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  1. NazT_DragN

    A 'Cancel Action' keybind is needed desperately.

    That actually is a thing...not as fast as it is in game...but it's possible. In RL it's way easier with a semi than with a pump though. Wrong thread sry
  2. NazT_DragN

    Scav Extractions

    This is actually what the problem is. I've come across a couple of times on Customs where one time it said 'Sniper Roadblock' and another time it said 'Scav Checkpoint'. For one, there is nothing I have found on any map referencing a 'Scav Checkpoint'. And two, on a guess I went to 'Military Checkpoint' when I was told the Scav one, and I was extracted there. Not sure if the second instance was a bug, but I totally agree that there needs to be better wording on the in-raid extractions list...if anything it would make general navigation easier, as I have yet to set foot on shoreline outside of an offline raid because trying to figure out where you spawned in (unless you've been playing a while and memorized the map), is almost impossible when reacting to some firefights has a habit of getting one lost unless you are already at the Resort for a directional point of reference.
  3. NazT_DragN

    Scav Extractions

    Besides, that only works if they fixed the maps anyway. I sold back all of mine because they never showed anything marked, and to mark and make my own notes takes too damn long. As far as maps online go. Why is nobody using the wiki? They were just updated not too long ago, and the maps are pretty much on point from what I've found so far. Google is worthless when it comes to finding updated items, as there is no way to get info from a specific time frame, and it shows obsolete data 75% of the time.
  4. NazT_DragN

    A 'Cancel Action' keybind is needed desperately.

    That's kinda funny, as that was the first thing I tried and it's never worked.
  5. I think the title pretty much sums it up but I'll expand a bit. I'm pretty sure that nobody in the history of life would forsake their survival by continuing to drink or apply first aid when they hear someone rushing their position. Too many times I have been caught by someone, while I was in mid-animation, that (more than likely) heard the noise from said action. That being said...while I understand that in and of itself rushing a position of commotion is a proper reaction and part of the game's mechanics, I don't believe that it should always be so. There should be an option to cancel an action being taken in order to defend oneself. There could even be a balance to it as, by canceling said action, one would lose the item that they were using. eg: If you were bandaging, drop the bandage and ready your weapon, at the consequence of losing that use of bandaging because it had to be dropped on the ground. Same as for consumables. While drinking you hear footsteps coming to your position, you wouldn't ignore them and keep drinking. You would drop the container (maybe even comically spit out the mouthful you had in the process), and scramble for your weapon. Having actions make noise is great and all, and even the fact actions take different amounts of time is a good thing...but...since it is known (by most), of which action makes what sounds and knowing the timing of the animation. The rusher will win the encounter 90% of the time, just for the simple fact that the victim is locked in an animation, and has no way to defend themselves. Or in some cases even move aside.
  6. NazT_DragN

    Blackened arm droops my weapon

    ^^^ This Essentially when a part is blackened it's to signify that that part is 'disabled' and unusable for more than basic functions. Be glad it's only considered a partial disability, otherwise we'd be dropping and losing our guns altogether because we'd no longer have the grip ability to hold the weight of the weapon.
  7. NazT_DragN

    Movement sounds {Please Fix}

    Both in the same session on Customs. Is there any way to fix the localization of movement sounds? (Player and AI) First I was surprised by a player running by me at full sprint and there was no sound of the footsteps at all. (I think it was a player because I have yet to see any AI in a full sprint anywhere in the last few months.) Second: I followed the sounds of someone walking on rocks and when I got to where the sounds were coming from, I was rushed from behind and killed in close range and they made no sound running up to me...I heard the gunfire right behind my right ear, so I know it's nothing to do with my headset because that was the only way they COULD flank me. But the movement sounds came from in front of me when nobody was there and there were no movement sounds at all behind me. I was walking at slowest speed and was making no sound myself so I could listen out.
  8. NazT_DragN

    Extended. we can loose our stuff ?

    Don't forget keys...I use mine for keys exclusively, or if I'm lucky enough to find a map...you can always buy more ammo/food/first-aid way cheaper than what the traders are charging for keys.
  9. NazT_DragN

    What is the status of extended alpha ?

    You forgot the US players... I paid $150 US for EOD in April 2016, which is 142.6 euro. Anything under that I consider a very generous discount for anyone else. 115 Euro is still hella cheap. Regardless...yes I'm playing now, but for those waiting for the extended to get around to them...don't get too impatient, there are still enough random bugs to ruin ppl's days. Yes it's the holidays, and yes BSG is probably on a skeleton crew atm, but to take DICE for an example: People whined and pushed for BF4 and BF1 to come out as soon as possible. BF4 was nearly unplayable for 6mo after release due to the bugs still in it, and BF1 still has balancing issues to this day. Just be patient and bide your time, the longer it takes, the more bugs will be addressed beforehand. Hell, I pre-ordered in April, and 1st stage Alpha wasn't out until end of Sep. beginning of Oct.
  10. NazT_DragN

    Scav AI behaviour suggestions.

    Yes annoying, but going back though the posts and notes about players choosing to be a scav...that seems to be pretty much how the option to play a scav is. (Run around as someone other than a known operator-type)
  11. NazT_DragN

    Alpha testing, first wave started!

    Got mine beginning of February. Not in the 1st wave makes me wonder just how far back ppl have really been waiting for.
  12. NazT_DragN

    Scavs concerns

    In the latest stream a question of "will the loot be in the same areas and same abundance?" was asked, and they answered "No, the loot tables were turned up for us to have things to show people on the stream, for the actual gameplay the loot will be randomized and more rare than what you see here." The gameplay in the stream was the same as far as the routes and loot locations were, because 1. they were doing 2 streams back to back, (1 russian and 1 english) and 2. they wanted consistency between those streams that way people watching only one of those streams weren't shown something different than the other. Believe me, I'm pretty sure they aren't going to have the game set in exactly the same way they were showing, because of that exact way of thinking. 'oh, I memorized where everything was from the stream, so I'll just go there first.' Don't worry, things will very likely, if not guaranteed, to be completely random from what was shown. Like most ppl, I'm only using the information from the stream as it was intended...to know how the game looks visually and the mechanics of how things work, not as being set in stone for where everything is and plan ahead for when alpha comes.
  13. NazT_DragN

    Scavs concerns

    #3 doesn't even come into play for the simple fact that encounters are random no matter who you play as. Besides, how would you be able to see where PMC's are, to go after them to begin with?? From what I've seen, it doesn't matter who you are, you still need to loot for gear...(kinda the point of the game) Being a Scav, or anyone for that matter, just makes things interesting because you never know who will be around the corner. Technically #3 is exactly what the game is about, and Scavs (Scavengers) by their very definition try to get things with as few encounters as possible....so that includes #4 as well...because that IS what a Scav would do in real life. Going after PMCs on purpose is a role of a Guerrilla or Merc. not a Scav. (Edit: It's not that I know the game inside and out, it's just common sense, (at least for me) so please correct me if I'm wrong.)
  14. NazT_DragN

    So, where is the alpha date?

    Let me tell YOU a little secret. I've done my job. P.S. to Moderators: I'm not posting this to add any strife or politics/discrimination. I'm just proud of being able to serve my country while I was able-bodied enough to do so. o7
  15. NazT_DragN

    So, where is the alpha date?

    Thx @Starlight for clearing that up...I'm tired of explaining myself to ppl who obviously read ONLY the parts they want to. And @SSatan you obviously didn't read under my name where it states I have the EOD pre-order. I ordered specifically to take part in the testing and have a voice in HELPING the devs find bugs and imbalances to the game...not just to be able to play early. My whole point is that the majority of the people complaining about NOT getting a chance at alpha, are the ones who only got the lowest package, (or worse yet) didn't pre-order at all...and those same people are implying those that parted with their hard earned cash, only did it to play early and don't care about the testing.