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  1. Trombolio

    Official Trading Thread

    Want To Sell or Want To Buy?
  2. Did the time run at the same speed as in Tarkov when you were welding? Anyways you should drink more water during the day so you won't get kidney stones etc. in the future.
  3. Trombolio

    Kappa Secure Container (How to Get?)

    Secure container and everything inside will be there when you die. Rest of the items you can insure and will get it back if nobody escapes with your stuff. You will lose all insured items in Lab so no point insuring when going there.
  4. Gamma a golden star and you can keep going even with blown stomach.
  5. Trombolio

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    "Thank you!" "Sorry!" "You're no King Kong, you're a dingdong!"
  6. Trombolio

    Flea market and misclicks

    There should be a way to cancel it before it goes live. When I saw someone posting how they accidently sold iCase with dogtags I tried to be careful myself. But then it happened to me, trying to sell inexpensive key fast to get back to Tarkov. I... sold THICC items case for 70k roubles full of goods instead. Watching the timer and unable to do anything should be changed. Besides getting a sold message before the timer even reached 0 was extra salt on the wound. Damn macro fa#s!
  7. Trombolio

    Glitch workaround?

    Restarting the game is a temporary fix.
  8. Trombolio

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS Beta Secure Container
  9. Trombolio

    16 GB RAM

    Stutters after every minute is norm and sometimes it does it every 5 sec until the game is restarted.
  10. Trombolio

    Trading 101

    Or buy some lowest offers and sell them for profit and extra reputation.
  11. Trombolio

    Flea Market

    Select 100 offers per page (bottom left) and swipe that scrollwheel few times.
  12. Trombolio

    Flea Market

    As long as people are buying overpriced stuff then there always be someone selling it. People who buy it is to blame for feeding that type of sellers. If noone buys it then he loses money.
  13. Trombolio


    ...but don't use it.
  14. Trombolio

    Flea Market

    Check your messages and scroll all the way down to see all. Traders will give the items back if cancelled, not sold or the money when sold. Might take some time tho. If items are bought by you then they go straight into inventory. Sort items by price to find decent deals. Cheapest stuff are gone before you have time to refresh, same way like in Fence.
  15. Trombolio

    "Mr_Swanky" is an offensive name?!?

    Your name contains word "wank".