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  1. 100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Because I will propably try to shoot you with this, thats why u get it back anyway.. To be honest because I've ever seen this gun once and played over 40 hours
  2. 1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    It's a girl dosn't that answer your question ?
  3. Make Loot more Rare!

    No it would not since there still different loot in different locations. It shouldn't be completally random. High interest earea get's better loot chance but there need to be more places to get the better loot than just one marked room, to make an example. The key is not the problem here it's the ppl just farming this places asap leaving nothing behind.. that's why the map's are static wich makes em much more booring and generic. Game would be much better without those routines and harder for everyone since you could expect encounters almost everywere instead of just at some hot spots... The idea to have more scavs guarding those spots wouldn't change that much since geared players just roll over them. This would only end up in the same loop as it is right now. PPL spawn know exactly were enemies could be at wich time and run their generic route for most loot.. get out asap..
  4. Make Loot more Rare!

    Yes that's also my opinion. Watched a twitch stream of some 1000+ hours TK player.. he just jumped while running full speed in order to get even faster while he made 400000 RB in one shoreline run getting all those chains in locked rooms. In my opinion this is discusting and the reason you get punished playing this game as it is intended. Slow awared and carefully.. Devs could easy fix this routine of farming a map and twist things up making the maps way more interesting by just spreading the loot and make it random..
  5. 5.56 is more efficience in terms of put a target down because u will engage a shock getting hit by a projectile that has a certian speed. That shock kills most of the time your hart will simply stop beating. Another reason is the smaller your projectile is the more chance to actually penetrate armor. At least that's what I got told at the german army. However every hit by any gun should daze the target not beeing able to fight back that easy
  6. Lets talk insurance

    Actually playing in a squad it is rly low risk.. What you call exposed time is almost none existent because your team ofc will make sure there is no one left of those who attacked. Btw as I already sayed you failed as you die, be a man and take it like everyone else has to. Hiding gear is verry easy to do and works about 99% because you not going up against large numbers of enemies since there is no matchmaking. How comes you talk about "I personally like they way Tarkov is. It is high risk and VERY HIGH THRILL and INTENSE. Death is meaningful..." while you team up and lower the risk by a significant percent plus you get even more easy loot this way yet you are scared to lose some.. lol
  7. Lets talk insurance

    The most "TEAM" fights are not even balanced like 3vs1 situations or even worsed and you complain about the possibility to lose your gear once your TEAM fails to protect one of its members...
  8. Talking about realism

    You remember that special training session at those days you went to the army ? They told you all that good stuff like how to preform a "silent run" I assume that's what samurai did invent to prevent their foes to see the foodwork while they strike with the katana.. (talking about hammering shift while you walk to abbort the action to run again and again in order to do verry little voice..) Then there was that lesson were u got told what to do once your operator doesn't know enemy positions.. Yea right u remember ? You just have to sit behind a corner and once you hear something you run full speed arround the corner and unload ur mag in that direction you assume something ! Cmon millitary tactics. When can we expect the devs to put an and to this stuff watching some streams feels like watching another COD match were u never ever use your scope or peak because all you have to do is spray to win and glory.. funny enough your not even able to get the real deal of items for the gun to have a low recoil or get a ducking helmet that protects your head at least a little bit because that skier guy is a freaking bastard and demands 5 fort&helmets wich you can't get witout either team camping a map or have 2000+ hours into fps like arma ... Why does someone who already has more skill get that high of an advantage on others who don't .. I rly don't get it. Wouldn't it be much more fun if there were some what common ground in terms of equipment coices for both.. no lock because of traders. But hey might be the case all of you who are able to pop ppl like 10/0 in one game are confortable with it like it is right.. never change something that works for you at least. Wouldn't it be acutally more fun to have competetion instead..
  9. Effort to get Fort & Helmet

    Well thanks for your advices and ideas. It is almost every time the same problem I got even if I got spotting advantage. Yesterday I headed out to play some lonewolf customs starting at the north east spawn. Spawned at the millitary checkpoint with the locked door (were u can find nades in) and that car in front off, so I desided to dissapear asap into that green landscape infront of you towards gas station. As I almost reached the gas station (still into bushes but good sight at the blue fence) I started crawling because I head guys running up behind me. They passed me towards station, two full gear mates. My equip was like fully moded ak and armor pircing bullets with a walter scope that helmet you can buy at low level.. because I can't get anything better.. and the black west. So dudes passed I couldn't get a good shot on those because they ran full speed and into bushes, my sight was kinda blocked to much. Waited like 1 minute and they came back.. Still crawling in that bush with good sight on both heading in my direction I knew.. "dude u have to act since they will spot you once you stay here or move" the only logical thing for me was open fire. Did 2 Shots automatic aimed at the head of one of those and got killed almost instantly without the chance of doing anything.. If u ask me they just sprayed my head and yea .. since my helmet is a peace of poo well gg .. I belive this is a good example on what is my concern. It is not the learning courve or costs of items or something. Im a digital rich dude my self lol .. It is the fact ppl have access to those helmets are just 90% likely the winner of any fire fight with someone who don't. Am I right ? Even if you do aim for those legs well they will drop one bullet in your head and your sill dead first.
  10. Effort to get Fort & Helmet

    Am I the only one getting tierd of constant battles with high armored targets while I'm not able to buy or find even one of those helmets. In my opinion this concept is just stupid. You feed those who are ofc able to care for them selfs and on the other side you lower the chance to win a firefight for those who need it the most to get some stuff. How is this fair, whats the point behind doing so.. Lethal Items shouldn't be restricted to tryhard players. That's a bad way of gamedesign and it kills the fun for everyone. Those who are fed with everything getting tierd of killing hatchlings while the hatchies are bound to play half of the game since they cant effort to lose all day.
  11. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    I feel like you could have shortened this: git gud ...
  12. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    How is this even possible. I play this game since a month now and found 1 m4, lost it because I didn't know were to extract back then. Try to get it from other players ? Have fun shooting against fort armor and a helmet you can't buy because that trader needs 5 forts and helmets to level up .. Even if you manage to get a trap on someone who is fully geared ---- SUPRISE ---- he's not alone. The only way the game is possible for me to play (solo) is hide.. and get leftovers to loot. In my opinion the game will die on the long run because of this. Ppl like you are able to get stuffed out like crazy somehow while ppl like me just there to get shot. They could change this. Random loot spawns and matchmaking would help a lot. Right now it seems to be just a grindfest for higher tier players..
  13. Ich pack dieses Spiel nicht...

    Genau das ist das Problem von diesem Spiel. Die Leute die erfolgreich sind argumentieren mit dem Schlagwort Realismus, wenn es darum geht das Spiel schwerer zu gestalten, lächerlicher Weise sind eben diese gerade in oben genannten Punkt perfekt aufgestellt, was völlig unrealistisch ist. --- Random Loot Spawns / mehr Locations mit gutem Loot, weniger Chancen das welcher erscheint. Random Player und Scav spawns. --- Das müsste eingeführt werden um das Spiel A "realistisch" und B fair zu gestalten. Die Spannung würde als schöner Nebeneffeckt auch steigen, da es keine berechneten spieler Bewegungen mehr gäbe und alle Zonen der Map von Interesse wären. Beim jetzigem Spielrhytmus gewinnen doch immer die, die so oder so schon die Oberhand haben, weil ihre Art zu spielen funktioniert. Immer die selben 1-2 Taktiken und high end Gear bis der Rucksack platzt. Die Karten spielen sich immer gleich sobald man durchschaut hat wo Gegnerbewegungen zu welcher Zeit zu erwarten sind. Neue Spieler hingegen sind Futter und können sich im Regelfall nicht einmal wehren auf grund von Gear. Traurig das Leute so etwas verteidigen anstatt es anzuprangern und seltsam das die Entwickler nicht von selbst Änderungen vornemen.
  14. Patch 0.6 Feedback Thread

    Habe gelesen das Animationen zur Heilung in Arbeit sind und bald eingeführt werden.
  15. Wie geht ihr vor in Shoreline (solo)

    Welche Kopfhörer benutzt du wenn man mal Nachhaken darf ?