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  1. Emnity

    Giving another player my gamma?

    I can't see a reason not to be able to.
  2. Ive always wondered why would people want to make the game look more cartoony by increasing the vibrance of colors. Looks pretty fine for me. Real world aint that colourful... pun intendet
  3. Emnity

    New players

    Character name Emnity Description A battle hardened, self-thought weapons expert His past Work as a gun manufacturer has made him a valuable target for either assasination or recruitment by the big corporations. Letting go of all his achievements and personal workshop, now roaming tarkov in search for a place to call his own and law down in the shadows How did he get to Tarkov? It's the only place he can be on the best side of the conflict, his side! Predilections Having one cup of whiskey every night after a successful scavenging run or perimeter control Friends Has no known alive friends. Wounds, and battles Has an old scar from gunshot wound years ago in his left leg. Still gives him hard time sleeping sometimes, specially when the weather is cold. Aspirations Survive at all costs, and hope the dust settles some day and live to tell the tale. The greatest achievement that character did One time in factory run, managed to "demoralise" a group of PMC's to further sweap the area ahead by... killing them... one by one... every single one, striking from multiple vantage points, methodically, shot by shot... all in the heads Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  4. Надявах се да е за празниците, че ще съм си повече пред компа, дано