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  1. Kills not couting.

    Aye, got the same problem here. Messed up my Punisher part III partly because of this
  2. server reset victim? Or extremely good drugs?

    This thing happened to me today also. I played a Woods raid and managed to get to the extract. I had some time left (maybe under 10min.) and I tried to extract. After the extract I got the survived status, it showed me my scav and player kills, showed me my exp and all. Only thing that was missing was my ending loadout. After I skipped that screen, the game said to me that I had left the raid via disconnect. It gave me an option to join back in and ofcourse I tried it. After I tried to connect back to the raid, the loading screen said to me that server connection was lost, and I was back in the menu screen. I checked my inventory but all of my loot from that raid was gone. Like the raid never happened. I'm not mad or anything, I just hope someone who is involved with the development sees this thread and could tell us what happened. Thanks.