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  1. _Dom1n4toI2_

    Drivable vehicles.

    Well, to be more correct they've wrote there's a 10 % chance of having drivable vehicles in the game. I'm just trying to bump in to 20%.
  2. _Dom1n4toI2_

    Drivable vehicles.

    So I know devs are not planing on adding drivable vehicles in the game. Don't know why, since unity hadles vehicle physics pretty well. Here's a suggestion. U find a key, or buy one, for the car. Key name is a car's plate number. U get in a raid, find a car, open it, start and drive. 4 players can fit into a car (whole team). U can put items U and Your team loots into a truck (more space, like 2-3 trizips maybe). Park on the extract any Ur out. Of course car would be a magnet for bullets, but that's just added fun, right?
  3. _Dom1n4toI2_

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    A more detailed KIA report would solve these problems. Often when this happens it's not 'cause of hackers, but rather a glitch or a legit death. Happened to me once. On customs i was running, then suddenly dead. Turns out i've cought my head up on a razor fence, no helmet, 2-3 strikes in under half a second... dead. For dealing with cheater there are anti hacking measurements. Kill cam won't solve cheater problems on any level. Besides kill cam is for kids and noobs anyway. This game is a simulation, not COD or BF style FPS. Someone shoots You from the bush 100 yards away IRL You won't know where it came from anyway, so why would that be implemented in this game?