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    Will Existing owners get Steam keys?

    Hi there, out of interest, where did you hear of this release date? (since I missed it) Source?
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    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    ^ +1
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    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    "Avada Kedavra!" (A killing curse from Harry Potter)
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    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    It would be nice to be able to inspect items that are on the ground without having to pick them up first, will this be enabled? Currently you can consume food / drink if you search a container and find it, but if it is on the ground (or any other type of item) you have to pick it up first in order to interact with it.
  5. alex8xela

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    Regarding optics reticles: Will we ever get the Elcan Specter model like the one shown in the gameplay trailer? - This reticle is supposed to have an X pattern, unlike the + Pattern of the more common scope version. If I recall correctly, we can currently only find this version of the Specter, but we can buy the SpecterDR 1/4x scope, it would be nice to at least have the X reticle, as it is a personal favourite of mine from Contract Wars. In terms of balancing, would it not be better to have the SpecterDR 1/4x be a find-only item and then have the above mentioned 4x be a purchase item. (Same goes for the Hybrid Suppressor, I think that that should be a find only, while the specific calibre suppressors should be purchasable.) THE OKP-7 The OKP-7 reflex sight has two different reticles, but you can only have the large red dot version if you use the rail mounted version. However, if you want the green arrow reticle then you have to use the dovetail version, which is of course not possible for use on an M4. It would be nice to be able to change between either of these reticles, regardless of which version of the reflex sight you are using. Lastly, about the Eotech EXPS3 Holographic Sight, In one of the gameplay trailers we see this sight has a green reticle, it would be nice to have this enabled.
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    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Great idea! This would cater for both hardcore and recreational gamers, no matter how much time they have on their hands. Perhaps the "bit better reward" should only be more exp or money, and never more items... just a thought. Nice idea though
  7. I propose that a feature is added where you can fold up your backpack if it is empty in order to create more space in your stash. I know that you can always just put items inside a backpack to create space, or you can store all of your empty backpacks inside one to save space. But I think that it would be a nice addition to allow for more ways of saving space, by allowing for folding / packing up of chest rigs and backpacks if they have nothing stored in them. Why not add this, would it not be a cool idea to have more ways of saving space?
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    Are we gonna get this anytime soon? Seems like a perfect scav weapon...
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    Question to the forum moderators

    Nice work!!! @gianluzzz @Colonel Twerkins These guys should be able to help you out! (just 2 mod's that I thought of off the top of my head)
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    Netcode is still horrendous.

    Yeah I agree, however for me, I play with US people most of the time when I play in a group (I live in EU) and I get around 150 ping and I can honestly say that the hit reg seems to be OK, however the firefights that I have been in so far have not been that intense. So I reserve judgement until I have played some more matches. The most annoying thing for me is how doors are open for one person but appear closed for another. Or a dead scav sniper scav died up top and did not fall down on my screen, but then my friend see's the fallen body down on the ground and is able to loot him...
  11. alex8xela

    Main Weapon bash

    yes, lovely idea, shame that it has been asked before, confirmed to be planned and yet still we have no more news of it. I feel sorry for you bro... there are loads of posts like yours that just get told that it is already planned...
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    Refill medkits

    Of course, I get it. And I completely agree with you on the concept of actually combining two med-kits. It simply does not make sense that you could be able to 'magically' merge two things just because they have the same name, when in reality IFAK's are made up of different items. (tell me if I read wrong)
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    Refill medkits

    He means that if you have two stacks of ammo of the same type. e.g. 5.45 x 39, 2 stacks of 60 bullets each. And then if you use (shoot / load) 20 bullets from each stack, then you will have two stacks of 40, then you can drag those two 40 rounds to make a stack of 60 and a stack of 20, because 60 is the max stack for 5.45 ammo...
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    Create a humorous inscription for the screenshot!

    "I hope my hangover will leave me soontm"
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    Ragman - the new merchant!

  16. alex8xela

    Bolt action rifle gameplay

    They had this exact system in Contract Wars, their previous Unity game. So I would hope that it is possible.
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    Sketches of Escape from Tarkov

    I am interested to know if this guy below will be a Scav Boss, or will they be more armoured and look less grumpy?
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    Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    How do I get invited to a group?
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    Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

  20. alex8xela

    nades still not fixed...

    Grenades ladning at the thrower's feet seems like a pretty important thing to fix IMHO.
  21. I wasn't expecting the text RPG to be so slow paced, but then again I have never played any form of text RPG before... It does also seem silly that you have to describe your actions and then wait for someone else to approve those actions and then make them happen. Overall, given that I now have a better idea of what this Text RPG is and how it plays, I will most likely never bother with it unless it offers some sort of in game bonus in the main EFT game.
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    Change the "EDIT" name on new Glock items...

    Not all, but a lot. AGREE needs a change
  23. alex8xela

    Turn off com tacs

    Maybe pressing H could be the hotkey, considering that H does not have a keybind currently. Then it should also have an icon in the inventory screen that shows a muted sign.
  24. alex8xela

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    I would like to win because I need weapon cases! I cannot even buy ammo for the RSASS yet, as I am level 3 peackeeper. Probably like most of these other guys... But yeah, those weapons cases are what I want!
  25. alex8xela

    Opening factory up just a little bit

    Yes, I agree it does seem too small. Also what happened to the 1st floor of the offices, we have the offices on 3rd floor, then the bathrooms / lockers on 2nd, but 1st floor is inaccessible... There are certain places on every map where it seems like we should be able to gain access to, but cannot.