related. SO if you find ammo, then there will also be a mag to put that ammo in, and this also means that there is a gun to put the mag in. These sorts of items should definitely not spawn far away from each other either. There needs to be realism put into the fact that you have mags and ammo spawning. And of course, this means that there should be rigs / vests spawning too. And backpacks also. It should be possible to find a large crate which has a specific loadout inside.... (bag, chest rig, armour and weapon) However, finding a loadout should only be possible if you have a rare key, these should not be common place, (because, technically, the scavs would have already looted them) Even though the idea of a PMC going to a location with nothing and coming with gear would realistically be considered very unsafe, I suggest that the amount of loot that spawns on a map should be somewhat related to total amount of gear that the players choose to spawn in with. I'm not sure how that wold work, but I think it would be cool if; the less loot players bring in, the more loot you find of lower value. or the more loot players bring in, the less loot you find of higher value.
  9. On results of the New Year Event

    Great News!
  10. Looking to try out the game?

    yeah, what was it? did you recognize the country, or did you just guess the letter, starting from A? either way, I don't mind . Have Fun!
  11. 15 hits really

    He was wearing the riot helmet - Kolpak... It is designed for blunt force attacks. Maybe next time, if they're wearing a helmet, go for the chest arms or legs. if they are wearing a helmet, they are most likely wearing chest armour... so then you'd want to avoid hitting the chest...
  12. Looking to try out the game?

    IGW4E-C644P-6UZAI-5W65U 7 day trial key - valid for activation until January 4th 2018 Riddle; The Z should not be a Z, but it should be a different letter... That letter is the first letter of the country that I took the photos from... ( Hint: that country is in Africa! ) trolo lolo lolol
  13. AI Scav attacked me after I killed a USEC player

    I don't want to seem patronising, but did he definitely shoot you, or did he shoot the USEC body and it might have seemed like he shot you? Had you already pressed F and gone into the inventory looting screen by that stage? I only say this because AI scavs are programmed to sometimes shoot dead bodies (they learnt from the mistakes of the release trailer SCAVS). Hearing a gunshot right next to you, I know it would be hard for me to know whether or not the AI scav was shooting at me or not... -How many times did he shoot you? Did you shoot back after the first shot? Also, there is always the possibility that it was in-fact a player scav, and he was just acting like an AI to get you to trust him. Maybe he wanted the loot for himself... Other than that, I really don't have any ideas, perhaps it was just a glitch / bug in the AI.
  14. More Avatars to the game please

    number 1 is most likely coming soon number 2 will not come. The only similar thing is offline mode that we have right now, but that is singleplayer number 3 is definitely coming. see below
  15. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    The open beta is coming in the new year, This event that we are discussing is a stress test of the servers to see how open beta will affect the performance. You will get a better open beta experience once the stress test has yielded results which the devs can use to optimize the game
  16. I'm afraid that BSG cannot simply go over to the USA and try out your own personal collection of guns. If they want to add those models into the game, then they have to visit the manufacturers of those guns in order to get licensing / copyright permissions sorted out. Unless you yourself are the proud maker of those guns...
  17. New Year Event starts tomorrow at 15:00 MSK

    I have two questions; I received a free testing code (no time limit) back in April, however, I pre-ordered my "Prepare For Escape" edition on the 28th July, as the game servers were being updated with the closed beta patch. Will I receive these two 7-day trial keys, will I count as having 'joined the testing before closed beta' ??? What do you mean by "within one week." ? Do you mean that the codes have to be redeemed within one week, or else they will not be valid? Or do you mean that we will receive these codes sometime within one week? Or is it something else..?
  18. Check how long a body has been dead for

    Yeah I think this is a great idea! This would also allow for a skill which improves your character's judgement and estimation of temperature and time since death. Because it is unrealistic that dog tags would tell the time of death... That is obvious lol
  19. Searching Audio

    Please stop embarrassing yourself mate Yeah, I personally think it is fine, Did you have comtacs on when your heard him from a mile away? Because if so that might explain it... Anyway as I am sure you know there has always been sound bugs / desync with previous patches.
  20. Black Division PMC (long post)

    I don't know if any of you played Contract Wars browser game, but in that game they had a roulette which you got to roll for free 2-3 times a day or purchase more rolls. They had many prizes that you could win, but the most sought after and valuable prize was Black Division - supposedly this would reward you with one million credits and 500gp (not sure how many gp, something like that). GP was premium, real life money, in game currency. I can't remember where exactly I heard it, but Black Division is like the best of the best. Only the best fighters get into Black Division PMC. "Passing all levels and get all titles player can become even steeper , joining the Black Division, which essentially is a group of professionals Contract Wars. As a fighter of this elite unit , the player gets access to the black gold (BG), on which he can buy unique weapons , perks and opportunities. More about this mode will be written in the following posts." I found this on a CW kongregate forum, but I have also heard that Black Division is something that only the developers get access to / or give access to other players. "What is Black Division? According to the backstory of the project, some third power with most powerful PMC unit, who takes action in conflict. Usually developers take this clan fro themselfs. In the roulette it is a huge-extra-mega-cool prize, which is also extremly rare" ALL these quotes are official, you can find them on NQSS' posts on Contract Wars forums on Kongregate... So I was thinking that you could have Black Division in game; Perks would be: -Weekly wages rewarded, say 100,000 roubles every week. -Access to super rare and expensive guns for free, or on discount from trader who only sells to contracters from Black Division PMC. NOW HERE IS SOMETHING THAT COULD BE PART OF THE PREMIUM PACK / EDGE OR DARKNESS PRE-ORDERS So if you have pre-ordered The Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, you get access to Black Division perks / gamemode. (this gamemode could be a bit like scav gamemode, where you spawn in with gear which would be provided free of charge by Black Division PMC.) However, to stop this from becoming way too overpowered, lets say that The Edge of Darkness players are only part of Black Division PMC for the first three months... Then the only way to become part of Black Division PMC is to be in the top 500 players of the global leaderboard, (based on kills, looting etc...) But this number, in this case 500, is dependent on however many people have actually preordered Edge of Darkness edition. If only 400 people have done this, then there is only ever going to be 400 places in Black Division for the whole life of this wonderful game. So you get to secure your place in Black Division PMC for the first couple of months since release day, (simply because you preordered the limited edition) and then after that, your place is up for grabs so that anyone who rises up in the global leaderboard / rankings can take the place and become part of Black Division PMC. But this would only be a perk for the limited edition people and only for the first few months after release, and then anyone who is good enough can take their place. Thank you for getting this far, and I hope the devs involve this in the game! I love the look of this game, but I am waiting to get my hands on it as i have studies until july... P.S Yes i like saying "Black Division PMC" Here is someone else pic that i found on google images! (from Contract Wars)
  21. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    I really would like a glock 18 full auto in EFT! Well that OSPREY 9 silencer is confirmed... (scroll down)
  22. Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    There is already camping and there is already ways of getting around this... The places which are best to camp are already known by most places. But I do agree, yes camping is bad, but I would say that the benefits of this idea outweigh the cost
  23. Please make more items UNBUYABLE.

    I totally agree... But I think that all weapons should be buyable, but that the attachments for these weapons should not be buyable (unless they are low tier attachments e.g. PSO or Holographic Eotech sight)
  24. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    I have a question. I won an Alpha phase testing key in a giveaway... I played during Alpha testing... On the day that the closed Beta started, I preordered the game (Prepare For Escape Edition) Will I receive these two 7 day keys? Because, technically I had joined the testing before July 28, but I am just wondering whether or not your system would recognise that, considering I only had free access beforehand... I did however purchase the game before the closed Beta patch went live, but while my game was updating... Either way, it is not 'necessary', but I would like to give a key to my friend who is planning on buying the game so that he can try it out. Thanks!