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  1. Batz

    What is the reason for this patch???

    The new features are awesome but my overall FPS lowered and desync is ever worse now .. 3 disconnect in a row on custom last night. could not loot anything and lost all my gear again. Next patch should only focus on the netcode imo.
  2. Batz

    Vaulting please ..

    Jumping is so broken I feel like everytime I try to jump over something my toon gets Hurt in the process. And seriously don't be this game that doesn't allow you to climb a fence.. We are not in the 90s anymore.
  3. No its stuck in a disconnect loop. So I have to confirm leave and lose everything as if I had been KIA. Butt hurt much kiddo ?
  4. Ok I do understand that this game is still in beta .. but this is the 7th time tonight that I spend loads of cash building my toon and EVERY SINGLE ducking TIME I get a "Server connection lost" error on shoreline and I end up losing all my gear... I really dont care about the stuff I lost but not being able to complete quests is kinda retarded .. Can a Dev please boost my rep with vendors or at least complete all my shoreline quests so I can keep on beta testing ?
  5. Batz

    New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    So does that mean that on the 28th the game will be 25% off or only one week after the 28th?