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  1. sight brightness

    Me and other people i know have always been thinking why there is no sight brightness setting, since some sights for example "Eotech holo sight" have this function. in the dark (or when using nvg) we would lower it, in the day light we would make it brighter. here is a link to explain it better:
  2. Drivable vehicles.

    i agree!
  3. Stash improvement (suggestion)

    Hello Devs, And escapers. I am very "much" happy with the game and the stash system you guys made already, i would like to suggest some improvements. for example a search bar (if there is one i'm sorry for not noticing it) multiple tabs, for example like in "runescape" in runescape you have a max stash of 800 items, and you have tabs to organize it. where you can put a main item as a picture for that tab. I apologize if there is an existing topic on my suggestions, i have used the search bar before i made this. i would love to read better suggestions!
  4. Killcam

    what is your problem?? and what's the problem of this community. there is no system good enough to detect all cheaters (not in this game not in battlefield, not in call of duty, not in arma) even those games have report buttons. i'm just suggesting, and instead of giving feedback i get the same stupid answer, "the anti-cheat program is doing its job" hell no it isn't, or else you would not see so many people suggesting things like i just did. don't get me wrong battlestate devs, i love this game. but if you keep slapping people in the face with answers like this (quoted above) you will lose your customers and even worse "future"customers, i bought the edge of darkness edition to support the devs. but i see allot of youtubers, reviewers, etc. etc. whom are showing me and lots of people from devs, that they are not taking us serious. and i know you take us serious, but answers like these above are not fun to see when i'm trying to help. (for the people saying that the devs already said "there wont be this or that"), you are the reason why it is not happening.
  5. Killcam

    i guess they could bring in an overwatch function, after the entire server is dead/over, they could probably just put in a (deathcam). i would much rather have a quick report button, not where i have to go back to this site. by the time i'm here i forget the name, or don't want to report that person... and another good addition would be seeing all the banned people pop up like in rb6siege, forgot the anti cheat company name. "gives the players a big boost of trust in the system"
  6. A cumpass in the watch

    i would love a compass, i would be okay with what arma has done. would help allot with the team play.
  7. 100% gpu

    it's normal for a gpu to run 100% or close to 100% usage, it's the cpu usage what is the issue...