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  1. Shadedrake

    For real, what's wrong about this?!

    Welcome to gaylord helmet meta were you can't kill someone because he is wearing his magic shield helmet wich deflects the bullets of your BIG gun.
  2. Shadedrake

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    They doing a game in order to achieve money from customers buying it. Less customers less money. Simple isn't it? So they don't create their game they need feedback and to addapt or they will fail. Thats how it works. "Map awareness is key" right now and also what is wrong with the game. Titled as hardcore survival kind of game it tourns into happy farm hour as you follow static rules wich never change. I wonder how so many ppl are able to ignore this. It's lame. Were is the fun and shocking survival once u just can't be suprised. The concept is so damn broken and stupid still nothing changes, sadly.
  3. Shadedrake

    Squads, Squads, Squads...

    The devs are pretty straight to their plan there many discussions about your claim but they stated it as swats sayed. At the end it'S their player base they are screwing off with some descisions. I personally stopped playing because of map static. U learn were to move and get all the items and it is always the same. Unfair balance between ppl that can't effort high end gear and those who have tonns of it. Bugs like "the silent walk" even Utubers exploiding the game to get advantages. Weapons that are just beeing used in full automatic while there is no recoil. So yea I mean those things that are easy to change in my opinion. Well beside that loot spawn static maybe. And gues what nothing changed. On the forum you can read ppl like >can we have a wipe pls because im so fed up I don't know what to do< while others just playing to be cannon fodder. At the end there is less and less fun in playing this game. At least in my opinion. Others might have fun farming all those ppl who can't do poo about it.
  4. You forgott a jacket in the factory part of the right side. It's in the secound room with the save as you enter to your left in a closet. The map looks awesome how have you done that ?
  5. Shadedrake

    Spawning in Late to raids (please fix)

    Perfect example on how lame this game is because of static gameplay. Devs need to randomise this bullshit so you can't do your all day cakewalk over and over. This is ment to be a hardcore game and still ppl are so damn curious about their comfort zone. I hope the devs read this one and get the hidden message behind the lines of op. Randomise loot - give players a rason to walk the full map.. not only hotspots, random spawns, random npc spawns.. would make the game way better than it is right now. Close the damn gap between those hardcore ppl wo just run a simple chematic strategie all the time to max loot and know were ppl are (wich also appear fully geared wich does create a even bigger advantage) and those who just play the game and search the map.
  6. The game deserfes better than this for real. Just played factory with a verp to hunt down some players. Got a spawn that I tought is pretty good but within 10 sec of gameplay the player at the next spawn just threw a granade up to my spot catches me running without my pants while he stood there with his glorious silenced 60 round automatic laughing while he held his trigger down. So much hardcore pro gameplay damn I can't stand it. Going to play vermintide 2 lol duck this poo.
  7. Post got your attention and voice good sir even u got nothing to say.. The 80% is an assumetion because if there only hardcore players playing this the servers would be empty as simple as it is. Hardcore players will always be a minority because of the effort to become one. Many ppl don't have the time and nerves to do so, they are here just to enjoy playing games. However I don't know why I even answering a troll like you..
  8. You miss the point. The game should be hardcore and unforgiving for everyone. In fact it is easy and a lollipop walk for cod players. Game also been annouced to be realistic still all I see watching streamers for example is cod gameplay, much running less sneaking, no point shooting automatic fire on 50+m abusing sound bugs and weight mecanics to get better stats Im not trying to change it to something else.. I wan't that hardcore experiance too but Im tierd of ppl talking about hardcore and how realistic this is while they only win a fire fight because they exactly know how to use peekers advantage, healing painkillers on the go, study the map and it's static player movement, get all those good items first. This has nothing to do with realistic why can't you guys realise. BTW having a better sound system is also not a thing that makes anything more realistic..
  9. Another thing is why the hell are those devs not changing the sound system plus this thing called "silent run" all those famous utubers abusing to ambush while they run arround the map with no sound. Game breaking things should be fixed asap and those are kinda easy to fix..
  10. Men I belive you are just consurned you could have a more hard time to farm all those "lowies" as something changes.. Dark Souls might be hardcore but it isn't as frustrating as a pvp game can get since AI is and will be always predictable so you can't match those both games. Great you got a clan and ppl like the game how it is I get it. But you shouldn't be that blind to see there others who don't play the way you do and they shouldn't be forced to. There is nothing you and your guys would lose once the game get's random spawns, matchmaking, random loot spawns or at least changed loot spawns in terms of more interesting locations on one map. The only thing that would change is you have a more hard time to steam roll interesting locations and dominate ppl who are not able to conter your group. The game would be more hardcore for you too since you need to be awared all the time not only in zones u already know ppl could approach..
  11. Belive it or not 80% of ppl playing are "casual players" a game only designed for hardcore experiance will simply not work because the audiance is to small to provide support. There need to be a spot for more than one group of interests. However I don't see one single reason why there shouldn't be fun in this game for everyone. I have no problems to die because well it's tarkov. But the gap between those hardcore groups and casuals is just to high and that doesn't help anyone, it harms the game. Hardcore players will get bored once they noticed they are only steam rolling over and over, inventory is full, everything obtained. No challange left.. Closing the gap giving casuals more chances to actually compete with those try hards would give both groups a great boost of fun. The game doesn't need to be more "easy" but there need to be more access to those armors wich actually make a difference and even more important more randomness in how ppl and loot spawn since this is the biggest issue
  12. To be honest I belive the dev's are not awared on how they destroy their own game because to many ppl just have no fun playing this. Maps are static and the way they play are almost every time the same. Experianced fps players just learn how to farm the map and conter react movements of those who are not awared wich is booring as duck. Take the factory for example. You notice were u start and push another spawn or camp the corner were someone is supposed to show up. You could exactly tell because of sounds. The same issue with the items on the map. All static and the result is those who know take hatchets and run asap getting all good stuff and destract. Always the same. Then there is the advantage of someone who is actually able to shoot players that wear fort and/or farm fort from scavs while players who are not able to since they might be just not playing that often getting a total ass rape once they engage an operator wearing those armors. Another big gap here devs refuse to change anything. So at the end this game tourns into a gear and body farming simmulator were 10% come up on top farming all the others without them having a chance to react. GG You don't have to be a super smart person to tell this game is going to die because 10% doesn't pay your ducking bills. While I like the thrill of the game I somehow feel like it's pointless to even take some gear and try to hunt ppl because there is no way I could overcome those who either team up, are tanky like duck, awared of every little thing and always know were I am even if I sneak all the way. So maybe this is just not the game for me and I should move on since there is no fun to be had here. Hunt Showdown might be a better one.. maybe I will have a try.
  13. Shadedrake

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Because I will propably try to shoot you with this, thats why u get it back anyway.. To be honest because I've ever seen this gun once and played over 40 hours
  14. Shadedrake

    1.5 Million Rouble Give away!

    It's a girl dosn't that answer your question ?
  15. Shadedrake

    Make Loot more Rare!

    No it would not since there still different loot in different locations. It shouldn't be completally random. High interest earea get's better loot chance but there need to be more places to get the better loot than just one marked room, to make an example. The key is not the problem here it's the ppl just farming this places asap leaving nothing behind.. that's why the map's are static wich makes em much more booring and generic. Game would be much better without those routines and harder for everyone since you could expect encounters almost everywere instead of just at some hot spots... The idea to have more scavs guarding those spots wouldn't change that much since geared players just roll over them. This would only end up in the same loop as it is right now. PPL spawn know exactly were enemies could be at wich time and run their generic route for most loot.. get out asap..